lunedì 29 marzo 2010

State employees are my employees, they should work right, not pretend to work.

Although I am no muslim or buddist, I will be working on easter like nuts, on my projects.

I just had my leggs cutt of by the state here, we had a contract with them on a project, they are due to pay me last month, and today the money arrived, minus 25% of them.

I called the offices, they have no idea, tomorow they will try to gather some info to enlight me. How can this be?

This jeoperdises my trip to Milan on Friday, my trip to Aero at Friederichschaffen the other Friday, damn beaurocrats, I should shoot them all.

How can one push the cart ahead in this environment?

They are supposed to be my employees, since they get payd out of my taxes, and respect me as a huma being and shareholder of the company called state, not trating me as a scumbag because they have a key position.

Sorry, not your business, but I feel like having to kill someone to chill up.

Just don't warn them, ok?


domenica 28 marzo 2010

Instead of stupid drivers killing themselves and others on the roads, they will end up killing themselves and others in the sky and shower us with the debris.

That was a coment to my vertiports proposal.

And this is my answer:

Let me put it this way.

1 vertiports serve exactly so that people won't fly over inhabitated centers, from the vertiport inside they go by bus, bike or metro, something.

2 one gazilion of cars constrained in a narrow asphalt stripe are in way to collision by definition.

3 the asphalt stripe in the sky does not exist, so they would be no more so tight to eachoter.

4 we can split the four directions on different layers of altitude, so that everybody at same altitude goes the same direction, a highway, sorry, skyway with the lane as narrow as the whole world is.


Living and dying in Italy is under maf controll!

I lve in italy,
here contracts have a simbolic value, they win all causes anyway, since they are in the maf and politics.

Can you imagine there is no television, newspaper or editor of a certain market value to not be economically and politically under the control of Berlusconi?

Fascism is coming back in modern form, and they are not even hidding it, journalists that write the truth or ask uncomfortable questions get beaten up in public under the television eyes and nothing is shown at news, and sometimes they get assasinated in front of their house, and at news they say some maf boss was killed by some adverse fraction.

Time for me to move outta here!

Any hint?

mercoledì 24 marzo 2010

You allow people to make a decent buck? Than you are a real BOSS!

No motivation, no job done.

Or maybe nothing to do (really) due to chrisys, so they hang around waiting for the last minute to go home.

Anyway, if the boss is not good enough to provide work for the employees and motivate them to do it, and pay for, decently, than before sending some nothing doers home, the first to be fired is the boss himself.


1. the boss wants to keep his position, he has a mortgage too.

2. the employess don't want another boss to make them work, this one is OK, no work plus salary sound fine,

3. thus the boss won't really complain of his employees, and tend to hide their work attitude,

4. Workers understand that and tend to protect their boss,

And here the circle closes around, a vicious one.

If instead of being paid by hour, the boss and any given subaltern, they would have to gain thir money by performances, like in a franchising system, you can bet all your savings they would find themselved something productive for the company to do any given day.

If a work consultant advises you differently, fire the consultant first, thei'r of no good.

Than build a reward scheme, and who does the job get's paid, and who not, will fire themselves, you don't even need to bother.

Believe me, I did it, it worked, and made money.

And now I'm doing it again.

Need help?

martedì 16 marzo 2010

Suppose They Gave a War and Nobody Came

Suppose They Gave a War and Nobody Came

This is old thig, but true. It's written on a motorcycle in a '69 movie "If it's tuesday this must be Belgium"

War is 2 diferent things for the partecipants, there are the soldiers, no matter of rank, somehow collected from homes, by cheating, threating or promising them once over they wil finaly can afford THAT something, and they are dying as flyes, never get back home, or seldom, and serve as a manouver mass.

And there are the professionists, the rank is irelevnt, they are there to kill.

What? Whom? Doesen't matter, they have (most of the time) no formal training for anything, war included, but they don't need it, they are born killers.

Just manage to create a war somewhere, and observe both partyies recruitments, you wil see pooping up in both camps those demons, ready to slaughter the otehr's army soldiers, and if God provides, some "enemy" demon too.

They are top snipers, best pilots, perfect night patroolers, sneack behind enemy lines not because someone sends them, but just for the thrill.

Most of them manage to survivre the wars, and enroll in the next one. Their main creed is wealth, and although they might not negotiate a higher salary, they will kill for the money or gold anybody, their own camarades included.

When they go old, they are rich, refined, and generals, or at least colonles.

Looking into their credentials, they have no schools, al ranks gained by "exceptional merits" of having killed many enemies, and many of their own camarades, just to bring a mission to the desired end.

They are never heroes, on the contrary, they avoid like hell publicity, medals, other things that could bring them a first page.

Theyr anonymate is their best concealing device.

And when old, they are the ones that start wars, hire those like them, and force to death the others.

Their sons become presidents of nations, mostly self elected, or bank owners, "as honest as one can be", or presidents of television chains at the service of the almighty of the day.

Look around, and tell me how many of them can you recognise in your own country?

Too many of them rulling over us nowdays, to my taste.

sabato 13 marzo 2010

The universe is not required to be in perfect harmony with human ambition. -Carl Sagan

Why I didn't had this idea put into words by myself?

Damn it, I always felt like this, but never had the clearness of mind to formulate it.

I always looked at the efects, on long and short term, of the humans on the environment, our streets and buildings, our garbage everywhere, and hard to destroy, even by ourselves, not to mention the mother nature that is far slower and much more vulnerable, our highways and railroads that cut in two ladscape ruining the regular paths of wildlife, our damn hunters that kill all that breaths and is not human, since nobody kills them for this.

And now the space around earth is filthy, and nuts and bolts are rotating out there damaging anything in their way, and turning into toxic gases when burning at the re entering in our atmosphere!

I have a clear idea of us, and know that we are a plague for mother earth, and mother nature. We extinct other species, just because it was fun to shoot them, drilled the earth with tunnels in search of totaly useless things for life sustainment, such as gold, petrol, diamonds, that we value as much so that it seems it depends our lifes on them, and not on food and oxygen or water, that's by the way we systematicly pollute and destroy.

And we wouldn't care less, we don't give a crap on it, although we are not only cancer for earth, but also cancer for our own species, for the future genereations, for our own kids.

Our echonomic system instead of having a solid philosophical base, and value energy, environment, food, water and wildlife, it worhips money, bombs, wasted production, insane constructions, politics.

Enslaving and stealing the neighbours is our main goal, destroing their values, the real ones, such as fertile grounds, beautifull rivers, animals and birds and fishes, this is our best actions.

It is written in our national constitutions, the base treaty that gives the law pattern for all laws issued, that we value more than anything money, and must pay taxes, so if we don't have them, we must do anything in our power to make money, or we get kicked out of our homes, and emarginated by the society, therefore people wouldn't care less of environment and future, when their present is threatened by lack of cash, and destroy any REAL value in exchange of a little appreciation, a pet on the shoulder, and naturally, cash!

Are you nuts?

This is your real values?

War, money, ensalving, pollutin, while talking against all this?

Why talking, why not changing the system?

A system based not on money and taxes, but on realisations pro nature, pro future, pro reintegration with environment.

They want nuclear power, and nuke bombs obviously, Cernobil was nothing compeared to the damage they are permanently doing with the nuke waiste, every day, belive me.

They want cars to run on petrol, while the water engine has more than 80 years now, but it's illegal to build it.

Well, if they and you can't care less about this, than at least I am here to remind all this to you!

And make it hard to swallow!

You don't like it?

Now it's my turn,

I wouldn't care less!

domenica 7 marzo 2010

Another Cesara story, surprises never end when you have a Siberian Tiger in your house!

When Cesara was only 6 months old, she was still a baby, but an ambitious baby.

Her weight was only of some 25 Kilograms, so still manovrable by a strong person, and she looked just as an oversized cat, rather than the small tiger she was!

If you saw the pictures, you could realise the size of Tilu's living room, you can turn a tank in without wrecking any furiniture...

In a corner by the stair way they placed a huge TV, and on the opposite wall the precious coach Tilu's wife loved so much.

One night they were all watching TV, Tilu, his wife, her son and... Cesara, that was rolling back and forth form one to the other to beg for caresses and scratches on her belly. Girls...

Late at night Tilu's wife went upstairs to bed, but the men and the tiger stayed to watch something on the wide screen thing, and naturally Cesara was doing all kind of funny things fooling around and making a sort of MEOW every once in a while.

By midnight, Tilu's wife showed furious on the top of the staris and yelled:

"Can't sleep with all this fuss, tomorrow I gotta go to work, it's Monday, you two, to bed, and Cesara in her cage, NOW!"

Her son started to laugh, and went towards the kitchen to call Cesara out.

But Cesara was stubborn and ambitious, and decided that the night is still young, so why go to sleep?

So she jumped on the coach again, by Tilu, and placed her head on his laps looking up. Sneacky!

Tilu's wife got back to bed, so Tilu raised from the couch, took Cesara under his right arm, like a huge loaf of bread, and started to walk towards the kitchen outdoor where her cage was.

Cesara started to agitate her legs like nuts, why would she had to go to bed? She had no job to go to in the morning!

Her problem was that in the way Tilu was keeping her, all of her leggs were beating hoplesless the air, nothing to grab, nothing to scratch, damn it!

And for the first time in her life Cesara gave a TIGER ROAR. No more meowing.

Tilu ignored her will, and kept going towards out, so Cesara lifted her loong tail like a straight stick, and with the pressure of a soaking gun, pied the wall above the coach from 3 meters of distance, living a stain as big as a pillow and comming down the wall....

Before Tilu realised why the son of his wife changed face expression and was stearing behind his shoulders with a dumb expression, Cesara tensioned all of her muscles and become as tensed as crane rope lifting a car, gave a second ROAR, and cannooned the wall by the coach with about one kilogram of diarhea, PATABUM!

Tilus wife was already on the top of the stairs and saw it. She turned blue and black in face and yelled:

" Sunday we have guests, if that shit is still on the wall by sunday, both of you and the tiger go stay in a motel"

Than she pulled the coach from the wall before it got dirty, and went back to bed so furious that she slamed all doors on her way.

3 years later, when I took the pictures, Tilu asked me " how do you clean out of a wall the piing and the diarhea?"

I stopped and gave it a thought, than I said " I can't recall of any product that can go so profound in the mortar to clean it, for this are sticky tings that go deep in the wall, so if you ask me, you need to tear all the wall's cover to the bricks and throw it away, than you redo all of it from the bricks again, why?"

Than he told me the above story.

"How did it end" I asked.

"Just as you said" he replied. "Monday mornig me and two friends have took down from the bricks all the material, and by Thursday it was all fresh painted again."

"And Cesara?" I dared.

"All the outer forest is hers, that's her natural habitat" he said.

sabato 6 marzo 2010

Anybody wants to pet a Siberian Tiger. All you have to do is buy your ticket and come down here. One way ticket might be enough....

Cesara Stories!

When she was young, much younger than today, some 2 years old I think, toying around and byting anything, Cesara found a piece of a one inch diameter pipe planted in the ground.

It was coming out maybe half a meter or less.

"Wierd wood", she thoought, "it wont taste of anything, shiny, let me bite it".

In her attempt to bite it, and to toy with, she pressed the upper jar against the pipe circle so hard that the pipe come through her jar out, next to the left eye.

Like in a freacky scary movie.

Cesara gave a roar that shook the mountiens around Tilus house.

Everybodu got scared, she never reacted this way before, so... all out to se what's wrong!

And there she was with the pipe coming out through her upper jar, blocked in a human manifact, a deadly trap.

Tilu called the Vet, his friend, that arived in minutes, took his gun and BUM..., a dose of sleeping drug turned Cesara into a huge pelusche, of 200 KG, with a pipe planted next to her eye.

Good Vet Doc, Tilu, and Puiu, struggled half an hour to extract her from this trap, than they layed her on a barell, and dumped the barrel in the van.

Tilu called his friend the dentist in the hospital, that had no idea who Cesara was, and explaining in a hurry what happened, forgot to mention that Cesara is not a human!

His friend was on duty in the E.R that Sunday evening and said ok, in ten minutes the O.R. is ready, staff to, just hurry!

15 minutes later they entered the hospital, with a barell covered with a white sheet, blod stained at one end, running all the hallways to the OR. through the waiting crowd!

When they entered the personell was ready, irons too, anesthesists too, all dresses up like in the "Chicago Hope" series, ready for action.

Doc said:" ready to transfer to surgery table", and the crowd sorounded the barell in a professional manner.

Doc said "at my 3" and pulled the white sheet off!

Next second in the room was only Tilu, the Vet. and Cesara sleeping!

It took them 10 more minutes to convince the team to return and perform, and since he knew all of them prsonally (he used to drive the ambulance some years before, for a living), they came in, shacking like nuts.

The surgery was performed like on humans, plastic surgery too, and Cesara returned in her home still sleeping (for the second anesthetic was stronger)

It took her another couple of months to get through this and turn in good health, but it took forever to the medical squad to get through this and stop shacking!

Cesara is fine, but try recalling those moments to the medical team on duty that day....

They still start trembeling a bit! "what if she would off just reacted bad to the anestetic and woke up" they still wander!

Let them do so!