sabato 1 maggio 2010

How to make money online? Just like off line!

Making money online is only when somebody else wants to buy from you something, a product, an information, a service, thus, create your network, grow friends, imagine what they need and offer it.

If it works, fine, if it doesen't, you imaigned wrong, thus, try again, imagine something else.

Or ask them, they might let you know what they need, maybe you can't help in the first time, or second time, or anytime, but one day ... you will, and than you will make a buck online.

Little money, paddy cash, but you broke the ice!

Be smart, read the times and the needs, try to bring forth the best possible, and people wil eventually buy.

Blog about your ideas, blog about your products, but mostly, go reading other blogs, and comment on them.

By the way, don't just drop five idiot standard words for a comment, folks can see you did it to show up.

Comment something sensate, related, pro or against the subject, doesen't matter, the importatn thing is to be you that comments, not a polite phrase that does it for you!

Have fun.


2 commenti:

  1. Very often money making schemes are often e-books with regurgitated trash. That said you will find a e-book here and there that have brilliant advice. Some will turn out to be "The Jewel in The Crown".

    The same goes for making products and supplying services, you make the trash, the bins fill up at your expense.

    You make quality, there are plenty of people searching for both product quality and service.

    Always plan for a Ten Year Service Cycle on anything you produce. This will keep your clients happy and coming back for more, with their friends and acquaintances.

    By all means update and innovate, OR STAGNATE.

    NEVER NEVER compromise on quality, service and the continued support cycle of the product.

    If your product is still working in forty or so years, good for you. What a powerful statement that makes about you and your business.

    Remember to, with enough of a given product in circulation, there is good money in the spare part trade, fifteen and more years from now, so supply the demand.

    Many shops will stock a product, but never service the product with after sales parts. If they want to sell a product, they should also service the product through-out the cycle.

    Many big name retails have gone to the wall, because they failed abysmally in after sales service. Please do not follow them.

    Neville A. Daniels

  2. Good day Emil Pop,

    This is why I had to get You to write your thoughts out on web paper. Your words are of a wise man.

    I actually have to reboot promise to come back in a few..

    But You have once nailed it again many out thier are all confused!

    Nice to see You Neville A. Daniels