domenica 19 dicembre 2010

Don't hold your breath, I don't need dead friends here.

The generational gap makes so the parents behave with their kids more like grandparents, thus the kids grow up in the wrong environment.

Add to this school and kindergareden where we drop them so we can go to work (this is time we don't give them our care) and the interaction of too many kids for a too long time without the parental love, under the strict supervision of a perfectly strange.

To accomplish that you need to govern them with LAWS not with LOVE, so they grow up ready to obey laws, and don't give a crap on empathy and feelings, since they had little or noting to do with that.

Besides they are not learning from mom and dad how to cook, clean, sweat their day (naturally, mom and dad are gone all day making money) but they learn the wrong way: You make money, and pay and all is owed to you as long as you have MONEY (not LOVE)

So when tehy are 40, and you 80, and die, they pot you in a freezer and take you out once a month to show you from a window as weak and feeble, thus they sign to take the pension for you (and live on it)

Bottom line this system is wrong since is teaching the further generations that the previous ones are but mere income providers.

The state behaves in a similar stupid manner forcing people at any cost to produce money for taxes, the more the better, thus we destroy nature and environment to pay the damn taxes or they take our house and cars.


Look around!

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