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mercoledì 28 aprile 2010

Cut the crap, get to the point, and the point is...:

Today a friend of mine forwarded me a youtube link to a film criticyzing mansonery.

Here is my oppinion: All crap!

Lots of crap.

Masons and other organisations hide behind transcedental and secrets and stuff, but they really are out there for thye money
… power
… reciprocal refferals
… just like comunists
… fascists
… imperialists
… liberals
… conservators
… whighs
… and thors
... and.. you name it, they are doomed,
all ful of bulshit, none true and honest.

… so to me masons, commies, fscists and nazi, makes no diffrence!

If they where true and honest, they would have nothing to hide.

Than add some religions like catholics, orthodox, jewish, muslim, buddist, shinto, thaoists and stuff, and you have the picture.

Forget them, you don't have to live with their crap hanging on your neck.

Mind your business and forget of them.

All those that do not practice and/or preace what they claim to be true. And wander of on some other path.

Jesus said:
" … what do you care about him, you follow me!"

… so what do you care about them?
"Prove ye with All THings, and hold fast to what is good"

Exactly, do so and live happily

You owe them nothing, so don't stumble in their positions, look only at Jesus and God, skip the church and their intereses.

They've put themselves in the way to make a buck, skip TV too, worthless, a mere tool to full folks.

Use the brain.

God said "do as I do"

And he shurely uses the brains he has.

Why shouldn't you?

I do.

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  1. Hi Emil, Nice dog Emil, hey i like your writing style, you are very Passionate Author.
    In your world, before you
    lived outside of your emotions
    you Didn't know where you are going, but now you know, The Answer.
    you can do what you want. you can even "fly" if you want. it's all in our head : )