lunedì 23 gennaio 2017

Why go in search of the truth when you can create it tailored to your needs?

It is called Perception Manipulation.

And is done by a few ultra expert companies against millions, they do not go in search of the truth, they make it up and shovel it down to everybody's throat through the mainstream media.

You will never know they exist, who they are and how much are they paid to create "truth" according to the buyers needs of your perception, like the Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq or the Terrorism in Syria. Just to mention two, OK, three, let's ad 9/11 and the missing building 7.

 We as humans feel the need to be lazy and take thngs for granted, so trust your government, they know what is best for you.

Fascists boasted all they do is for the best of their people, and the people trusteed them, same was the communist propaganda, nothing different form the Democracy propaganda, or any other religion.

And all propaganda was always based on make believe stories that had little or zero to do with the reality, but had anything to do with how they wanted you to percieve the reality proposed by them.

It is called indoctrination, thus their proposal is rather a Dogma, or the party line of thinking, same thing.

The means used are utter lies, well coordinated thou, little massacre here, some bombing there, a lot of cinema and television support, big media coverage in support of the line approved, blaming anybody else of; obstructionism, crimes never committed, inexistent intention of crimes, and so on, in order to create a mass hysteria, leading to blind support of their line of action.

Rings any bell?

Nearing the truth...


Nothing exists if there is nobody to perceive the said existence... most humans think.

In 1869 humans discovered the DNA, but did not discovered who created the DNA and the humans, that one discovered it long time before, and nobody said the people of Noah did the delicate part of the job saving the species, they just did the Ark, if ever it was them, maybe they were just cheap labourers.

You see, the fact that we, humans, did not know or are not aware of something, that does not mean that something does not exist, nor it means somebody else that knows about it and how to handle it does not exist.  DNA existed before we discovered it, it did not enter into the existence just because we acknowledged it.

Otherwise how do you justify our creation "ex nihil", not to mention the creation of every other known life form, not to bring in the discussion the creation of the entire universe or multiverse...  Somebody was there, at work, and had the know how.

To make it simple, Big Bang ain't, there is intelligent handling of things to create them and put them on an evolving pattern, than rectify the evolution when the desired result is not achieved.

Not that I know what that outcome might be, but since we do this for millennium with breeding dog races and sheep and others, what makes you think we are not merely following a pattern that was well studied by whom created everything, we are just some sort of beginners at using it, that's all.

I would argue with anybody, about anything, over a beer.


I would argue with anybody, about anything, over a beer.

Bring your own bottle.

Don't forget one for me.

Breaking and burning things makes head line news, but calling that anarchy shows an absolute lack of knowledge and culture.

Therefore if you think rioting and smashing and setting ablaze things is anarchy, than you are dumb.

That is the exactly opposite of anarchy, is organized chaos.

Anarchy is organized mutual respect.

Unfortunately most of the folks are slave of the approved line of thinking.

Slaves are brain and soul damaged, they cannot understand the real meaning of Anarchy, some time I think they deserve to be slaves ....

And Yes .... they want to be slave !!! ... unbelievable but true.
And they will defend their slavery as the only democratic option and sane of mind available...
Thinking beyond the approved line of thinking appears to them as an act of rebellion against humanity, while it is indeed an act of rebellion, it is not against humanity, it is Pro humanity.

Never anywhere in the Bible did Jesus asked us to be stupid


Never anywhere in the Bible did Jesus asked us to be stupid, he asked us to be humble, meek, kind, to share, to care, to turn the other chick, but not to be stupid and uneducated.

And this is why I cannot share into the sadness and madness and despair of either the Trump supporters or the Anti Trump protesters, I cannot be that stupid, it is not biblical.

If done without hysteria, it is wise to be anti any government that is wrong by definition, and as of today only Iceland has one that is decent.

Keep reading my blog, and yes, start writing yours too, but make good choice of words and concepts... it is so easy to put in wrong wordings the right concepts, you have no idea. 

For paying attention while reading is one thing, paying attention while awakening the sheeple, that is something far beyond...

 It is a mistake to be totally ruled by emotions over transitory matters, such as who is the next president... what political party wins, what team wins the next derby.

Just an anti democratic thought


Democracy is a religion as any other, just like the Fascism, Communism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and the list can go ahead.

And it is forced down on the people throughout means like the media, throughout absolute obedience and observance to the creed, throughout high interest, taxes, armies, police and secret services, school and education systems.

And it destroys without mercy anybody that dares having a different line of thinking, not necessarily worse, but especially if the line of thinking brings forth better solutions.

mercoledì 4 gennaio 2017

To be normal today you must be nuts, otherwise you are abnormal.

All over the on-line space today all we see is about refugees. 

None of our business why they are refugees, on the contrary, ask that question and you are trolled to death.

What you are supposed to do is to be highly sensitive to their crisis, needs, to be "empathic", to feel their drama (dare not ask who provoked it in the first place) show solidarity,  adopt them as they are, in one chunk, no selection, right now, unconditioned, urgent, without controls.

Dare you having some other opinion, not necessarily against them, but a slight reserve onto the whole trend, all of a sudden you are a hater, xenophobe, hearth-less, soul less, no conscience, racist, chauvinist, masochist, and the list can go on.

On FB and other blogs, highly paid "intellectuals" are crucifying themselves to convince you to think like them (while they don't think, they follow orders) to re asses your believes to match their convictions, to pull us out of our primitive way of thinking that what's mine is mine and what's yours is mine, so they start explaining us from the Big Bang on to today's days how is the past and how should we act in the present day.

Is like we are supposed to take some Karma punishment over what a few thousand years ago some ancestors of ours did while the crusades, thus today we have to lower our pants to take our punishment, that to be realistic never took place against none of nowadays nations or governments like Syria or Iraq or Pakistan or India, at the time nor our nations neither their's were formed.

 Oh yes, those government paid trolls are trying to teach us from the height of their plagiarized diplomas that this is how things are supposed to work.

You know what, we are lucky enough the American Natives from both continents, the Africans, the Polynesians  and the Japanese and Chinese did not decided yet to get even with us for the "visit" somebody down our history-line paid them in the past centuries, not to mention how much the Europeans have to pay back to the eastern invasions in the past millennia, could you imagine the slaughter?

Or maybe this is exactly what they want us to do, commence the slaughter for their joy.  

In such case migration to Mars should start on a private means basis or no human on earth will remain alive in a decade, although I think it already started, we just were not informed yet, thou.

Looking in the right prospective

When a debate is on pointing at any whistle-blower that risked their bread or life to let us know that our government is a liar crook cooking us up, and some dude tries hard to force you believe the government is always right, I tend to strongly disagree with said troll.

The point is that they have no evidence to support the above allegations, I mean evidence not allegations to support allegations.

But the use of allegations to support allegations as being evidence is a long known KGB, Gestapo, CIA, MI6, Mossad, Stasi, and other criminal organizations way to point the public eyes elsewhere than on where they should be looking at.
I mean we should be examining brick by brick anything the government is saying and overthrow any government that we find to lie, no matter how small the lie or how big the government.

Therefore when I see posts like this the first thing I am looking at is not what is or who is Assange, Manning, Snowden but what is the troll paid by the government trying to hide from me by shouting "thief", when I do know the biggest liar ant thief in any country is the government itself to it's smaller component, regardless whether a Fascist, Communist, Socialist, Capitalist, Democrat, liberal, or religious one.