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domenica 9 agosto 2015

Christians versus aliens, on the inexistent teological conflict that I don't buy.

As a Christian I do read my bible, I am also very curious thus I red the Book of Mormon, the Coran, the Mahab Haratha, the Epopees of Gilgamesh, and other basic books that are considered scared, and realized a few things:

Me being Christian is not me being religious, but me having faith, religion is opium for the sheeples, lucrative illegitimate business on people's ignorance in their faith, Jesus kicked the religious in their faces (Sadducee, priests and pharisees)

He also kicked the bankers out of the house of God (not that God would really need a house, it is rather us that we need it if immature enough not to find Him anywhere we are, since He is anywhere, literally). 

My faith is simple:

1 God Exists,
2 Ain't me,

3 Ain't part of this universe of time and space limitations that keep both us and any other being blocked here, at least for the part we know as "being alive", but there's much more we will never know beyond that known universe to us. And this logic leads me to the simple conclusion that God ain't you either, irrelevant of how much you might try to convince yourself of the contrary.

4 Aliens must exist since the bible tells us so (in the bible there are demons and angels as a simplified description, but if you go through carefully they are many species described from the point of view of a toddler seeing the world, therefore naive and inaccurate, body shifters, form shifters, monsters for our eyes, even flight and combat machines that at the time were not intellectual properties of human beings living at that time, we now managed to make pretty similar things we call airplanes, helicopters, and so on, than there are beings that can transcend time and genetics described briefly from the same naive perspective, but none of them is God, they just inhabit this same universe, whether is only 3 dimensional plus time as we perceive it or of more dimensions than just that as we managed to guess by math and theories)

 So yes, being a Christian does not exclude aliens and other forms of extraterrestrial life, nor excludes the existence of life beyond the created world we can perceive, on the contrary, it is normal to me to think they are out there, maybe smarter, maybe no needing flesh and bones or to eat at MacDonalds or to pay taxes, actually I doubt they have any interest in our money system at all. 

It only means that being a Christian I wouldn't care less about religions, political spectrum, and whenever possible I tend to sort things out without getting involved in financial transactions, since God created the living beings, not the money, therefore money must be the creation of a devilish evil mind or organization, and the less they get involved in my life, the better. 

I don't think it is so complicated to understand this, do you?

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