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martedì 28 dicembre 2010

venerdì 24 dicembre 2010


Banking is wrong, at least the way they do it.

Governments are wrong, the way they do it.

Extemely simplified explanantions: (the reality is more complex and far beyond your immagination)

Banking provokes "trade to sell" by crediting the buyers, trade provokes production to cover the request, and the return of credit creates gain for the banks (besides the profits down the line of production/trade).

Untill here all clear!

All those money movements create TAX ( on profit, on movement, on the intention to make a profit, on salaries, on pensions, on your breath!).

Thus the governments want this to happen to can get taxes into their bottomless pockets.

But banks are phisically limited to their capital, so to give more they need to borrow, from insurances companies that have big cash income and need to make it more profitable.

And from the state.

And from their own clients that deposit their salaries, capitals, buy obligations and other financial instruments.

And at a certain point banks are no more working on capital, but on OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY

So Banks are NO LONGER BANKS, but mere intermediaries of credit.

They live on TRUST that people gives them.

Now we have a problem, banks lend "money they don't have" on long and middle term from private deposits on not specifyed terms, trusting folks not to withdraw for some reason.

In fact if you want to withdraw they propose you not to do it, but to take a credit from them....weird!

Another problem, greed:

Governments and banks are people. Behind all the "bla bla bla" about institutions, safety, contracts, securityes and the rest, there are but mere individuals, and very individualists.

They have friends that bribe them to get a good deal, they have relatives that need a bread, thus they get the bribes when placing the good jobs, and hire their parents, nephews, inlaws, and even neighbours and friends.

Those hired after a few years gain seniority and have a word to say, and they have relatives, neighbours, friends to secure them in a safe job. And so on, and so forth.

Where is this leading?

Those that eat upon the banks and taxes multiply sooooo much that the system is no more stable, thus they need to create (desperately) more profit, how?

By lending to who is not a safe returner.

SUBPRIME, and not only house buyers, also industries, businesses, car buyers, appliances buyers, and worse of all, to the local and central governments.

And one day all this artificial sand castle, with no foundations, built on peoples trust on banks, is coming down for something, and the "somethings" can be of sooooo many types nobody can predict them all and take timely appropriate measures.

And this happened repeatedly over modern history, here and there.

NOW it happens EVERYWHERE!


Because the politics and banking got so mingled one cannot tell anymore "who lends who" and who'se the money lended, the bank to the government, the government to the bank, or the government to the government through the bank, or the bank to the bank thorugh the government?


Try to save the system and you will only sink with the system, it's like trying to keep afloat the Titanic while sinking by holding it with your arms.

The way I see it, my money are not in a bank or in something that can be easily stolen like gold, cars, or other crap. My money is in things that have better and more lasting value, some fast convertible in curencyes, some more difficult to convert in cash, but however both impossible to steal.

I keep in cash the minimum I need to pay my bils each month, and my bank ballance is close to zero constantly.

Find your way to stay out of the banks and you will survive the Titanic banks crush, or you could simply try to save the Titanik by holding it fast.... LOL

Stay away from banks, give them nothing, take nothing from them, don't trust them, they have no fundations, and when they go down, you go with them!

domenica 19 dicembre 2010

Give to Caesar wht it belongs to Caesar?

This must be known in it's own context of interpretation, otherwise it makes no sense.

On the Roman coins there was on one side the face of the Caesar on charge, and on the other side the symbolised sketch of the map of Italy, looking much like a boot (haven't changed much lately)

What Jesus said was a hyronical application of a popular joke at the time, that can be interpreted as give to Caesar (on one side of the coin) a boot kick in the ... face(?) since on the other side it was the perfect instrument to do that!

Any other interpretation was issued in time is due to the State Church (like catholic, lutheran and others) that needed folks taxes thus interpreted the story accordingly and hiding the real menanig: Kick the caesar's ass outta here!

So give to Ceasar what it belongs to Caesar: A boot kick in the ASS, not your money!

Don't hold your breath, I don't need dead friends here.

The generational gap makes so the parents behave with their kids more like grandparents, thus the kids grow up in the wrong environment.

Add to this school and kindergareden where we drop them so we can go to work (this is time we don't give them our care) and the interaction of too many kids for a too long time without the parental love, under the strict supervision of a perfectly strange.

To accomplish that you need to govern them with LAWS not with LOVE, so they grow up ready to obey laws, and don't give a crap on empathy and feelings, since they had little or noting to do with that.

Besides they are not learning from mom and dad how to cook, clean, sweat their day (naturally, mom and dad are gone all day making money) but they learn the wrong way: You make money, and pay and all is owed to you as long as you have MONEY (not LOVE)

So when tehy are 40, and you 80, and die, they pot you in a freezer and take you out once a month to show you from a window as weak and feeble, thus they sign to take the pension for you (and live on it)

Bottom line this system is wrong since is teaching the further generations that the previous ones are but mere income providers.

The state behaves in a similar stupid manner forcing people at any cost to produce money for taxes, the more the better, thus we destroy nature and environment to pay the damn taxes or they take our house and cars.


Look around!

giovedì 16 dicembre 2010

A simple man's concerns for tomorow!

I took this from facebook discussions, I love what he has to say, I couldn't of said it better!

Rehruf Arthur
An open letter to the world!

Letter concerning “those above us”… Especially meant to be read by them.

Power to the people!
I am a 32 year old resident of our planet, living in the Emmental. This is currently in something like the Shire of Switzerland, wishing beautiful green hills. The world seems to stand still, nice and peaceful.

But then I followed through out all week to what’s going out there in the world. I can not sleep anymore thinking about all this chaos a lot. Although I know my English is very bad, I do hope you’ll understand what I have to say. I must write this letter in hope to find a little peace for myself. And, who knows, for the world…

The truth must become judge and executioner of the ruling! It cannot continue like that anymore. It must be, NOW! Global revolution! Now it’s the time. If one person is killed it is murder. Killing 1000.000 it’s called foreign politics! Statesmen are the real terrorists! They and the bosses, the super-rich of this world do think the world rests in their bloody hands. Lying to us for over 2000 years to suppress us the common people, the poor, the workers. I know the rulers of this world are the real terrorists! They have in fact orchestrated 9/11 just to scare us, to have another reason for war. War against so called terrorists, where as the real terrorists live a good life in the White House and govern the world! There is a death outside in the world; thousands of children die every day from the effects of globalization although there would be enough goods for everybody!

I know you are mastering the media. This dominates many areas of life. You are deliberately destroying our world. I wonder why? Are we too many in this world? Is this reducing people? Is this the answer? Is it this you want? A selection of people? Small elite shall live and the rest shall die? Is this also why you are inventing new diseases? Why? Is it a money question? To me it does fucking shit not matter what politicians talk about. I want the truth, and only the truth. Will I ever get it?

Why are you lying to us about all the wars that you are leading in the name of democracy?
Resources, like for example oil, is your motivation! You want to get all the money those resources will be achieve, for yourself. And then when you live alone in this world? Will you be killing the ones like you because they too want this money???

I want to know why you use arms containing uranium! Still every day children die of those weapons! Damned, I do not need a flag that tells me who I am, what I have to do! You are contaminating water in the name of the industry, what we eat makes us sick, why? Because you want to decimate the human race specifically? Because you know that the planet can not continue like that and will die? You seem to forget that you will die too then! You let circulate images of 100 000 of thousands of plastic coffins in the world on the internet? Why producing aluminium in Iceland by a major corporation, which will be later on used as weapons? On the other hand you’re building a dam which then will destroy this lovely island? I’d have thousands of examples of these things going on and therefore those of questions to answer!

I'm not born to function for a state or a country that enslaves me, I here to find out more about myself, called self-awareness. I believe it is just that you do not want; you do not want people thinking about themselves. You have, so far, been very skilfully! By, for example, various campaigns, manipulation of people. Especially those not belonging to “the chosen people”, enslaves themselves by watching television thinking they are deciding out of themselves what to watch, where as it is you making them watch what you want them to watch. We work like mad, can afford holidays, homes, cars, so that makes us feel important! In fact we are your slave and don’t even realize it… Sad but true that one is much more a product of your doing!

I hope, wish, this movement may become the most upfront change the world has ever seen. Like an extensive blaze for justice, to give power to the people. We are the people! You can only exist because of us in the end. What will you do without our handy craft? You are just nothing in the end. Only one thing has to be done by us: make people understand their force to change the world. One day we will achieve. Be sure of that. Strikes to begin with are one weapon in our hands. What will you do when nobody goes back to work? Even the biggest companies then will have to close down.

There is only one world. We, the people, have to see, that this world will remain healthy. A good world. It will, with our hands, through us. Not by you, you who think you are gods. No you are evil and we have started to realize this just now.

Thanks julian for the inspiration. He gave us the courage to stand again.

Yours faithfully, Arthur Rehruf Flo

lunedì 6 dicembre 2010

Pass the vision, not the task, leading is a humble thing to do!

I don't want to lead by all means, actually I don't want to lead at all unless you want me to lead.

I do my things or jobs the best I can, delegate whenever I find somebody glad to take over, take over whenever somebody gets stucked, and if I can do something I gladly do it, if not, I gladly find the person who gladly does it as needed, not my way, not their way, but as needed.

The result is I have not many followers, but those that join me they would kill for me, and I would lie my life for them. That's something we do for eachoter, so I am not sure I am leading or is just synergy, but it works.

Another thing, never lie to them to motivate them, and always manage to pass the vision, not the task!

Bad habbit saying the truth!

The laws were broken

1) the state secret law was broken when the US government decided to make secret of state a matter of murder instead of prosecuting it.
(see the wikileaks video on US chopper slaying journalist in bagdad just for fun)

2) when the US government bribed other governments to obtain illegaly bids win (see the Zapaterra bribe to make win the GE a bid)

3) when the US government bribed officials to lie for them to can invade iraq

4) when the US government manufactured fake evidence to invade iraq

5) when the other UN countries knowing the truth pretended to believe the US fake evidences so they can invade iraq.

I am not saying Sadam was good, on the contrary, all I say US is worse, even than Hitler and Gestapo, not to mention here Stalin and KGB.

So when tehy say Laws were broken they are right, it is only that is not Wikileaks that broke them, but US and their allies!

Wikileaks is dangerous, they say the truth, truth is dangerous, Jesus is the truth, Jesus is dangerous, so let's crucify Jesus again!

Bad habbit saying the truth!

Taxes are need to RUN a country, but now they use them to RUIN the countries

Whay that???

The people managed to know the truth, see for instance Wikileaks!

The truth is Governments are our assasins, and we now want them off their chairs, and in their jails!

And now that they are aware people will want to crash them, as it is obviously starting globally to happen, they take preventive steps... like crushing economies, desorganizing communities etc...

Just to keep us busy, just to keep us low.

But that is peventing for nothing, they will crush anyaway in the comming 20 years, pitty many innocent will die in the process!

The basics like a roof and food could not be acheived by people themselves?

There is no deep need for governments at all.

For house and food, communities could cooperate together.

But on the world size, some mecanism have to be set up.

Yet, government was/is an acceptable pain IF it does it job.

Anyway, more and more people are getting aware of what is going on, and you know this is why many young tibetans and chinese, youngs everywhere in this world just don't care anymore about the nation stuff and other stupidities imposed on us as educative measures by govs.

Governemnts should only police the society to protect us from bad guys, but now the bad guys are in the government and police, and protect themselves from the good guys, such as you.

Governmants actually prevent us to cut the balls of bad ones.

They managed somewhat to have the humans beleive on their differences so they could put them against each other and cash in.

"Divede et impera" said the romans,

Divide them against eachother to can rule over them, this is the main concept of the powers worldwide, christians against muslims, military against terrorism, and what if there is no terrorist?

Military will create some!

And what if Wikileaks shows the world is all a lie to fool us all?

Than Wikileaks is an inforamtics terrorist organisation!

venerdì 3 dicembre 2010

6 Lessons in Management

Lesson 1

A man is getting into the shower just as his wife is finishing up her shower, when the doorbell rings.

The wife quickly wraps herself in a towel and runs downstairs. When she opens the door, there stands Bob, the next-door neighbour.
Before she says a word, Bob says, 'I'll give you $800 to drop that towel'

After thinking for a moment, the woman drops her towel and stands naked in front of Bob, after a few seconds, Bob hands her $800 and leaves.

The woman wraps back up in the towel and goes back upstairs.
When she gets to the bathroom, her husband asks, 'Who was that?''It was Bob the next door neighbour,' she replies.

'Great,' the husband says, 'did he say anything about the $800 he owes me?'

Moral of the story:
If you share critical information pertaining to credit and risk with your shareholders in time, you may be in a position to prevent avoidable exposure.

Lesson 2

A priest offered a Nun a lift. She got in and crossed her legs, forcing her gown to reveal a leg.

The priest nearly had an accident. After controlling the car, he stealthily slid his hand up her leg.

The nun said, 'Father, remember Psalm 129?'

The priest removed his hand. But, changing gears, he let his hand slide up her leg again. The nun once again said, 'Father, remember Psalm 129?'

The priest apologized 'Sorry sister but the flesh is weak.'

Arriving at the convent, the nun sighed heavily and went on her way. On his arrival at the church, the priest rushed to look up Psalm 129. It said, 'Go forth and seek, further up, you will find glory.'

Moral of the story:
If you are not well informed in your job, you might miss a great opportunity.

Lesson 3
A sales rep, an administration clerk, and the manager are walking to lunch when they find an antique oil lamp.

They rub it and a Genie comes out. The Genie says, 'I'll give each of you just one wish.''Me first! Me first!' says the admin clerk. 'I want to be in the Bahamas, driving a speedboat, without a care in the world.'

Puff! She's gone.

'Me next! Me next!' says the sales rep. 'I want to be in Hawaii, relaxing on the beach with my personal masseuse, an endless supply of Pina Coladas and the love of my life.' Puff! He's gone.

'OK, you're up,' the Genie says to the manager.The manager says, 'I want those two back in the office after lunch.'

Moral of the story:
Always let your boss have the first say.

Lesson 4

An eagle was sitting on a tree resting, doing nothing.

A small rabbit saw the eagle and asked him, 'Can I also sit like you and do nothing?' The eagle answered: 'Sure, why not.'

So, the rabbit sat on the ground below the eagle and rested. All of a sudden, a fox appeared, jumped on the rabbit and ate it.

Moral of the story:
To be sitting and doing nothing, you must be sitting very, very high up.

Lesson 5

A turkey was chatting with a bull.

'I would love to be able to get to the top of that tree' sighed the turkey, 'but I haven't got the energy.''Well, why don't you nibble on some of my droppings?' replied the bull. They're packed with nutrients.'

The turkey pecked at a lump of dung, and found it actually gave him enough strength to reach the lowest branch of the tree.

The next day, after eating some more dung, he reached the second branch.

Finally after a fourth night, the turkey was proudly perched at the top of the tree.

He was promptly spotted by a farmer, who shot him out of the tree.

Moral of the story:
BS might get you to the top, but it won't keep you there..

second moral: shooting the turkey and eating it the farmer had a bunch of crap for food, thus as a rule of thumb, top food is mostly well packed crap..

Lesson 6

A little bird was flying south for the winter. It was so cold the bird froze and fell to the ground into a large field.

While he was lying there, a cow came by and dropped some dung on him.

As the frozen bird lay there in the pile of cow dung, he began to realize how warm he was.

The dung was actually thawing him out!

He lay there all warm and happy, and soon began to sing for joy.A passing cat heard the bird singing and came to investigate.

Following the sound, the cat discovered the bird under the pile of cow dung, and promptly dug him out and ate him.

Morals of the story:
(1) Not everyone who craps on you is your enemy.
(2) Not everyone who gets you out of crap is your friend.
(3) And when you're in deep crap, it's best to keep your mouth shut!

giovedì 25 novembre 2010

Pass the vision!

Hard times come and go, but this won't stop the world from doing business, from living, from loving and from creating.

Good times come and go, but this won't stop the world from cheating, from mocking, from mobbing, from destroing.

We live in this duality of same persons being the good and the evil in the same time, it just depends on gut feeling, mood and capacity to share the vision.

Those that drag your moral down are doing it either because your business rappresents a danger for their business, or most often because they never understood your vision, see you making something they can't get it, and that's a threat to their minds, but nothing clear, so they react by mobbing you.

I did in the past 20 years some extremely interesting psychology and sociology marketing tests on my fellows just to see how it works with this "passing the vision" thing and "prior conditioning" thing.

You'd be amazed how manny people react bad to somebody's attempt to realise someting just by envy declanched by having no idea what that person is aiming for.

But if you care to pass them the vision, than they side with you by instinct, they saw the target, realsied the doability, and side with the winner.

In their mind the looser turned into a winner, if they got the vision.

The secret stays into passing the vision before is too late for your business, and many good ideas die in bad times as in good times just because the promoters were not capable to pass the vision to the markets.

Invetions and innovations get burried because the inventors and innovators can't pass the vision, and wars take place because the war promoters manage to pass the vision. Anything can be done if you can do this, anyting.

How good are you at passing the vison?

giovedì 4 novembre 2010

Fay Olinsky posted this in Ecademy as a reply, just great!

How do we rid networks of fakes

Funnily enough I have noticed a distinct fall in the spam and con tricks over the past year. Even the spam box is empty of them. I think this is due to the fact that many of them are from amateurs using work facilities because they didn't have enough to do or enough supervision...and now they have been made redundant for one reason or another, or the demand for casual staff at call centres etc. has diminished due to the downturn.

Having taught students for some time in Electronics and IT I know full well that the majority at a certain age will experiment with spamming and virus building and worms and other stuff they feel empowered to code. It gives them a sense of control over the rest of us...Most grow out of it and a few of the worst offenders at 17 years became the best achieving students later..even to the point of a Law degree at University (These were backward students...mainly dyslexic or with other problems).

There was a set pattern that could identify the nationality of the student and narrow down the possible suspects, usually spelling errors and the type of sexually oriented content of some of the spam. The viruses were more difficult but I can honestly say that the more dyslectic the student the better he/she was at programming.
We did not have a female student who actively took part...other than to be supportive and to make suggestions for content. The boys did it for fun...the girls who egged them on were quite vicious and venomous especially when the dirty deed was aimed at someone specific.

So taking away the student factor in these things...(and you will always get a wave of activity around Christmas holiday time when the 15-16 year old get new computers and a broadband account). You will probably find a small hardcore of people sending out multiple con messages. Apart from the 419 scams which originated in Nigeria apparently, but now emerges from Philippines, Malaysia, Russia, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and USA you can almost pinpoint many others to a small source. The 'women' who address you as 'My Dear' annoy me the most...they never check the gender of their potential victims.
There is one persistent pest operating this scam using an Ecademy address, it is the same person using different names. These people usually use internet cafe accounts and some can fake the email address they are sending from to look as if someone you know is sending it. My son has had his email address compromised like this and it was done via Facebook. Be careful when you allow apps to have access to your profile and friends etc. Best not to allow any access by any app.

The success of scams do not depend on the quality of whatever is sent but on the sheer number. When you send a million begging letters a small percentage will yield a response.
You only have to look at the amount of junk selling programmes on Sky TV late at night to realise there are many people sitting up all night with money to spend addictively. Lonely people, sick people and compulsivity challenged people. You only have to hit a few of these to make a few bucks...probably enough to have a decent living...especially as the cost of marketing via scam email is so low.

If the grammar, the spelling or the layout or any phrase in an email, whoever it appears to come from, is suspect then bin it. It's most likely a student having a laugh.
Beware the 'girlfriend' scams they are run by gangs and a huge amount of abuse and suffering is inflicted by these scrotes.

As for the millions being offered by foreign deposed officials, their wives or anyone claiming to be working on their behalf...then more fool you if you fall for any of them. Just realise the awful contempt some nationalities have of Western society...they really believe we are all so gullible and greedy that we will fall for it enough to give away our bank details or even send a cheque for funds to be cleared and deposited to our accounts for which we may earn a large % of millions...get real!

Emerging scams are likely to get even worse. Just imagine if someone sent you an offensive image of a child...your child.. using a picture you uploaded to Facebook or elsewhere..imagine the potential blackmail.

There are people out there cooking up new scams at this very moment...but there are not that many and they could all be stopped. The trouble is that we have such awful double standards that prevent ISP's from ditching certain stuff. All child pornography could be eliminated...but you wouldn't be able to download any pornographic images at all of any subject...You can see the problem. There are tens of millions of pages of porn on the web and around 18.8 percent of all Web visits are to Porn sites ( from a USA survey) Most of the visits are done during office hours and over a quarter of US companies have sacked an employee for using internet porn during office hours.
Many scam emails lead to porn sites eventually and there is a huge revenue because very few are free. The fees are large and the spammers no doubt get a percentage for the traffic sent, but more than likely the porn site is the source of the spam. But the ISP's are raking in the money so you will not see much action taken by them.

PS according to Economywatch

The porn industry is a major component of the world economy, generating large scale revenue and employment. According to, over $3,000 is spent every second across the world on pornography. However, it is difficult to estimate the accurate statistics for the entire industry as a large part of the industry operates underground.

You will never stop the spam that keeps those wheels turning.

Fay Olinsky

domenica 10 ottobre 2010

General aviation is doomed by the states and commercial aviation decision!

To the best of my knowledge the worldwide situation is pretty much similar, and General Aviation is loosing not only future pilots by not acheiving new student pilots, but also loosing present pilots (some that also work as liner pilots in real life) to the microlight and ultralight (recreational) world.

And it is right to happen so, for three main reasons.

The most important of all is people want to fly, but: NOT AT ANY COST, so they get oriented towards flight machines of similar or even better performances than the GA machines, just registered in a "inferiour" class. (who the heck decides what is inferiour or superior??)

They know they are loosing their hard worked PPL and all that pile of cash that went down the drain to get it, but in between not flying or accepting a loss to can fly, one makes a choice, and flyes!

Second reason is the bureaucracy involved in GA flight, it's simply overwhelming and extremely expensive.

Dudes calculated that for every flight hour they waste some 150 euro of paperwork, permits, telephones, and nerves, plus 3 hours of headache.

One must be nuts to waste 3 hours of his life just to take a flight of 1 hour out of which 20 to 30 minutes waiting on the runway for the clear!

The third reason is the price involved in purchase, manttainance and operational costs of an G A airplane.

A Piper GA plane that is so basic even some bicycles are more sophisticated, costs "used" more than a brand new Microlight plane, burns lots of more fuel per hour, requires lots of more paperwork to have it, fly it, and repair it, not to mention all the ground time wasted around it for nothing but mere bureacracy issues.

An Ultralight, microlight (recreational) that has more instruments, and more elctronics than the first "moon module" that went up there and came back safely, operates at 20% of the hourly costs, mantainance is at 30% or less of GA (just do it yourself), you fly it whenever you see fit, no stupid bureacracy and limitations.

Want more? Ask any pilot, the GA industry is about to die, worldwide, the States is killing it.

I wrote it in my book and I am not afraid to say it out loud, there is an worldwide interes to kill GA to free the airports for the comercial liners, whilst the ultralight world is not using their structures, so it has no problem.

Emil Pop

martedì 5 ottobre 2010

Give the people what they want!

So want do those people want?


To be spammed, naturally! Or not?

You know what you want, to sell your product / service, to make a buck, to pay your bills, to make a living bottom line, but them?

You might be surprised but they are not much different from you, they want the same things.

You don't want to be spammed, nor do them.
You want to make a living, so do they!

Untill here is all clear, but apart this vicous circle where all want to spam and nobody wants to be spammed, what else they want?

Some want to simply talk about issues next to their heart, some want to share knowledge and would charge nothing, just to be sure they can deliver, and moslty is a qulaity knowledge, you'd better pay attention because if you don't later on you will pay money for the same thing.

Some are looking for informations, some go window shoping just to see how much more things cost here rather than there, after al it costs them nothing to look.

Some are looking for former friends and coleagues, some are digging for their roots, and some are just digging, for the sake of digging.

Would they buy your product?

Most likely yes, but not from you.

You pissed them off by spamming them, that's why.

They might pay more to their shop beneath the house, but at least they are buddy buddy with the dude since forever, and he never spammed them.

So how can you sell than?

Easy, do what the dudes under the house did to have them for a client, a nice smile, a good word, some advice, a tip. Never sell them your product.

One day they might wake up and say: I need widgets!

It's Sunday, the mall is closed, the nighbour store is closed and the owner is gone fishing, but... there was this dude online that always had a good word for me, a tip, something, and if I recall he has a store ore similar, and also sells widgets.

Let me check if he delivers on sundays too?

Holly smock he does so!

And he buys the widget, downloads it, you earned 2 cents, and MADE A FIRST SALE TO THE DUDE!

My first sale to a multinational GSM telephones company brought me 22 cents profit, but I broke the ice!

They bought from me for years, and when I changed company they followed me, my former employer did all he could to keep them, but they followed me, because I never spammed them.

Give the people what they want, give them a little respect, and some room so they can breathe!

venerdì 1 ottobre 2010

Don't focus on the bogus!

Internet is a whole new world.

Some find green pastures, some simply get lost.

Many found a way to make a living in here, and that's ok since making a living is essential, even in a new world, but it depends how.

Old world, new world, same thing, there are good people and bad people.

So some just throw in a pyramid scheme to make a buck.

There is nothing you can make use of, you pay "X" dudes above you in the cheme to let you in (and the pyramid owner takes a small percentuall of it) and than fight hard to fool as many as you can to buy entry rights from you, so you can get rich (and the pyramid owner retains some percentuall of it for him)

What is that you sell?

Thi is a reciprocating croockery, where you knowingly of the theft accept to be ripped so you can jon the game and ripp off others.

Sometiems there is a product/service behind this offer, mostly you can have the same for free online, but they charge huge ammounts to let you in, and you must find those willing to buy entrance from you.

What's the difference from the above scheme?

Nothing in substance, just better covering, and they call it MLM.

Than there is the real working dudes that sell some real product/service for some real prices, and deliver personally.

And they rely on word of mouth, computerised mouth.

Social networking, and that's a jungle, many forests, meadows, and trees, lots of trees.

Some folks can't see the forest because of the trees.

So what do you do in there? You spam, BAM...

To whom? Followers naturally!

How do you gain followers? You buy them up.

Those gentile dudes that offer you to have hundreds of followers each day joining your network so you can spam them. Just click the link and buy the list, and you will be aded to the list.

You spam them and they spam you.

But who reads your messages? Nobody obviously, it's a game of numbers, rather a dialogue of deafs, all yell nobody hears.

The numbers are made by the dude that sold you the list, and sold you into the list.

Take my word I never bought into such thing, I don't have millions of bogus followers, just a few thouands across all the networks I am acitve in, real folks that joined me in more than 5 years, one by one, because they provide and seek for value. Not numbers.

There was some one couple of thousands of years ago this great networker. He has being followed by thousands and thousands. By feet, naturally, there were no computers than.

They followed Him for the VALUE in his words.

And the spammers?

Well they felt threatened by Him and made in scuh a manner to have him LEGALLY crucifyed. It was subminating their croocked market system, just like I do now.

Lucky me I network from a computer, at maximum they can ban me or "unfriend" me out.

And as 2 K yers ago, networking, the real networking, is in seek of giving and scouting for VALUES.

The values we exchange in my network are ideas, tips, clients, and we pass some jobs to eachother, or order from eachother.

If one needs a client, and by mistake I find someone that needs that product/service, I refer it to my networker, same with a job, or else. No charge, nothing.

I know for sure somebodye else in my network when will have a chance will do the sme for me.

It's called Synergetic Simbiosys. Or briefely SOCIETY.

This is why they are called social netwoks, otherwise they should cal them spam networks.

Wanna join me?

What is your worth?

What is the VALUE you are giving away around?

Do you have the time and the patience that this value returns to you another value in time?

For that's the way it is.

mercoledì 15 settembre 2010

Why do we have to integrate ignorance?

Ignorance is something we always lived with.

Not the daily variable ignorance by individuals, everybody is more ignorant than savy generally, taken the whole knwledge posibility, since nobody knows them all.

But the boasted ignorance, that stupid ignorance that is proud of what they know (which is almost nothing) and are darn sure they know it right (99% of times they know it 20% right and 80% urban legends, that is bulshit credibily packaged to pass as best quality information)

And if you try to tell them they are wrong, thy'll kill you. If they can't kill you they'll sue you, and naturally loose the case. Than they will blame the court for having accepted to be bribed to have them loose the case.

Blessed ignoance (of childhood mostly) I wish i'd be still around, but the nowdays ignorance ain't no blessing to anybody, less to the ignorants themselves.

But the state wants them ignorants, and uses the media to keep them so, so they can handle the crowds, manipulate tem and get whatever results they need out of the crowds pockets.

This is why we must integrate it, because if the crowds would cease to be ignorant and don't take the word of power as it is delivered, questioning things and getting to their own ideas, than the power can't enslave them anymore, and that's bad.

O yap, ignornce is expensive for the ignorants, and is a form of slavery and exploatation by the states and the maf in power. But as long as the ignorants are happy, who cares? Do you?

domenica 8 agosto 2010

Do you dare open your eyes?

Creationism versus evolutionism, meaning God against Science, at least this is what they were teaching us in school some 30 years ago.

To me this fight does not exist.

I'd rather see it as an evolution of the creation.

In other words, God made the evolutionary model working, and allowed it to rewrite it's own codes according to needs and environment chalanges, for all things, humans included.

And here is where the ideas jump in.

Ideas are but mere glimpses into God's codes, not that we wouldn't have access to the codes, since God's creation is open source, is that we don't have the capacity to see beyond the lenght of our own noses.

And those that can are either idiots or genius, which is the same think, seing from a diferent prospective.

If you saw right and could translate the code in a way others could make some use of, you were genious, if you saw right but translated incompresible, or saw wrong, you get to be an idiot.

That's why Einstein said about his relativity theory in it's early days:
"If the time will prove I was right, than the germans will say I am a german citysen, the hebrew that I am of hebrew origin and the french that I am a citysen of the world, but if the time will prove me wrong, than the Hebrew will say I was a german, and the german that I was a damn jew!" or something likewise, I don't recall exactly.

The question is: You dare looking over the lenght of your nose? And how far?

domenica 1 agosto 2010

and this is not information, is knowledge I developped over years of trial and error, is worth big bucks so use it with care

I wrote a friend of mine that was sending me some .pif files virused the following things, see the whole discussion, and learn how to manually remove sneacky viruses!

Me: why are you sending me .pif files?
Is your computer infected with some virus?
Never use again .pif files, always use .doc, or.rtf or so!
Pif files can contain paths to .exe of viruses and jamm the host computer
If you have no idea why am I writing this to you, it means you are not aware that YOUR COMPUTER SENDS .PIF FILES TO ME, AND MAYBE TO MANY OTHER CONTACTS, so run an antivirus and delete this virus from your machine
for major safety and less headache I can install you LINUX so that no viruses would be able to install themselves on your computer

My friend Freddy: I have run an Antivirus program and no virus was found. I didn't send the file.

me: it came twice from your skype address

Freddy: I keep on trying to delete my virus
I will now try another virus program.

me: mostly antivirus is of no good against .pif hiddend viruses
they don't look like a virus, but like a word document to antiviruses
really sneacky thing

Freddy: how do get rid of it then ?

me: I fought with them for years, finding them according to their date of instalation
and deleting them manually also because they create other forlders, duplicates, in many places
conclusion? yap: than I passed on linux
and I ceased to have problems

Freddy: Thanks for the advice.

me: you go to start button in windows
search for anything (*)
that was created after a certin date
in your case say, after the first of july

Freddy: what do you put in the search box ?

me: some you created, pictures, documents etc, you will remeber them
you put * sign
that means anything

Freddy: okay

me: like *.exe
the files you don't remember are either cookies of internet you can delete them, they will be reinstalled as soon as you visit the same pages again
or they are viruse
and by deleting them you risk to destroy also some good programs
(yes they do that, they install themselves in programs, to make shure you don't dare deleting them)
so be ready to have to reinstall some little programs here or there
if you have vista or 7 when running search you must specify that you want the search on all files, indicised or not
otherwise they will run the search only in indicesed ones
that is exactly where the most viruses do not install their roots

Freddy: and XP ?

me: xp searches them all if I am not wrong. if you delete a virus application, the virus root (hidden somewhere else) will create another application, with different name, somewhere else to replace it, so run search after each deleting
and if you see new *.exe or *.inf, or*.bat or so popping out of nothing, you didn't deleted the root that might be older
so go back in search an look for earlier dates
once you got rid of the root, no new puppyes will be breaded
it's a nasty job
takes whole days
so pass on linux and be free!

venerdì 4 giugno 2010

Inventions versus innovations!

Inventions and innovations seem to be same thing, or much similar with eachother.

As a matter of fact they have the same aim, making future happen, improvments, novelty, thigns like that.

What they don't have in common is the process that leads to them.

Innovating requires logic, knowledge, multidiscipline, teamwork, stubonness.

You start from the old thing/concept, and apply all the formulas you can find ort immagine, ask anybody questions to see what is that they want, or think they need.

And like a cone, you narrow down a solution starting from the large base till you reach the tip, close enough to the need, that ultimately would do just fine in lack of a better one.

Inventing is the reverse process of innovating.

Most of the time who invents something does it "by mistake" so to speack.

The classic exampe is the dude that is looking to create what he is paid for, and by mistake he sees an unexpected effect/reaction that pops up to be magic.

Like microwaves oven, the dude was a radio expert, working on some new radar beam thing, and had his sandwich forgotten in front of the antenna. He turned on the machine, than off, and ups... Lunch time! He grabbed the sandwich and got his fingers burned off!

But the major inventions come while our brain is sleeping.

Is than the the inspiration is working hard, analyzing gazillions of possibilityes, "testing" virtually all that can be processed by the brain.

And one day you simply wake up with an invention. That is a solution so simple and unbelivebely perfect, to a problem thyat bothered you times ago and you simply gave up searching for.

Sometimes you didnt even looked for a solution, you heard the problem exist by mistake and ignored it.

You ignored it, but not your brain.

And the brain dug, in silence, untill one day... Bingo, you have a solution that you don't know what to do with!

And starting from the solution you calculate all the possibilityes to the base of the cone, formulas, implications, than you can prototype (or experiment) and look to comercialise it.

It is called inspiration and is worth 1% of the inventing process.

Most of the people invent something at least once a month. And they trash it in their brain, instantly.

They are not willing to do the rest of the 99%. The transpiration. Accepting to be mocked by folks because you dare testing a new idea takes guts.

This is why I respect the inventors, they have the guts to take it, the stubbordness to go ahead no matter what, knowing their idea has a signification, their work makes sense, if not for the folks around, at least for the generations to come.

Having a patent doesen't makes you an inventor, many can get a patent on bullshit.

Putting the 99% of transpiration to complete the 1% of inspiration makes you an inventor, patent or no patent.

I can tell, I am one of them.

mercoledì 26 maggio 2010

Banks are crap!

Thing is banks and politics lately are the same thing, a huge social parasite living on speculations of the economic system in each and every country, continent and maf! Yap maf, since each banking structure is interconected with their own backuppers in a maf system to protects their does. I don't speack here of the organised crime, but of the organised banking mafias.

The trouble is economy doesen't mean banking. Banking is just a small part of the economy, thus eceonomy without banks can grow, fall, and restart, but banks without echonomy do not exist.

And the problem is banks and politics, hand in hand, killed the economy.

So what is ecnonomy than?

Coinee, ancien grteek, stays at the origin of this word, Oikonomia (I think this spelling can be fairly enough pronounced as the original greek word) is a compound word, in which the Oikos is the house (also in the family sense), and Nomia, which is being able to manage your house.

Managing your house deeds means cleaning, building the fire, cooking, repairing the property, the cart, feeding the cattle, plowing, harvesting, receiving guests, dealing with suppliers and clients.

Let's split this:

Hard work





Party and entertainment

But no banking. Right, no banks involved in basic Oikonomia.

People borrowed from eachother, if needed to do so. Than somebody thougt to intermediate this ofering his assets as a gurantee to the lender, fixed intereses to the borrower, a place where anybody could go to place investments or get some credit.

So what was the bank based on? Nothing, fresh air, words, even worse, other people's money.

And things went fine untill the politics jumped in, ghet purchased by the banks to issue laws in their favours, and even managed to create superbanks, national treasury, things like that.

And this grew, and provoked issues, wars, peace, brokers, credit cards, subprime credits, anything to show turnover, but...

The base is missing, (read above the base of economy please) We trade "values" that have no value, just papers, inshured, backed up, legally protected nothing! Yap, Nothing. Big times nothing! Gazillions.

And Banks know it, and Inshurances know it (they are sort of banks too) and stock exchange knows it, and politics knows it. There is no base, no fundaments, this is a castle, solid rock castle, but not build on sand, it would be a blessing, it is build on nothing!

So if a dude sneezes by mistake, the whole thingamajing comes down in a blink, as it is happening nowdays. Banks, nations, churches, all facing the depression in a weird manner, that is fighting to stay afloat of their own rules by sinking the real economy to save their own butts.

But is the real economy that needs to be saved from the banking system. Many banks going down killed sound rock businesses, with clients and contracts for decades to come.

Economy is production, stability, clients, real goods exchange, and as long as banks look up at the politics to know what to do or who to help, all they do is killing economy.

Banks, if they want to survive they must help out real economy, the little dude with a big idea that can make money by producing plus value, but has no chance since for them banking system is foreclosed by definition.

Smart banks should supply them not only with money, but also with finacial management, marketing professionals, and general management untill the credit is back in the banks pockets, than they can choose to keep the bank's supplied managers or return them to the bank and hire their own.

This is the future, banking not only money, but also management, otherwise we will drag this cancer called depression to the end of times.


venerdì 14 maggio 2010

Open letter to European Aviation Research Authorityes

Open letter!

Dear gentleman at CleanSky,

I have being persuaded by a friend do go see your website, which I did. It took me a whole day, but I did it!

Than I saw you are outsourcing some tasks, and one even appealed to me.

But I learned I needed a EU password and account, so I went there and followed the procedure, thus now I am member there too.

So I went to subscribe on your organisation site, and...

Ok, only corporate businesses and legitimate companies ca do it!

This leads me to the following considerations!

The Wright brothers were not a corporation or a LTD when they got up in the air, they were Two persons.

Traian Vuia (ever heard of?) was not a corporation or legally established business when he got up in the air, but if the French Academy (that was a legitimate mastodontic corporation) would of not called him a dreamer and idealist, and publically decleared him insane and his idea impossible, the Euorpe would of being motor flying at least 5 years BEFORE the Wright brothers!

We Lost this primate because the Americans gave credit to the persons (that they still do) while Europe gave credit only to corporations (which we still do) thus they lead and we follow, humbly!

While our smart PERSONS either suffer the shame, or go to America to get credit and succed (Sicorsky, Antoine Gazda, Eugene M. Gluhareff, and others) we keep ignoring the independent inventors and they keep inventing indipendnetly.

Same situation for Henri Marie Coanda (ever heard of?), nobody in europe gave him credit, except the Nazi, and they were the firsts to fly a jet , since they were the only to believe in this concept that nowdays lead the world aviation. The academics mocked him!

Coming back to the issue:

I am an inventor, have no company, work for a living, and look to have my invetions reach the markets!

I prototyped the way I could how much I could, and the prototypes proved I am right, thus I gained some friends that help me with engineering and other means.

I have no contact with no university (when I tried to bring my invetions alive with them they asked me all the millions I have not) and I have no ISO certification.

Thus I am no elligible to work with the EU institutes.

Conclusion, my rotary engine, my fast ultralight helicopter, my sonic ultralight flight machines, and other inventions I am working on will come to life, but most probably I will partner with some Arab country willing to invest, or with the US since in Europe the person, legally, does not exist!

There is no way I can afford to anticipate all the millions for my projects, not even if you say you will refund me, to give an example, thus the way to do it remains one.

Or you have to adjust a bit the policies to suit the reality, as they do overseas.

I am just curious which one will happen first, but most probably it is me that I will develop the products overseas.

Europe had the technologiall primate over the world untill the WW second, now the US holds it, but as I can see it, in a decade will be in the hands of China or India, whichever moves faster, because they give credit to the person, not to the titles or corporations, and as you can see they move ahead, fast!

Yours faithfully,

Emil Pop.

sabato 8 maggio 2010

How much shit is one disposed to swallow to see his dream come truth?

Big question.

Huge ammount of answers.

Why am I asking that?

Matter of practicity. I was in business for many years now, more than some have, to have the right to vote.

I loked at the world sorounding me and realised they are 4 types of people in this world, 2 of one side, to on the other.

Employees side, there we have the guy that gave up the dignity and sold his dreams for a bread for the family, and does whatever it takes, till the bell rings, like an automa, than he is outta there and starts to live, family, friends, internet, BBQ, self constructing his boat or airplane or custom bike. Or simply travel.

Than we have the kissuppers, they leack the bosses feet, turn in anybody, even if they didin't do a thing, just to get in front row, employers hate them, but hire them, they need them, they know those dudes are liars, and stupids, but they also know those employees are feard while dispised by the others, thus they rappresent a controll knob in the teams, and reach key posts not because capable (thay are little less than mediocres) but because they never live to seek greener grass, thus they gain seniority in the place.

And naturally the business under their command goes down the drain.

And the fault is always of the others.

But is not about the employees I want to talk now, they swallow the shit daily to survive, since they didn't had the guts yet, or the chance, to write their own checks (and nowdays this is less and less possible).

I wanna talk about the shit pumps.

Business owners and their kissuppers.

Buisiness owners split in 2 also, the smart ones that although receive from their market an enormous quantity of shit per day, try to find a way to dump it in the drains and let filter to the employees only the ammount that cannot be dumped, thus must be solved.

This category has two characteristics from the shit pumps point of view:
One, they never promote or keep to long the kissupers, mediocrities, and so on.

Mostly they have small companies where the employees make nice salaries and all the benefits, all are happy and hardworkers, excelent professionals, and hate mediocrityes.

They also have big prices, are fast in solving the clients problems, and are the firsts to loose markets in depression times like now.

This kind of companyes and bosses are a rarity in good times, and almost unexistent in bad times. Nobody pays in bad times, so nobody calls for their excellencies.

The other category, the majority, I include them in the shit pumps class.

Some of them are higly trained, many diplomas, shiny look, behaviour and talking, but still full of shit to deliever.

Overtrained mediocrityes with secret reciprocicating refferals of their pairs.

When deep in shit they call and pay the first category, but for the rest they are happy to enslave some employees and have them swallow shit.

When I say shit I am not talking about the jobs to be done, this is another thing, and sometimes yes is stinky, but mostly it is regular job.

The shit they pump is atitude, humiliations, abuses, moslty by denying your rights as employee, or making you do things that are if not illegal, at least on the edge, on your risk, to their benefit, or you can go look for another position.

If the shit comming from the clients is not enough (I talk of the useless one, to be ignored) they mange to invent new shit, out of nothing, and have fun humiliating their underpayd personel with it.

Weird working hours to keep (with no benefit for the company) people away from family or personal hobbies as much as possible.

Weird tasks, mostly nonsens, but that are humiliating.

Stupid jokes on: My way or the highway dude, I am the boss here.

Obviously his way is wrong, so you will do the job twice, once his way, than when the results are a disaster, redo it the regular way, and the boss and his leaches will never admit it was their fault, simply something went wrong.

Apart the case they can point the finger on the emplyee and say "It was you to do that" since no evidence is left on who gave the order.

I hate them, and try my best to do two things:

One is to buy nothing from them, ever, should they go bankrupt; better.

If by chance I have a contract with them, will individuate the key persons that deliever that product in their company before the contract ends (usually is some humble dude that is bossed by all the leaches, underpayd, and constantly threatened to loose the job) and never renew the contract again.

Number two, I invite the humble dude to a dinner with family, have him explain me how he does those product so good and with who, than tell him the truth.

And the truth is I want to keep buying that product, but from him and his colleagues, not from his boss and the leaches.

And offer them to settle down a new company, doing what tehy know best, at the same price as previously, where I am the first buyer for a looong therm.

If they need money, I will partner untill they are up and running smooth.

Than when they are in business with me I will help them find more clients and become indipendent, before I withdraw from that venture.

Mostly the ex employers goes bankrupt, but that's another story.

My aim is to create businesses of excellent quality, runned by those that know what they are doing, and that hate kissuppers as I do.

They swallowed too much shit in their lives to make a living, is time for them to start living, and believe me, this is something they will always cherrish.

Now we pass through deep depression, the mediocrityes that controll the banks, politics, indistries, are commiting suicide one after the other, you look for the humble guy behing the realisations of each company, and give them THE chance, it is worth all the effort it takes, and when the times will turn right again, we will be more on the markets than we are now:

Fight mediocrity in business, promote the humble dude that makes things happen.


The mockup is essential when building your airplane!

120 welding

Welding your airplane components is and will be the best choice if you know what you are doing, do you?

110.fixed wing.flv

This is a little part of my book "Building your ultralight flight machine is easy"

mercoledì 28 aprile 2010

Cut the crap, get to the point, and the point is...:

Today a friend of mine forwarded me a youtube link to a film criticyzing mansonery.

Here is my oppinion: All crap!

Lots of crap.

Masons and other organisations hide behind transcedental and secrets and stuff, but they really are out there for thye money
… power
… reciprocal refferals
… just like comunists
… fascists
… imperialists
… liberals
… conservators
… whighs
… and thors
... and.. you name it, they are doomed,
all ful of bulshit, none true and honest.

… so to me masons, commies, fscists and nazi, makes no diffrence!

If they where true and honest, they would have nothing to hide.

Than add some religions like catholics, orthodox, jewish, muslim, buddist, shinto, thaoists and stuff, and you have the picture.

Forget them, you don't have to live with their crap hanging on your neck.

Mind your business and forget of them.

All those that do not practice and/or preace what they claim to be true. And wander of on some other path.

Jesus said:
" … what do you care about him, you follow me!"

… so what do you care about them?
"Prove ye with All THings, and hold fast to what is good"

Exactly, do so and live happily

You owe them nothing, so don't stumble in their positions, look only at Jesus and God, skip the church and their intereses.

They've put themselves in the way to make a buck, skip TV too, worthless, a mere tool to full folks.

Use the brain.

God said "do as I do"

And he shurely uses the brains he has.

Why shouldn't you?

I do.

venerdì 23 aprile 2010

Wonderful minds and souls!

People say they have to have all those gadgets, but still use the old writing to send and receive messages, some even have 3 cell phones, and a laptop, and keep sending and receiving messages.

Becouse they wanna keep in touch and not to loose their heritage!

Maybe, but not necesarely.

Some behave like drugadicts, storing all kind of mesages just to feel they have friends, some delete almost everything and keep the essentials (I do so)

It depends on the self esteem and interior beauty.

Look around, those that have more earings, jewleries, electronic toys, and try to be perfect outside, they are the most miserable inside, ugly souls, desperate people, maybe rich, smart, but desperate.

The few that look simple, those are the be worshiped. Wonderful minds that need not to be reassured they have friends, for they know exctly who is a friend and how much, and they respect that.

People that need no barber everyday, or cosmetician, to feel accepted and alive.

People that need no drughs or thousands of messages to feel comfortable with themselves.

People that need not to show up, drink hard, dance in the middle of the dancing floor and be admired by all, to feel they are worth something.

Real people, that rely on their inner strenght.

Not many around thou, and this is the kind of friends I accept around me without blinking.

They are value to my mind!

domenica 18 aprile 2010

People say universityes are capable of research, but incapable of comercialisation of their results!

Partially I agree with you, but partially, say 90% I am afraid I won't.

No hard feelings, just personal experience, negative one, with universities.

I invented an engine (it's in my profile) and looked for a lab to prototype and calculate it.

Called universityes and tech labs, the ammount they wanted from me was 8 milions of euro, 8 years ago.

I said " can't we put this in one of your programs with students, I gain a prototype, you gain a research, students gain credits and CV"

No way Hose, eight millions or get outa here!

I won't make names, but they are famous ones.

Than digging, with the help of friends, I get to meet an internal combustion guru, the one that designed and engineered the Aprilia motors.

60 yars old, modest man, with a small lab in the garage and the office in the room above it.

He signed my NCND without blinking (the others didn't) took a look at my patent papers and drawings, and asked me 2 weeks to think of.

Two weeks later I was in his office again, a sunday, and he starts to talk, "we do this, we do that, the main problem is the sealing here, and the most complex machining is on this delicate part, etc"

"Wait a minute" I said, while he was laying out drawings he worked all week on, "We haven't agreed on the money part yet, how am I going to pay you on all this, I might even not have all that money"

"Forget the moeny" he said, I love your idea, can we partner? I want 25% of it, and share 25% of risks and expenses"

I wasn't stupid, his offer was like a once in a life time, so i said YES SIR!

He wasn't stupid either, he realised the market and technologicall value of this project.

Than I asked him how much would of costed me the prototype if we wouldn't partnered on it.

Fifty thousand, he said.

I told him than of what the universityes told me, and he said:

" Right kid, this is what they ask, and you know what else? They are not even capable to do the job.
Yap, they come to me or the other 2 or 3 like me in this country, we are not many capable to do this job, and offer us some 50.000 to do it for them, and the rest of the money they eat it"

My advice to the REAL inventors is to avoid universityes, but dig, dig, and dig untill you find the REAL dude behind their fame, the modest man that really works and really knows, and go straight to him and make the deal.

Trash universityes, they are but mediocres, even at stealing you, not to speack of the profession they are supposed to know.

Mind your business, and trash the Academicians, they are not worth the air they are breathing!

mercoledì 14 aprile 2010

Who is behind the death of the Poland president?

Who is behind the death of the Poland president?

I am not a polish man, nor love them, neither hate them, thus totally ignorant of their matters.
What I am not ignorant of is airplanes and airports. Not that I would be a great specialist of this, but I boast I know enough to see a scam where there is a scam.
Let’s analyze airports.
A strip of asphalt or concrete, wide enough to contain authorized flight machines, and long enough to allow takeoff of authorized flight machines in less than half the length, the rest of it is to be used in case of take off abort to stop the plane safely.
There are left and right of the runway two “respect zones”, that is land along the runway without trees, pillars, buildings or ditches where the plane can end up at any speed without endangering anything. Most of the times they are wide four to ten times more than the runway, each. Airports where they are less than double the width the runway are considered “Special” and one needs to pass exams to can land there, Smolensk is not the case. Just go over with Google earth and see the airport.
Any damn airport has RADAR and APROACH instrumental systems, Smolensk is a former (and still) military airport, thus equipped more than a regular civilian one.
Radar helps the tower monitor the airspace and direct traffic.
Approach system helps pilots land in fog and rain and tempest. The only conditions when radar and approach systems are useless is ice and snow, but when the Poland presidential aircraft landed this was not the case.
How is the damn approach system work? Easy, like a laser guide, but on radio waves.
Imagine a Star Wars Laser canon that fires those light blue laser lines. Ok.
We put one of those shooting radio coded waves at the end of the runway. Than we tilt it to match the landing approach path that normally the pilot sees it naked eyes, but now we are in a foggy day.
On every airplane there is another canon, beneath the belly somewhere, that shoots nothing. But receives the said approach signal. This canon is slightly low on nose, so that when the radio beam from the runway enters perfectly into the airplane canon, they are 100% in line, the flight machine will be in perfect landing asset, perfectly oriented on the landing path, and can land even without a pilot, all it has to do is maintain the asset and landing speed until the touchdown that occurs a bit after the runway canon position.
Even a twelve years old blind kid can land this way.
Imagine also that the presidential flight pilots were former military pilots knowing the machine as they knew their pockets, and at least one of them landed on Smolensk airport more than once, I presume.
Imagine that the Soviet made airplane was recently overhauled, thus brought to “brand new” in all of its systems. We talk of a very safe flight machine used by military and civilian airlines, that lands in Siberia in heavy storms no problem, build in hundreds of copies, that if not blown up by terrorists, until now has a positive crash report more above the media of many western build airplanes.
Now how can such a safe machine, with such experimented crew, on a regularly equipped airport crush?
Let’s play:
With the control tower first, so the Poland head of state comes in, Moscow is not much happy with, and all of a sudden the crew that should be on duty in the tower today receives a day off, and another crew is called to take over. I have no evidence on this theory, but I bet my salary that if dug deep someone can find that this happened at Smolensk.
A crew with a special task, and they did a damn good job, nobody survived!
And someone is sent to modify the landing path canon angle, from slightly over ground shooting, to 45 degrees in vertical. And the new control tower occupants know of it, but pretend nothing changed.


The pilot trusts the instruments, thus if they say he is in landing path and in position, is all truth, all this electronics won’t lie suddenly. But the electronic on board is made in Russia, and the control tower is on the Russian hands, and they know how …
The landing speed let’s make it at some 300 Km per hour (200 miles per hour something) this is a big bird.
And it needs 2 KM to stop, this is way over a mile.
The only problem is that the plane instead of being a bit nosed up, is a bit nosed down, since instruments are lying to the pilots, the horizontal speed is 300, but the vertical speed is not 2 as it should be, but 200.
The airplane is not coming slightly down, but crushing suddenly.
The tower tells them to go Moscow, so that the president won’t reach the event, just to cover the radio registrations with press releasable materials, since they are trained to sabotage the landing in a perfectly credible manner.
But the Poland president is stubborn, and the pilots too, so they try, retry and try again.
At the fourth attempt they hit the ground with a 200 Km per hour vertical speed (120 Mph or so)
Nobody can live such impact, not even in an airplane.
Then somebody shifts back the runway canon to almost horizontal position unseen in the fog and with all those rescue teams going to the crush site, not to the approach system position.
And they collect the black boxes of the airplane, Russian made too, so they can change a bit the data that would reveal the truth, before they hand them to the experts to see why the plane crushed.
Some “trustwothy” voices spread the news that this airplane was know as unsafe and having a bad crush history (Strange that a state president would chose a bad machine to have him go round!)
Some other voices would spread the news that it was the pilot's fault, so the pattern is set. The espionage machine is wel oiled and having people all over the world, all they have to do is tell them when and what to say.
The other state presidents won't move a finger, they don't want their airplanes to crush by mistake too!
End of the games.
Who is behind this? And why?

sabato 10 aprile 2010

Teaching God to computer scientists

Teaching GOD to computer scientists

There’s hardware and there’s software:
Is there any hardware that is of any use without a software?
Is there any software that is of any Use without a hardware?
Is there any software that can be taken from the hardware and relocated in another machine?
Is there any computer that can presume or claim that its existence is the effect of random evolution?
Are there software that can run on any given hardware?
Are there hardware that can stand any given software?

Somebody made one and somebody made the other. With defined standards and purposes in mind.
And with a lot of bugs, thus debugging process steps in, and a selection of machines and codes survive the process, while the others are junked.

In the beginning there was the idea.
Since we are humans and express our ideas by words of mouth, and by written words, and when we only think it, we think it in words of the language we speak. The trouble is when we speak currently more than one language, and start formulating ideas that start in a language, go ahead in a second one and end up in the third one in the same sentence. Which is clear in our brain, but when expressed to someone that knows only one of the languages we speak, all we do is give them more confusion.
Therefore, in the beginning it was the idea, that we express them in words, thus: In the beginning it was the Word.
And the dude with the idea crafted it to the form of a hardware, an extremely complex one, than a more complex one, with different functions, and after a long period spent in crafting hardware, we have all kind of machines around doing all wacky stuff.
Computerized laundry machines, computerized automobiles, cranes, airplanes, vacuum cleaners, microwaves, cell phones, laptops, desktops, watches, you name it, it has a chip inside.
Some are actively computer directed like laptops, some passively, like microwaves and clocks.
But the hardware needs instructions, thus somebody wrote codes to instruct them, codes to give them input when they need to shift from an operation to another, codes that protect them from viruses, codes, codes, codes…
And somebody wrote codes to have them interact, exchange information, Bluetooth, Ethernet, wireless.
And somebody decided to have them interact independently and keep control on the results only, and communicate to the other code writers the development of the processes. Via internet.
No machine can communicate with another machine if the creators don’t allow this to happen.
No machine exists without the will of its creators.
No machine can survive and be useful to itself or others in a different environment that the one it was conceived for.
But software can.
Software can evolve outside the control of it’s creator.
Software can be modified by somebody else without being there, or without even knowing where and what is modified, just by simply sending a piece of code that does this or that to any software that matches the criteria, if allowed to enter that machine.

Thus a Windows virus will do harm or steal info from all the windows machines met.
But is not capable to do the same on Linux or it’s brothers Mac OS, Sun Solaris, or on their grandpa’ Unix.
So antivirus was born, a piece of code that aims to contain as many virus codes embedded so that it might recognize them when passing, and kill them.
But for this a barrier must be placed and all incoming info must be filtered through it, Firewall.
And the doctor heals the incoming info in a rhythm that slows down the flow, thus we have security, but we pay a price for it, we don’t have speed any longer.

Recapitulating, in the beginning there was the word, and the word became flesh and dwelled among us.

The above short sentence covers several years, gazillions of years in our time measuring system.

We live in a pre determinate time/space system that we cannot leave. Actually we cannot leave our own solar system yet, but we dream of.

If pre determined, than by whom?

Pieces of codes regulate the existence, movements and transformations of anything existing in this system, time passing included.
Many pieces of codes, some of us discovered a little bit of them and made history:
Archimedes, Galileo, Euclides, Pythagoras, Newton, Einstein, Coanda, Bernoulli, Kepler, Fahrenheit, Celsius, Kelvin, Doppler, and the list could go ahead on pages and pages.
We talk of macro laws that uniformly govern in harmony the things in the universe.
Than others discovered and made use of laws that govern little things alone, such as the human body, the human mind, or dogs, or electricity, or light, or some chemicals. Their list is humongous.

Bottom line is, we know little or nothing of all the codes that run in this universe, but we managed to understand a fraction of the software by observing it’s results, mainly, but also by deducing other possibilities calculating missing parts of information out of the already secured one in our pockets.

Very little fraction.
Is there any parallel given universe with different rules and laws made by the same crafter? Not impossible, we have build many different computers and operating systems here, why couldn’t he do the same?
When we build a hardware, a machine, by the trade logic we tend to give it a limited warranty, so that some years later when we would of being able to build a better one, to can sell it to replace the old one.
We are evolving machines too, physically in a certain aspect, but mentally much more.
Our hardware has imbedded into its organs the aging process. We are born to die in our hardware.
Our software has a different destination thou!
Our software comes to life with two different code packages that complete each other:
“Number one” is aimed to manage the body, surviving, essentials as hearth beat, digestion, need of affection and need to give love, need to reproduce and care for the breed.
“Number two” is aimed to evolve, this one is a learning piece of code. We learn since day one we are conceived, and start our unconscious learning curve the day one we are born.
This makes any unborn fetus a living being. Although the law says that before 3 months from conception they are but meat!
Our law, not HIS!

Software “number two” has potential but could not exist without “number one”. “Number one” keeps the machine alive. They are inseparable, one soul!
Theory and some medical evidence proved that some folks have more than one “number two” software, but only one “number one”, multiple personality disorder, but one machine driver. Never met one of them yet, but I would love to, interesting choice to have more than one OS on a machine, alternating their work, obviously this is bringing more stress on the driver and could wreck it. The hardware too.
Odd enough, seemingly our main code writer decided that writing all the codes step by step would of being a stupid idea, so “number two” software in us writes its own codes as learned while the hardware is growing old and gets completed according to “number one” software.
“Number two” evolves according to environment, in different convictions, different language, different culture.
Some “number two” are luckier and live in more than one culture/language/environment than others thus broader knowledge, more evolved.
Some are constrained into a narrow environment, limited language, thought to be proud of themselves and kill all that say they are dumb, because they are dumb. Military for instance, CIA, FBI, KGB, MOSAD, talebans, religions, and other similar organizations. Politics too. They are a loss for the humanity.
Some hardware seem to have only “number one” software embedded, and don’t even move around much, we call them vegetables. Some humans turn vegetables too since “number two” software is no more responding to society, but “number one” is working fine thank you!
So sooner or later, by natural evolution or by hand of some idiot, or hardware ceases to exist. And start the recycling process that makes us become raw material for next generations. No junk left around by or creator, all turns back into the recycling factory of mother nature.
We didn’t reached this perfection yet with our junk as human society.
However it seems that the code writer has not much esteem of our hardware or the sufferance this is bringing into our software, since he allows natural disasters, sickness, and ultimately the human made disasters to kill many lives, plants animals and humans, this brings me to the conclusion that the hardware is just a temporary means in our evolving process, the rest is yet to come.
What happens to the software than?
According to the little revelation that our creator sneaked us beneath the history door in a letter that most people read it to see how can they use the others to make a buck, instead of reading it for what it is, “instructions manual” for the use of “number two” software by itself; HE provided from the very beginning a way to recover all software personalities at the death of the hardware by some backup means that he would not reveal to us for safety reasons.
The said back up device contains one soul alone, thus one storage driver per soul.
Some religion claim the software is reset to zero and reintroduced into trade in new machines of lower responsibility if the previous life was a total wreck, or higher responsibility if the past life was a positive walk.
Should you be the code writer, after all this fatigue, would you just erase a good amount of knowledge to start from scratch?
Neither HIM I am afraid, thus to me reincarnation ain’t!

HIS letter thou mentions that the software will be stored in a warehouse somewhere, than recovered on more evolved machines that need not all the energy we learned to consume here in order to live.
And at the time, those that evolved into a positive attitude according to his standards will be granted to enjoy a different experience at a higher level, collaborating with the code writer forever on some thrilling projects, and being treated as family and friends.
Those that instead accepted to be corrupted by a virus, lowering their firewall standards, and turning off their antivirus machine, thus having evolved in an unwanted pattern by choice, will be discharged, or something like that, but not erased. They will be placed into another environment to serve an unknown purpose to me, however it seems a pretty painful environment from the description.

Not an easy task understanding GOD, not even with all the technology today, and all the knowledge we have.
Maybe because understanding GOD is not the purpose we exist for, but shaping us in such a manner that we can fit into the big design of “Afterlife” where we shall do some code writing on who knows what other project, universe, or else.

Copyrighted by Emil Pop, 2010, all rights reserved.