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martedì 28 dicembre 2010

Share my vision, be part of the solution!

I am part of the solution.

That's why my values are not bankable, nor cash, and in as much as possible have nothing to do with money and cash wealth.

I prefer wise wealth, health wealth, sound family principles wealth, technology wealth, green environment wealth.

I build the future, I live in the future, I invent the future, things you will learn about in some 20 years as noveltyes, I have them on my drawing board already, some already a prototype, and some preparing for the production, and I know money is crap, and banking a huge dump, so I don't trust them.

I live in a society based on money and banking, so I use it the minimum necessary not to became an outlaw, but no more.

I don't work my guts out for the money, but for a beter tomorw, mine and of my son.

If you want to be part of the solution you must be part of the problem, but without creating more problems!

Do you have the guts to share my vision?

Join me!

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