lunedì 5 luglio 2010

This blessing called bureaucracy!

Bureaucracy hinders business, produces loss, and in exchange gives no extra safety or anything else.

The only role of bureaucracy is to provide revenue to those that promote it and to cover the ass (pardon the expression) tho those that legiferate it.

No bomb attentate or terrorist attac has being blocked by bureaucracy, but by the field guys that "sniffed" the danger despite the rules that were preventing them to discover it, and illegaly took action to stop it.

Of course in the final rapport none illegal action is writen down, and all the criminals that brock the law to stop the terrorists are heroes.

To me they are heroes indeed, since they dared to ignore the bureaucracy and acted to stop the danger and by this risked at least their cariers, if not their liberty.

We need less bureaucracy (far less than 1% of what we have) and more comon sense and prepared professionals that do what it takes to get the job done, instead of doing papers to justify why it is illegal to get the job done, untill is to late and we have dead bodyes on our conscience, but the bureaucrates are OK, all papers are filled.

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