domenica 8 agosto 2010

Do you dare open your eyes?

Creationism versus evolutionism, meaning God against Science, at least this is what they were teaching us in school some 30 years ago.

To me this fight does not exist.

I'd rather see it as an evolution of the creation.

In other words, God made the evolutionary model working, and allowed it to rewrite it's own codes according to needs and environment chalanges, for all things, humans included.

And here is where the ideas jump in.

Ideas are but mere glimpses into God's codes, not that we wouldn't have access to the codes, since God's creation is open source, is that we don't have the capacity to see beyond the lenght of our own noses.

And those that can are either idiots or genius, which is the same think, seing from a diferent prospective.

If you saw right and could translate the code in a way others could make some use of, you were genious, if you saw right but translated incompresible, or saw wrong, you get to be an idiot.

That's why Einstein said about his relativity theory in it's early days:
"If the time will prove I was right, than the germans will say I am a german citysen, the hebrew that I am of hebrew origin and the french that I am a citysen of the world, but if the time will prove me wrong, than the Hebrew will say I was a german, and the german that I was a damn jew!" or something likewise, I don't recall exactly.

The question is: You dare looking over the lenght of your nose? And how far?

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