mercoledì 26 maggio 2010

Banks are crap!

Thing is banks and politics lately are the same thing, a huge social parasite living on speculations of the economic system in each and every country, continent and maf! Yap maf, since each banking structure is interconected with their own backuppers in a maf system to protects their does. I don't speack here of the organised crime, but of the organised banking mafias.

The trouble is economy doesen't mean banking. Banking is just a small part of the economy, thus eceonomy without banks can grow, fall, and restart, but banks without echonomy do not exist.

And the problem is banks and politics, hand in hand, killed the economy.

So what is ecnonomy than?

Coinee, ancien grteek, stays at the origin of this word, Oikonomia (I think this spelling can be fairly enough pronounced as the original greek word) is a compound word, in which the Oikos is the house (also in the family sense), and Nomia, which is being able to manage your house.

Managing your house deeds means cleaning, building the fire, cooking, repairing the property, the cart, feeding the cattle, plowing, harvesting, receiving guests, dealing with suppliers and clients.

Let's split this:

Hard work





Party and entertainment

But no banking. Right, no banks involved in basic Oikonomia.

People borrowed from eachother, if needed to do so. Than somebody thougt to intermediate this ofering his assets as a gurantee to the lender, fixed intereses to the borrower, a place where anybody could go to place investments or get some credit.

So what was the bank based on? Nothing, fresh air, words, even worse, other people's money.

And things went fine untill the politics jumped in, ghet purchased by the banks to issue laws in their favours, and even managed to create superbanks, national treasury, things like that.

And this grew, and provoked issues, wars, peace, brokers, credit cards, subprime credits, anything to show turnover, but...

The base is missing, (read above the base of economy please) We trade "values" that have no value, just papers, inshured, backed up, legally protected nothing! Yap, Nothing. Big times nothing! Gazillions.

And Banks know it, and Inshurances know it (they are sort of banks too) and stock exchange knows it, and politics knows it. There is no base, no fundaments, this is a castle, solid rock castle, but not build on sand, it would be a blessing, it is build on nothing!

So if a dude sneezes by mistake, the whole thingamajing comes down in a blink, as it is happening nowdays. Banks, nations, churches, all facing the depression in a weird manner, that is fighting to stay afloat of their own rules by sinking the real economy to save their own butts.

But is the real economy that needs to be saved from the banking system. Many banks going down killed sound rock businesses, with clients and contracts for decades to come.

Economy is production, stability, clients, real goods exchange, and as long as banks look up at the politics to know what to do or who to help, all they do is killing economy.

Banks, if they want to survive they must help out real economy, the little dude with a big idea that can make money by producing plus value, but has no chance since for them banking system is foreclosed by definition.

Smart banks should supply them not only with money, but also with finacial management, marketing professionals, and general management untill the credit is back in the banks pockets, than they can choose to keep the bank's supplied managers or return them to the bank and hire their own.

This is the future, banking not only money, but also management, otherwise we will drag this cancer called depression to the end of times.


venerdì 14 maggio 2010

Open letter to European Aviation Research Authorityes

Open letter!

Dear gentleman at CleanSky,

I have being persuaded by a friend do go see your website, which I did. It took me a whole day, but I did it!

Than I saw you are outsourcing some tasks, and one even appealed to me.

But I learned I needed a EU password and account, so I went there and followed the procedure, thus now I am member there too.

So I went to subscribe on your organisation site, and...

Ok, only corporate businesses and legitimate companies ca do it!

This leads me to the following considerations!

The Wright brothers were not a corporation or a LTD when they got up in the air, they were Two persons.

Traian Vuia (ever heard of?) was not a corporation or legally established business when he got up in the air, but if the French Academy (that was a legitimate mastodontic corporation) would of not called him a dreamer and idealist, and publically decleared him insane and his idea impossible, the Euorpe would of being motor flying at least 5 years BEFORE the Wright brothers!

We Lost this primate because the Americans gave credit to the persons (that they still do) while Europe gave credit only to corporations (which we still do) thus they lead and we follow, humbly!

While our smart PERSONS either suffer the shame, or go to America to get credit and succed (Sicorsky, Antoine Gazda, Eugene M. Gluhareff, and others) we keep ignoring the independent inventors and they keep inventing indipendnetly.

Same situation for Henri Marie Coanda (ever heard of?), nobody in europe gave him credit, except the Nazi, and they were the firsts to fly a jet , since they were the only to believe in this concept that nowdays lead the world aviation. The academics mocked him!

Coming back to the issue:

I am an inventor, have no company, work for a living, and look to have my invetions reach the markets!

I prototyped the way I could how much I could, and the prototypes proved I am right, thus I gained some friends that help me with engineering and other means.

I have no contact with no university (when I tried to bring my invetions alive with them they asked me all the millions I have not) and I have no ISO certification.

Thus I am no elligible to work with the EU institutes.

Conclusion, my rotary engine, my fast ultralight helicopter, my sonic ultralight flight machines, and other inventions I am working on will come to life, but most probably I will partner with some Arab country willing to invest, or with the US since in Europe the person, legally, does not exist!

There is no way I can afford to anticipate all the millions for my projects, not even if you say you will refund me, to give an example, thus the way to do it remains one.

Or you have to adjust a bit the policies to suit the reality, as they do overseas.

I am just curious which one will happen first, but most probably it is me that I will develop the products overseas.

Europe had the technologiall primate over the world untill the WW second, now the US holds it, but as I can see it, in a decade will be in the hands of China or India, whichever moves faster, because they give credit to the person, not to the titles or corporations, and as you can see they move ahead, fast!

Yours faithfully,

Emil Pop.

sabato 8 maggio 2010

How much shit is one disposed to swallow to see his dream come truth?

Big question.

Huge ammount of answers.

Why am I asking that?

Matter of practicity. I was in business for many years now, more than some have, to have the right to vote.

I loked at the world sorounding me and realised they are 4 types of people in this world, 2 of one side, to on the other.

Employees side, there we have the guy that gave up the dignity and sold his dreams for a bread for the family, and does whatever it takes, till the bell rings, like an automa, than he is outta there and starts to live, family, friends, internet, BBQ, self constructing his boat or airplane or custom bike. Or simply travel.

Than we have the kissuppers, they leack the bosses feet, turn in anybody, even if they didin't do a thing, just to get in front row, employers hate them, but hire them, they need them, they know those dudes are liars, and stupids, but they also know those employees are feard while dispised by the others, thus they rappresent a controll knob in the teams, and reach key posts not because capable (thay are little less than mediocres) but because they never live to seek greener grass, thus they gain seniority in the place.

And naturally the business under their command goes down the drain.

And the fault is always of the others.

But is not about the employees I want to talk now, they swallow the shit daily to survive, since they didn't had the guts yet, or the chance, to write their own checks (and nowdays this is less and less possible).

I wanna talk about the shit pumps.

Business owners and their kissuppers.

Buisiness owners split in 2 also, the smart ones that although receive from their market an enormous quantity of shit per day, try to find a way to dump it in the drains and let filter to the employees only the ammount that cannot be dumped, thus must be solved.

This category has two characteristics from the shit pumps point of view:
One, they never promote or keep to long the kissupers, mediocrities, and so on.

Mostly they have small companies where the employees make nice salaries and all the benefits, all are happy and hardworkers, excelent professionals, and hate mediocrityes.

They also have big prices, are fast in solving the clients problems, and are the firsts to loose markets in depression times like now.

This kind of companyes and bosses are a rarity in good times, and almost unexistent in bad times. Nobody pays in bad times, so nobody calls for their excellencies.

The other category, the majority, I include them in the shit pumps class.

Some of them are higly trained, many diplomas, shiny look, behaviour and talking, but still full of shit to deliever.

Overtrained mediocrityes with secret reciprocicating refferals of their pairs.

When deep in shit they call and pay the first category, but for the rest they are happy to enslave some employees and have them swallow shit.

When I say shit I am not talking about the jobs to be done, this is another thing, and sometimes yes is stinky, but mostly it is regular job.

The shit they pump is atitude, humiliations, abuses, moslty by denying your rights as employee, or making you do things that are if not illegal, at least on the edge, on your risk, to their benefit, or you can go look for another position.

If the shit comming from the clients is not enough (I talk of the useless one, to be ignored) they mange to invent new shit, out of nothing, and have fun humiliating their underpayd personel with it.

Weird working hours to keep (with no benefit for the company) people away from family or personal hobbies as much as possible.

Weird tasks, mostly nonsens, but that are humiliating.

Stupid jokes on: My way or the highway dude, I am the boss here.

Obviously his way is wrong, so you will do the job twice, once his way, than when the results are a disaster, redo it the regular way, and the boss and his leaches will never admit it was their fault, simply something went wrong.

Apart the case they can point the finger on the emplyee and say "It was you to do that" since no evidence is left on who gave the order.

I hate them, and try my best to do two things:

One is to buy nothing from them, ever, should they go bankrupt; better.

If by chance I have a contract with them, will individuate the key persons that deliever that product in their company before the contract ends (usually is some humble dude that is bossed by all the leaches, underpayd, and constantly threatened to loose the job) and never renew the contract again.

Number two, I invite the humble dude to a dinner with family, have him explain me how he does those product so good and with who, than tell him the truth.

And the truth is I want to keep buying that product, but from him and his colleagues, not from his boss and the leaches.

And offer them to settle down a new company, doing what tehy know best, at the same price as previously, where I am the first buyer for a looong therm.

If they need money, I will partner untill they are up and running smooth.

Than when they are in business with me I will help them find more clients and become indipendent, before I withdraw from that venture.

Mostly the ex employers goes bankrupt, but that's another story.

My aim is to create businesses of excellent quality, runned by those that know what they are doing, and that hate kissuppers as I do.

They swallowed too much shit in their lives to make a living, is time for them to start living, and believe me, this is something they will always cherrish.

Now we pass through deep depression, the mediocrityes that controll the banks, politics, indistries, are commiting suicide one after the other, you look for the humble guy behing the realisations of each company, and give them THE chance, it is worth all the effort it takes, and when the times will turn right again, we will be more on the markets than we are now:

Fight mediocrity in business, promote the humble dude that makes things happen.


The mockup is essential when building your airplane!

120 welding

Welding your airplane components is and will be the best choice if you know what you are doing, do you?

110.fixed wing.flv

This is a little part of my book "Building your ultralight flight machine is easy"