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mercoledì 14 aprile 2010

Who is behind the death of the Poland president?

Who is behind the death of the Poland president?

I am not a polish man, nor love them, neither hate them, thus totally ignorant of their matters.
What I am not ignorant of is airplanes and airports. Not that I would be a great specialist of this, but I boast I know enough to see a scam where there is a scam.
Let’s analyze airports.
A strip of asphalt or concrete, wide enough to contain authorized flight machines, and long enough to allow takeoff of authorized flight machines in less than half the length, the rest of it is to be used in case of take off abort to stop the plane safely.
There are left and right of the runway two “respect zones”, that is land along the runway without trees, pillars, buildings or ditches where the plane can end up at any speed without endangering anything. Most of the times they are wide four to ten times more than the runway, each. Airports where they are less than double the width the runway are considered “Special” and one needs to pass exams to can land there, Smolensk is not the case. Just go over with Google earth and see the airport.
Any damn airport has RADAR and APROACH instrumental systems, Smolensk is a former (and still) military airport, thus equipped more than a regular civilian one.
Radar helps the tower monitor the airspace and direct traffic.
Approach system helps pilots land in fog and rain and tempest. The only conditions when radar and approach systems are useless is ice and snow, but when the Poland presidential aircraft landed this was not the case.
How is the damn approach system work? Easy, like a laser guide, but on radio waves.
Imagine a Star Wars Laser canon that fires those light blue laser lines. Ok.
We put one of those shooting radio coded waves at the end of the runway. Than we tilt it to match the landing approach path that normally the pilot sees it naked eyes, but now we are in a foggy day.
On every airplane there is another canon, beneath the belly somewhere, that shoots nothing. But receives the said approach signal. This canon is slightly low on nose, so that when the radio beam from the runway enters perfectly into the airplane canon, they are 100% in line, the flight machine will be in perfect landing asset, perfectly oriented on the landing path, and can land even without a pilot, all it has to do is maintain the asset and landing speed until the touchdown that occurs a bit after the runway canon position.
Even a twelve years old blind kid can land this way.
Imagine also that the presidential flight pilots were former military pilots knowing the machine as they knew their pockets, and at least one of them landed on Smolensk airport more than once, I presume.
Imagine that the Soviet made airplane was recently overhauled, thus brought to “brand new” in all of its systems. We talk of a very safe flight machine used by military and civilian airlines, that lands in Siberia in heavy storms no problem, build in hundreds of copies, that if not blown up by terrorists, until now has a positive crash report more above the media of many western build airplanes.
Now how can such a safe machine, with such experimented crew, on a regularly equipped airport crush?
Let’s play:
With the control tower first, so the Poland head of state comes in, Moscow is not much happy with, and all of a sudden the crew that should be on duty in the tower today receives a day off, and another crew is called to take over. I have no evidence on this theory, but I bet my salary that if dug deep someone can find that this happened at Smolensk.
A crew with a special task, and they did a damn good job, nobody survived!
And someone is sent to modify the landing path canon angle, from slightly over ground shooting, to 45 degrees in vertical. And the new control tower occupants know of it, but pretend nothing changed.


The pilot trusts the instruments, thus if they say he is in landing path and in position, is all truth, all this electronics won’t lie suddenly. But the electronic on board is made in Russia, and the control tower is on the Russian hands, and they know how …
The landing speed let’s make it at some 300 Km per hour (200 miles per hour something) this is a big bird.
And it needs 2 KM to stop, this is way over a mile.
The only problem is that the plane instead of being a bit nosed up, is a bit nosed down, since instruments are lying to the pilots, the horizontal speed is 300, but the vertical speed is not 2 as it should be, but 200.
The airplane is not coming slightly down, but crushing suddenly.
The tower tells them to go Moscow, so that the president won’t reach the event, just to cover the radio registrations with press releasable materials, since they are trained to sabotage the landing in a perfectly credible manner.
But the Poland president is stubborn, and the pilots too, so they try, retry and try again.
At the fourth attempt they hit the ground with a 200 Km per hour vertical speed (120 Mph or so)
Nobody can live such impact, not even in an airplane.
Then somebody shifts back the runway canon to almost horizontal position unseen in the fog and with all those rescue teams going to the crush site, not to the approach system position.
And they collect the black boxes of the airplane, Russian made too, so they can change a bit the data that would reveal the truth, before they hand them to the experts to see why the plane crushed.
Some “trustwothy” voices spread the news that this airplane was know as unsafe and having a bad crush history (Strange that a state president would chose a bad machine to have him go round!)
Some other voices would spread the news that it was the pilot's fault, so the pattern is set. The espionage machine is wel oiled and having people all over the world, all they have to do is tell them when and what to say.
The other state presidents won't move a finger, they don't want their airplanes to crush by mistake too!
End of the games.
Who is behind this? And why?

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  1. Very well said...considering the above reasons we should work on that to avoid such mishappenings in future........

  2. Hey I will not be surprised if someone checks into this and finds out You were right all along.. But we also know that when it's your time it's your time..

    I guess he had it coming either it be in a plane or car like princess Diana!

    However, I don't think many wanted him alive any how..

    Norman Flecha