domenica 24 luglio 2011

"X" PLANE, the affordable flying car

The cheap competiton of Terrafugia Transition is now available.

Ladies and gentleman, here is to you:


The "do it yourself" 6ooo Euro (10.000 USD) multifunction vehicle (airplane plus light car)

Airplane high wing anfibious Ultralight (European norm) LSA or Experimental (in the US), Recreational or Microlight in other countries.

Manualy folding wings and removable tail in 10 minutes becomes street legal size vehicle, with penumatic motors in the rear wheels, is drivable on streets with A1 drivers license.

Variable geometry wings in flight can be configurated to ESTOL flight to land and take off slow and in short distances, and reconfigured in fast flight in flight to reach your destiantion fast and safe.

Operational limits: No aerobatics, no bad weather, no hard landings, no bumpy fields.

Operational capacityes: Grass, ice, asphalt/cement/country roads; like a normal plane: plus on water and deep snow on floaters with the gears up (floaters are very wide and work well as skies too), and once converted in a car (10 minutes of work) legally divable on pubblic roads previous registration as vehicle.

Plywood structure, composites cloth wrapping, plexiglass for the windshield, all you need is skills, some basic tools (better if you get some electric tools thou) and if you are not two lef handed in 50 hours is ready to fly. 200 hours for less skilled ones.

To ease your work you could have all the plywood precut with a CNC flatbed machine just by feeding it the plans you buy.

The wings structure is steel pipes welded, so you need a TIG welding machine and the skills to use it (or buy your friend the welder some cold beers)

The plans can be registered for the ammount of UD 200 for further imporvements communications, registration is free until Augus First 2011 in promotional period.

Have fun while having the time of your life, drive from home to the city borders, unfold anf fly away

domenica 17 luglio 2011

It's never the right time to make your dreams happen, so either you do it or you don't, despite the times.

Stop dreaming and start doing something about your dreams.

You can't afford a cozy flight machine??

Beat them at a fraction of the price buying my plans online and building slowly piece by piece your Terrafuggia competiton all terain flight vehicle, my Fanpusher, 3 vehicles in one, anfibious ESTOL plane, fast cruiser coross country and A1 legal road licensed motorcycle with the click of a button.

With less than 50K and a lot of week-ends in one year you can drive from home to the field, take off and go wherever you see fit, land on another field, than drive to downtown. Range 2500 miles.

For cheaper persons I have finished another model that can be up and fly in les than 10.000 USD, will post plans for sale same place by the end of this week, plywood, cloth, motorcycle engine (100 hp or more) tools you find at the hardware store, ESTOL, anfibious, but folding the wings is manual, in 10 minutes you convert it from plane to motorcycle and viceversa. Range 800 miles.

By Christmas I plan to post a nanoflyer convertible that coud be ready to fly within 5000 USD, still work in progress, a slow mover for fun only, or small commuting jobs within 200 miles.

Don't wait the dream to come to you, make it happen. When I first started to buid my helicopter, my wife went nuts ans she asked me if I think it is the right time to start such a project.

I told her it's never the right time, either you do it or you don't.

I did it!

Still building thou, but thigs are moving towards the first flight, and when done I will publish those plans too!