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lunedì 6 dicembre 2010

Taxes are need to RUN a country, but now they use them to RUIN the countries

Whay that???

The people managed to know the truth, see for instance Wikileaks!

The truth is Governments are our assasins, and we now want them off their chairs, and in their jails!

And now that they are aware people will want to crash them, as it is obviously starting globally to happen, they take preventive steps... like crushing economies, desorganizing communities etc...

Just to keep us busy, just to keep us low.

But that is peventing for nothing, they will crush anyaway in the comming 20 years, pitty many innocent will die in the process!

The basics like a roof and food could not be acheived by people themselves?

There is no deep need for governments at all.

For house and food, communities could cooperate together.

But on the world size, some mecanism have to be set up.

Yet, government was/is an acceptable pain IF it does it job.

Anyway, more and more people are getting aware of what is going on, and you know this is why many young tibetans and chinese, youngs everywhere in this world just don't care anymore about the nation stuff and other stupidities imposed on us as educative measures by govs.

Governemnts should only police the society to protect us from bad guys, but now the bad guys are in the government and police, and protect themselves from the good guys, such as you.

Governmants actually prevent us to cut the balls of bad ones.

They managed somewhat to have the humans beleive on their differences so they could put them against each other and cash in.

"Divede et impera" said the romans,

Divide them against eachother to can rule over them, this is the main concept of the powers worldwide, christians against muslims, military against terrorism, and what if there is no terrorist?

Military will create some!

And what if Wikileaks shows the world is all a lie to fool us all?

Than Wikileaks is an inforamtics terrorist organisation!

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