lunedì 14 settembre 2015

Highly qualified personnel required

I am staring at some bushes in front of me, squeezed in a hospital inner court in between two walls and a portacabin that is accesible for "staff only"

They've being chopped badly to suit the height of the handrail by some highly specialised tree doctor care company employee that acts as a green areas subcontractor.

Translation:  Some dude that has no idea how things work, nor has any horticultural training, experience or at least some love of nature, but knows how to handle a chainsaw and a lawn mower like no one else, since that is the only thing is he capable of in his life, has being sent by a company run by a similar dude with no competencyes at all regarding vegetable life and compatibilityes, but he has the right hooks to secure a green spaces care (why do I still call it care?... huh) with the local hospital based on some sort of common interest or parenthood or something with somebody in charge, to do whatever it takes so that other partecipants in the hospital life would feel like someone is taking care of green spaces, by nuking them (the green saces).

This is the world we are living in right now, those are our electronists, that have no idea what they are doing and how things work, but can read big time on a diagnose computer which board is not giving the right output so they can order it online based on the manufacturers code and replace it, instead of simply replacing on the existing board that damn burned off transistor, if only they would knew what they are doing there.

Think of the car mechanic, lots of diplomas and course certifications, but not better than the electonist above, or the green spaces "doctor".  I do remeber old days when mechanics knew what an adiabatic curve worked like and why an izocore chart was good or wrong based on compression readings made with analog gauges you had to interpret in your brain, thing that today has being replaced with sawdust and fakebook thoughts.

Talking of Health Care, imagine our doctors and nurses, my wife is one of old school that fights doctors when  they just throw in a stupid cure based on having googled the symptoms of the poor fellow that fallen in their capable hands and is about to be killed with a pill that is for somehting else but what is affliting them there and than.

 Doctors that look at you the same way I look out the window now at the chopped bush, I realise it has being hacked badly, and as I am not a botanist or horticulturist I might go google to find out how to cure it, and look... a bit of petrol at the roots dried op with a lighter on does the job, bingo...  cool.  Who wrote that cure, an expert, is online, his name is Bin Laden, so why should I challnge that?

Imagine our policeman, accountants, store cashiers, politicians, administrators, managers, drivers, school staff and university professors, "nothing knowers with a diploma" helping us learn by memory things that have no connection with reality, but hey, they are paid to do it and skilled like hell, have past all their memorising exams and now they rule the world....

And all of them are higly quaified individuals, so highly qualified you should not dare asking them a sensate question that makes sense but they cannot answer, this is highjacking their authority and that makes you a terrorist, make it brief, you dare thinking, therefore you are dangerous...


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