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martedì 5 ottobre 2010

Give the people what they want!

So want do those people want?


To be spammed, naturally! Or not?

You know what you want, to sell your product / service, to make a buck, to pay your bills, to make a living bottom line, but them?

You might be surprised but they are not much different from you, they want the same things.

You don't want to be spammed, nor do them.
You want to make a living, so do they!

Untill here is all clear, but apart this vicous circle where all want to spam and nobody wants to be spammed, what else they want?

Some want to simply talk about issues next to their heart, some want to share knowledge and would charge nothing, just to be sure they can deliver, and moslty is a qulaity knowledge, you'd better pay attention because if you don't later on you will pay money for the same thing.

Some are looking for informations, some go window shoping just to see how much more things cost here rather than there, after al it costs them nothing to look.

Some are looking for former friends and coleagues, some are digging for their roots, and some are just digging, for the sake of digging.

Would they buy your product?

Most likely yes, but not from you.

You pissed them off by spamming them, that's why.

They might pay more to their shop beneath the house, but at least they are buddy buddy with the dude since forever, and he never spammed them.

So how can you sell than?

Easy, do what the dudes under the house did to have them for a client, a nice smile, a good word, some advice, a tip. Never sell them your product.

One day they might wake up and say: I need widgets!

It's Sunday, the mall is closed, the nighbour store is closed and the owner is gone fishing, but... there was this dude online that always had a good word for me, a tip, something, and if I recall he has a store ore similar, and also sells widgets.

Let me check if he delivers on sundays too?

Holly smock he does so!

And he buys the widget, downloads it, you earned 2 cents, and MADE A FIRST SALE TO THE DUDE!

My first sale to a multinational GSM telephones company brought me 22 cents profit, but I broke the ice!

They bought from me for years, and when I changed company they followed me, my former employer did all he could to keep them, but they followed me, because I never spammed them.

Give the people what they want, give them a little respect, and some room so they can breathe!

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