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domenica 27 marzo 2011

It is in you moments of undecison when your destiny is wrecked forever! Let that NEVER happen!

"It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped" said Anthony Robbins.

Well.. Anthony was darn right,but...

Most of the times we fear to move a finger, we fear to stand for our rights or ideas, we fear to stand for the feeble under attack or being bullyed, all this because we fear to be mocked, diminushed, assaulted and ridiculed, apart that phisical injury we fear to death.

So we pass by, pretend we were not there, we haven't seen, heard, understood.

We watch TV and get dumbed since we don't want to have anything to do with the reality, and when the reality is in front of our eyes, we pretend we still watch TV so we dont have to take action.

And than we vote whatever is put in front of us, without considering that apart that there are many other choices, and one of them is ourselves, but we won't take any chance to expose ourselves to public oprobium, what chances do we have to win the race?

Therefore our lives are a constant indecision
, a constant denial, a constant "sweet doing nothing", thinking nothing, being polite when we feel like cursing, smiling when our tears are flooding our eyes, and turnig around not to see when our soul colapses inside us for not having that moment of wise decision to take action and stand for what is right!

And we pretend we want a better tomorow...

From whom?

sabato 19 marzo 2011

Vote is a very powerful weapon held against the voters!

Don't you believe so?

YOU ARE WRONG my friend!

When you vote you pass your power to the voted person, you give them legitimity to think and act for you.

They can than for a period of time think and act with their own brain and according to their own culture and way of perceiving things for you even if you for some reason think it differently and want it differently.

They have your rightfull power in their hands to use it, and you are at thier mercy!

You gave them the key to your handcufs, the keys to your jail cell, and the police car and gun locker keys.

They can on your own empowerment arrest you for not agreeing with them and their way of doing things, handcuff you with your own handcufs, lock you in your own cell, and condemn you based on your own right to condemn given to them in temporarily use.

Anything you say and do can and will be used against you in the court of law or even before that, in the martial law.

Nothing of what you say and do will be used to help you, because if you get help, than they lose your vote and the given right to humiliate you, slaughter you, farm you as a livestock, and reduce you in financial and social and echonomical and phisical slavery at their mercy.

Beware when you cast your vote, to whom you give absolute power upon yourself.

Don't ever vote for somebody that alienated their personality and took upon themselves the personality of a political party, choosing between right or left, liberals and conservatives, or any other ancient political establishment is insane.

It is sign of mental illenss doing again and again the same things, electing the same political lines, and still expecting things to change, are you sick minded?

Look for new proposals, out of the choires, indipendent, free minded, and vote them.

If you think it is uselles since they won't be elected anyway, for people won't vote them anyway because they are new and all folks trust is; "known lines of action" you are right, all folks prefer to vote for right and left since they don't know this things I wrote here, and if they don't know is all YOUR fault.

Don't keep your mouth shut, talk to your friends over a beer and show them there is hope, there are alternative ways, all they have to do is MAKE THEM HAPPEN.

sabato 12 marzo 2011

We are a society of brain users infested by a humonguos subsociety of brainwashed

The best way to get followers is to write things that people want to read, no to publish Ozone crap song things

[Davidbfierce Pierce]
I agree. Your blog is excellent.

Well, I write what I feel like.
I try not to paste idiot things and mantain a certain level of clenanes of expression

[Davidbfierce Pierce]
It shows. You are the real thing.

Simple rules, but effective; just do the same

[Davidbfierce Pierce]
Thanks brother. I really appreciate your help.

People follow me beacuse they like what and how I say it, and tell their friends for the same reason.
But if you post Ozone crap and others, you might yes have some followers, but take my word on this, they are of no good.

[Davidbfierce Pierce]
I understand, and I agree.

We are a society of brain users infested by a humonguos subsociety of brainwashed, I only want the brain users to folow me, as for the brainwashd I ofer them the blue pill and the red pill, like in the Matrix, when they choose to use the brain they are accepted

[Davidbfierce Pierce]
Cool. I just reject such people.

Don't reject them, educate them as I did with you, if they stick around you it means they started in a small proportion to have doubts of their brainwashed condition, don't throw them back in the shit pool, help them out with infinte patience, as you have bieng helped out by some folks, and I love to believe I was one of them, do the same
don't be picky on them, whosoever wants to come out of the brainwash condition pool of shit just give them a hand, I know you'll feel dirty for a while, get insulted in your convintions, but take my word, you can wash it when you succeeded saving them, and gained a friend or two.

Get dirty to do a clean job!

mercoledì 9 marzo 2011

Freedom is an inside job.

We have the bad habit to blame.


If we have a business to bury people and people don't die in the rithm we must pay the taxes, thus we run a bad business, the others are at fault, they should die in a sustainable rithm, no???

If we run a business of providing drugs for the pharmacies so that people can cure themselves but the folks don't get sick, thus nor us neither the pharmacies are making enough money to keep up with the increasing greed of the taxman, that is the fault of the damn healthy people, thus we invent vaccines and chemtrails and toxic water and unhealthy food, aspartame, nutrasweet, conservants, to keep them sick and buying our medicinals.

If we run a hospital where curing one patient for a week makes us gain 500, but giving the same patient a surgery of 2 hours brings in our pockets one hundred thousand of profit, than no matter what the patient has, we will do our best to justify the cure by a surgery rather than by having them eat healthy, exercise a bit and stay out of trouble, otherwise how can we afford to pay the ammount of taxes we are supposed to pay each month, not to speak of our pockets that need big cash too, so we can show up we are surgeons, not mere doctors.

Take the same logic into consumer goods, cars, insurances, asphalting, rebuilding, building, military, police... oops!

What if we are policeman or in the army and there is no enemy?

We make some, we frame people and jail them, at Guantanamo, or Auschwitz, or elsewehere, to justify our salary, we train terrorists, have them blow up something, than we kill them so they don't speak up, and arrest some poor innocent that looks as a terrorist according to standards we invented, just to reach our pension age in service!

How about the politics?????

Than some idiot realises the truth and puts it on facebook, twitter, youtube and similar, and the people start asking questions, want to know the truth, want the scammers in jail, want freedom.

What do we do when get cought?

We pass a law that anybody questioning our behaviour is a conspirational enthusiast and terrorist, and jail them on the spot.

OOPS, problem, those folks have relatives, some of them working with us, and they wikileak us to save their relatives butts.

Inside job!

Freedom is an inside job!