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giovedì 21 ottobre 2010

Stay away from the 3D television, bad old technology dedusted.

3D televison has being invented more than 40 years ago, I use to watch 3D movies on my VSH, so there is nothing new, I am a glass carrier (Like a planes carrier ship...LOL) and never had problem with the 3D focalisation, since is not based on the distance from the eye but on "Faking" the 3 dimensions by playing with the profondity effect generated by color misinterpretations of the retina (fata morgana efect)

Besides this fake 3D sucks, after a movie you have hours of heache, since the brain is doing the same effort as it used to do when you studied up late a materia you hated (like math) for an exam next day on which depended your life.

Too stressful to my taste.

Real 3D (holograms) are not yet at comercial level, but in a few years will come and wash away this remake of an old and damaging technology.

Stay away from it, you still need your neurons and synapsys.

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