venerdì 14 maggio 2010

Open letter to European Aviation Research Authorityes

Open letter!

Dear gentleman at CleanSky,

I have being persuaded by a friend do go see your website, which I did. It took me a whole day, but I did it!

Than I saw you are outsourcing some tasks, and one even appealed to me.

But I learned I needed a EU password and account, so I went there and followed the procedure, thus now I am member there too.

So I went to subscribe on your organisation site, and...

Ok, only corporate businesses and legitimate companies ca do it!

This leads me to the following considerations!

The Wright brothers were not a corporation or a LTD when they got up in the air, they were Two persons.

Traian Vuia (ever heard of?) was not a corporation or legally established business when he got up in the air, but if the French Academy (that was a legitimate mastodontic corporation) would of not called him a dreamer and idealist, and publically decleared him insane and his idea impossible, the Euorpe would of being motor flying at least 5 years BEFORE the Wright brothers!

We Lost this primate because the Americans gave credit to the persons (that they still do) while Europe gave credit only to corporations (which we still do) thus they lead and we follow, humbly!

While our smart PERSONS either suffer the shame, or go to America to get credit and succed (Sicorsky, Antoine Gazda, Eugene M. Gluhareff, and others) we keep ignoring the independent inventors and they keep inventing indipendnetly.

Same situation for Henri Marie Coanda (ever heard of?), nobody in europe gave him credit, except the Nazi, and they were the firsts to fly a jet , since they were the only to believe in this concept that nowdays lead the world aviation. The academics mocked him!

Coming back to the issue:

I am an inventor, have no company, work for a living, and look to have my invetions reach the markets!

I prototyped the way I could how much I could, and the prototypes proved I am right, thus I gained some friends that help me with engineering and other means.

I have no contact with no university (when I tried to bring my invetions alive with them they asked me all the millions I have not) and I have no ISO certification.

Thus I am no elligible to work with the EU institutes.

Conclusion, my rotary engine, my fast ultralight helicopter, my sonic ultralight flight machines, and other inventions I am working on will come to life, but most probably I will partner with some Arab country willing to invest, or with the US since in Europe the person, legally, does not exist!

There is no way I can afford to anticipate all the millions for my projects, not even if you say you will refund me, to give an example, thus the way to do it remains one.

Or you have to adjust a bit the policies to suit the reality, as they do overseas.

I am just curious which one will happen first, but most probably it is me that I will develop the products overseas.

Europe had the technologiall primate over the world untill the WW second, now the US holds it, but as I can see it, in a decade will be in the hands of China or India, whichever moves faster, because they give credit to the person, not to the titles or corporations, and as you can see they move ahead, fast!

Yours faithfully,

Emil Pop.

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  1. This was straight to the point. Europe is indeed a lazy machinery. Good luck my friend!