giovedì 25 novembre 2010

Pass the vision!

Hard times come and go, but this won't stop the world from doing business, from living, from loving and from creating.

Good times come and go, but this won't stop the world from cheating, from mocking, from mobbing, from destroing.

We live in this duality of same persons being the good and the evil in the same time, it just depends on gut feeling, mood and capacity to share the vision.

Those that drag your moral down are doing it either because your business rappresents a danger for their business, or most often because they never understood your vision, see you making something they can't get it, and that's a threat to their minds, but nothing clear, so they react by mobbing you.

I did in the past 20 years some extremely interesting psychology and sociology marketing tests on my fellows just to see how it works with this "passing the vision" thing and "prior conditioning" thing.

You'd be amazed how manny people react bad to somebody's attempt to realise someting just by envy declanched by having no idea what that person is aiming for.

But if you care to pass them the vision, than they side with you by instinct, they saw the target, realsied the doability, and side with the winner.

In their mind the looser turned into a winner, if they got the vision.

The secret stays into passing the vision before is too late for your business, and many good ideas die in bad times as in good times just because the promoters were not capable to pass the vision to the markets.

Invetions and innovations get burried because the inventors and innovators can't pass the vision, and wars take place because the war promoters manage to pass the vision. Anything can be done if you can do this, anyting.

How good are you at passing the vison?

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