domenica 31 gennaio 2010

A "bad time" story!

Once a bad kid that was doing a lot of harm to ohers saw his granpa beating a nail in the front door.

Next day another nail.
And so on, with no appearent reason.

So he asks "granpa' why are you putting all this nails in the door?"
"Anytime you hurt someone with your words or acts, I register the event" the old dude said.
By that time there was almost no room left in the door pannel.

The boy decided to become good, so no more nails came in the door, than asked "Granpa' whenare you going to remove the neils, now that I will behave?"

"Behaving adds no more nails, but to remove them you need to repair what you did wrong" grandpa said!

So the kid started to go around and fix his lifetime wrondoings with the others.
And anyday some nails dissapeard.

And one day he proudly showed his grandpa the door without nails saying "Grandpa, I did it, I am a good man and fixed them all"

"Yap, but look how many holes are in the door" the old man said. "No matter how you fis the wounds, the scarefaces remain, the real secret is not to harm the people, so no wounds will have to be healed, and no scarfaces left to testify of your past acts!"

sabato 30 gennaio 2010

"From the cycle: Mind your own business, Building an ultralight is easy, undestanding what are you doing is not, nor finding the money"

Little info for the amateurs, to be taken with "the gloves";
that is, those are hints that "apply" only in the exact given situation, which is not yours, so take them, recalculate them, test them in your plans, recalculate, and only than try a flight when shure about having eliminated any surprise.

Beware, you can never really eliminate any surprise!

Do not attempt tu build a helicopter that climbs by incremeting the rotations of the main rotor (more throthle, rpm, you call it how you want, same thing!) G1 is an example, and others!

Why? Giroscopic effect!

That is: High RPM big diameter rotating things (including your car's weels) have INERTIA. (go study what the heck taht is)
When RPM (that would be rotations per minute) reaches a stable speed, the inertia forces grouped in the disc (any rotating thing is a "disc") and the centrifugal forces reach an ecquilibrium of balances.
This ecquilibrium (balance) of forces leads to the Gyroscopic effect.

Take your bycilcle, put it weels up, take off from the front fork the front weel, keep it in your both hands by the central axis, away from your shirt or other objects, ask your friend to spin the weel by hand, as fast as he can.
Now your weel has a stable RPM speed, and you just try to tilt the axis left or right, so that you obtain different vertical and horisontal tilting of the rotating disk.
Surprise surpise, the disk will OPPOSE strongly to any change of position, and once reached another position will oppose to returning back!

Gyroscopic effect at some 40 to 80 RPM in your hands.

How much stronger is the gyroscopic effect at an 8 meters (yards) diameter rotating disk spinning 400 to 600 RPM? Don't try to do the math in your brain right now, you'll overheat your processor and smoke will come out of your head.

This is balancing your helicopter a lot, and keeps you alive, is a rotary wing!

Now, variations on the RPM speed brackes this gyroscopic effect, sending to hell all the balance, all the equilibriums goes down the drain, and you are at high risk.

Wether you climb or descend, breacking the Gyroscopic effect is dangerous.

Better having a stable RPM speed to the rotor, and variating the ATTACK ANGLE of any single blade of the disk to obtain lift variations, thus Gyroscopic effect remains untouched once reached.

Gyroscopic effect has influence on the stability of the propeller airplanes too, so beware!

Power per weight ratio!
Most ultralight helicopters and planes are slightly UNDERPOWERED.

So how do they fly?

This is the problem; they FLY,
in near perfect wether conditions, but once out of a perfect environment you are at high risk, so many peole crush!

The ratio that should be considered is at least ONE HP per every 5 Kg of take off weight.

As a matter of fact many fly with a ratio of 10 Kg per one HP, really dangerous. The slightes wind raffic coming from behind or above or lateral is putting at high challenge your piloting qualities!

Hot days in the mountiens would render your take off impossible, and so on and so forth.

Better if overpowerd, like 3 Kg per 1 Hp, to eliminate risk.

An European ultralight amphibious that has a MTOW of some 500 Kg, ecquipped with 100HP engine, every once in a while might not be able to take off in hot summer days on a high altitude airfield, sometimes will crush at landing (or if lucky have a "heavy" landing) or crush in take of for lack of engine power.

Some of those have even less HP.

Of course here enters in the dances the wing configuration, wing surface, wing stress, etc.

Same for your helicopter, better overpowerd than underpowerd, better having collective and cyclic rudders than just throttle, always better if RPM is mantained at a permanent prescribed speed by a GOVERNOR (like a cruise control for cars)

Enough for the day!

Enjoy digesting all the rubbish I wrote, than go to the books to comprehend those numbers in the light of the above!

Have fun!


giovedì 28 gennaio 2010

Temperatures influences on the globe!

+18°Celsius ~ Hawai dwellers cover with a second blanket
+10°Celsius ~ Helsinki dwellers turn off their appartments heating
+ 2°Celsius ~ Italian cars won't start in the morning

0°Celsius ~ distilated water turns into ice, freezing poin!
-1°Celsius ~ expiration turns visible. Russians eat icecreams and drink cold beers.

- 4°Celsius ~ the dog jumps into your bed
-10°Celsius ~ French cars won't start in the mornings
-12°Celsius ~ Politiciens start talking about homless people

-15°Celsius ~ American cars won't start in the morning
-20°Celsius ~ you can hear your breathing
-24°Celsius ~ Japaneese cars won't start in the morning

-28°Celsius ~ dog sneacks into your pijama
-29°Celsius ~ German cars won't start in the mornig
-30°Celsius ~ no normal car starts anylonger
-36°Celsius ~ russian cars won't start in the morning

-39°Celsius ~ Russians button up their shirt to the neck
-50°Celsius ~ your car jumps in your bed
-60°Celsius ~ Helsinki dwellers are freezing to death
In Moscow people start puting overcoats and button them up.

-70°Celsius ~ Hell freezes. The Kuznyetzk University organises the winter cross.
-72°Celsius ~ Lawyers stick their hands in their own pockets.

-120°Celsius ~ Alcoohol freezing point. Russians are so upset!
-273,15°Celsius ~ Absolute Zero temperature, Elementary particles movements stops. Russians leack iced vodka.

mercoledì 27 gennaio 2010

Community : Why JOIN is the most important word on the web

It will flow lots of wahter on the Thames before the Join game will end up, take my word for it.

It was here when I was born, (more than 40 years ago) in various forms, I watched it growing online in the past 30 years (Yap, before internet was a big thing), I testified it's boom in the past 10 years, passing to cell phones, and who knows, soon, on live televisions online!

Universities want students to JOIN their courses (actually marketing to attract new clients)

Army, Navy and police forces want people to JOIN them (actually recruiting newbies to train them to (not) use their brain, and execute whatever they tell them)!

Terorist force ignorant dudes to JOIN them and get trained to do the Kamikaze thing (not different from the police/army/navy politics, but with a tighter budget and more press exposure... And many times the budget and training comes from the police/army/navy/intelligence, just becouse they need an enemy to show to the public, so they create it)

Any other penniless guy that gets a page on some network invites you to join them regardless of your sphere of interes (I decline bunches that want me to join them just to be able to show numbers)

Many spammers start by inviting you to join their network, so they can grab your e-mail and spam you to death.

Yap, the Join game is getting less and less appealing, and before it dies of win-win situation, it might just melt down and vanish becouse peole had enough.

What's the new game?

Let's wait and see....

domenica 24 gennaio 2010

The world is yours, Go get it!

Everithing is conceded to you, but not all things are good for you. Try all things, and stop to what is good!

I am ready to make the world tremble at my finger snap, are you ready to join such a quest? And imagine they will be glad to tremble!

Do you know what the optimists say in front of a cup half filled with watter?

They say it's half full

What a pesimistic guys say instead?

They say is half empty
... tell me who is right of the two?

They are both right, it's just a matter of perspective

... all preacher (and motivators) will stress you about this (remeber I am a theologist too, did my university in Christian theology) and point you should be positive and see the half full of the cup
... Nobody will tell you the truth, that there is a third category, just as God would like all to be, but unfortunatelly they are less and less in this world
... The realistic persons, very few realy.

... You know what they say about this half cup of water?
They say... Nothing!

... They just drink it, thank God for it, and get back to work

... That's me
... Are you positive, or realistic?

I hate positive guys, optimistics without a base, they sell illusions and buy illusions, and end up in bitter days together with those they deceived while deceived themselves too.

I also hate pessimistic guys, they distroy faith and even things that could work.

I love being realistic, do things, acomplish tasks, find solutions, cooperate, not iluding the others, not demoralising the others

I am not an optimistic, I am not a pesimistic, but simply simply I "am"!

People get raised in the wrong ways and end up with demerol, alcohol or drugs to cope with their own "success"

There are many reasons to work hard, but not all of them are right, they might bring some financiall sucess, while ruining all the rest of your life

So what is reason to work hard?

Well, you could say; but i have notice that the enviroment also influences

I'd say; not on the realistics

They are only influenced by God

Most say; you want to leave a positive legacy!

Could be a reason, a bit infantile thou, I say.

You might say; because some have to work so hard and other just sit and get what they want!
Aparently you are right about some people, but how can you tell haw much they worked previously to prepare their success?

I was working hard for the past 25 years at my inventions and sacrified a lot, and presumibly one day I will succed, and than I will just sit back and count cash.

... People will say" lucky him, he does nothing and gets rich"
... Poor idiots, optimistics and pesimistics idiots!

... in your opinion what is more important to have
... a factory or a market?

A market...that's the answer!
... my inventions are nothing without a market, and this is I am striving to do, bring them in a marketable position, because the goods have to satisfy a need and that need is found in the soceity

1. All needs are already satisfied

2. No way you can beat the competiton

maybe, but what if...

The only way is to create another need, grow it to become painfull, than present your unique solution before others do so;
Becouse you had the solution before you invented the need for it!

That's what I am working too
Give me the funds to create this need to such a point that anybody will beg for my solution, and I make you rich!
... For I already have the solutions in my drower...

That means to create future, and hold it in the palm of your hand!

I feel like a Wizzard that has power up to unlimited, all I need is the last ingredient:

Than dig as you never dug before, get me cash to hit the markets, and when ready I will put my solution in front of a begging world!

And make all of us damn rich while the world will thank us on thier knees for our godness of hearth!

sabato 16 gennaio 2010

All countrys in the world need to cut down taxes to a maximum of 10% and VAT to a max of 3% to relaunch economy. And keep them that way!

For ever!

Governments have become too greedy,

things are going out of theyr hand,

people in order to be able to feed their family have to "Steal" their own hardworked money form the taxman merciless hands, the state emploees number has increased over imaginable in any given country, most of them involved in colectiong taxes and chasing those that don't pay all that state wants, so basically most of the state emploees are hired to colect their own salaries out of the pockets of those stupid enough to work.


It's time for a change of route, lower the taxes, and send to work the lazy tax colectors, so they produce something usefull for the society they are now parasiting.

This way less taxes wil be needed, more taxable activities will be born, more REAL jobs, not parasitary jobs, will start to exist. less money need on the state part, so less tax pressure on the people.

Downsizing of the government and administrations is a must, the statal degrowing is necesary both in defence, tax collection, and local administration, otherwise we end up back into the stone era again, where the one with power beats the weack one an puts him to slavery.

Actually we are in that stone era, where the state enforcers reduced the other of us in tax controlled slavery, and milk our poor resources letting us to die so they can enjoy life on our expenses.

Ladies and gentlemen, this cannot last too long, since the working organism is parasitated by an simbiotic taxing organism it worked till now, but now the parasites not only are no more simbiotic (they do not deliever anymore anything usefull in exchange of the blood they suck out of us) but their number it become way to big so we can feed them all, than is either we die bloodless, and they follow, since uncapable to survivre on their own, or we get rid of them to get back to life, and this it seems to me the most reasonable option.

Consider this!

And act!

giovedì 14 gennaio 2010

I wouldn't care less of the competition's HR

Pass the vision!

This is the secret of a real manager.

I can tell, I manage various teams.

If the employee gets the vision, will work for fun, ask when in doubt, propose when has a new idea, never fear to chalange himself, the others, the system, the boss.

Only dumb stupids (including in management) hire through agencies.

Agencies normally will scrap the best options first, and present you the best make believers that they could find.

This is the trick to get hired through an agency, make them believe you're good, with credentials (many friends can write many credentials) diplomas, other papers.

I would never hire such a person, perfectly backed up idiots.

When I hire someone first thing I care is not about credentials, but about "the famous german question: Kann Er Was?" What can he do?
Does he has a history of humble origins and never got to ride the wave? Who cares!

What I care about is wether the candidate catches my vision!

I have being recently asked to manage a County Comissioner Candidate Campaign, I took over the job, it takes me 2 hours a day, since I passed the vision to a team I gathered myself.

The internet guy for instance, ex convict for who cares what, out of jail, social debt paid, nobody hires him for serious things, I did: Why?

He paid his debt, learned his lesson, and now tries to keep up with the society, pays taxes, has family, and he knows HTML, SEO, expert in tweeter and other social networks, blogs, microblogs, and the rest.

He got the vison clearly, and now my candidate's dream is his dream too. And he dreams extremely coehernet and organised. And puts it online to the advantage of the campaign.
I had him tell the candidate the truth, and explained the candidate my reasons to hire him rather than some big shot with credentials that works for the buck alone.

The candidate had a chat with him, agreed with me, and he's on board!

Pass the vision, make shure you hire the dude that got it right and is up and running towards the goal before you promised him the job, keep an eye on him not to overdue or go astray from the core business (unless the dude has a genial idea is worth investing time and money in it) and you are the manager of the year!

Every year!

The other managers suck! And they know it, and complain, and still hire the wrong way!

Let them do so. who cares about them?

I wouldn't care less!

martedì 12 gennaio 2010

Blessed the uncontent, to them we owe our progress!

Blessed are the unhappy with the normall situation,

Blessed are those that complain and don't like the things as they are,

Blessed are those that look for a change in better and to bettering things,

For to THEM We OWE OUR Progress!

Without them, being forever happy and content with the things we have, wee would still be in the stone age!

Remenber Fred Flinstone and Wilma?

We owe our well being to the unhappy with things that lived before us, and we owe our children to make life better for them as our forefathers did for us.

Stay blessed, and have fun!

Impossible does not exist

Impossible does not exist in most of the cases, but we love to imagine there is, so we don't have to work to go beyond, it's just impossible, ain't it?

Ladies and gentleman, if you don't like people to comment on your posts, than you better don't post it.

Anytime you post something somebody might correct you, might be against you, or it might simply hate you becouse you botherd their peace, or simply becouse you have a different color skin.

People are wierd, that also means you are wierd, not to speack about me.

The fact that we know our limitations is preventing us from doing things beyond our capacityes!

Examine your limitations, some of them are merely imaginary or culturally implemented in you since ever, but in reality, the only barier that stops you step beyond and acheive something is in your mind.


Once a young sales person aprentice got a job with a company.

The other salesforce dudes knew their boss was in big hate with a certain guy from another sector, and so that guy had a policy that his company would never buy a thing from our new salesman's boss company.

So to test the newcomer, his coleagues put on his potential client list also the "Enemy number one" guy.

Our freshman started working, and one day knocked the doors of the ENEMY, having no idea of all that story.

He was invited in, and the owner asked him what company he was working for.

At the answer, the man asked what did he knew about his new job provider, so the youngster honestly answered "nothing yet"

"OK" said the client with patience, 'tell me about the products than".

Our young man was convincent, did a brilliant job, and the client ordered a large quantity and cut a CHEC right away.

Back at the headquarters he presented the order and his boss said " I can't believe it, this is impossible, how did you do that?"

Our man said "I had no idea it was impossible, so I did it!"

And for as long as the young man worked in that company the orders never stopped coming from the enemy.

IMPOSSIBLE AIN'T, in most of the situations, you only have to find the right way to do it, that's all!