mercoledì 15 settembre 2010

Why do we have to integrate ignorance?

Ignorance is something we always lived with.

Not the daily variable ignorance by individuals, everybody is more ignorant than savy generally, taken the whole knwledge posibility, since nobody knows them all.

But the boasted ignorance, that stupid ignorance that is proud of what they know (which is almost nothing) and are darn sure they know it right (99% of times they know it 20% right and 80% urban legends, that is bulshit credibily packaged to pass as best quality information)

And if you try to tell them they are wrong, thy'll kill you. If they can't kill you they'll sue you, and naturally loose the case. Than they will blame the court for having accepted to be bribed to have them loose the case.

Blessed ignoance (of childhood mostly) I wish i'd be still around, but the nowdays ignorance ain't no blessing to anybody, less to the ignorants themselves.

But the state wants them ignorants, and uses the media to keep them so, so they can handle the crowds, manipulate tem and get whatever results they need out of the crowds pockets.

This is why we must integrate it, because if the crowds would cease to be ignorant and don't take the word of power as it is delivered, questioning things and getting to their own ideas, than the power can't enslave them anymore, and that's bad.

O yap, ignornce is expensive for the ignorants, and is a form of slavery and exploatation by the states and the maf in power. But as long as the ignorants are happy, who cares? Do you?

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