giovedì 15 aprile 2010

Bombing is not the solution, threatening, yes!

There is this dude that one day visits a bio-university lab something.

They show him this and that and the other.

At a certain point, there is this couple of white mice, in two identical cages, very comfortable, luxurious, water, food, playground, all comfort.

One is fat and lazy, the other one is skiny and agitated.

Our visitor asks if they are both same age and species.

No doubt they are, said the host.

Than the visitor wants to know what is the skinny one suffering of.

Nothing, the host said, nor the fat one, both healthy as mice could be.

Ok, the visitor said, than why do you feed the skinny one less than the fat one?

Actually, tehy said, we feed them equal, but the skinny one eats double, while the fat one leaves half on the plate.

Our visitor is kind'off puzzled; Than what is wrong with the skinny one?

A... Sir, the host sais, we show him the cat once a day!

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