domenica 1 agosto 2010

and this is not information, is knowledge I developped over years of trial and error, is worth big bucks so use it with care

I wrote a friend of mine that was sending me some .pif files virused the following things, see the whole discussion, and learn how to manually remove sneacky viruses!

Me: why are you sending me .pif files?
Is your computer infected with some virus?
Never use again .pif files, always use .doc, or.rtf or so!
Pif files can contain paths to .exe of viruses and jamm the host computer
If you have no idea why am I writing this to you, it means you are not aware that YOUR COMPUTER SENDS .PIF FILES TO ME, AND MAYBE TO MANY OTHER CONTACTS, so run an antivirus and delete this virus from your machine
for major safety and less headache I can install you LINUX so that no viruses would be able to install themselves on your computer

My friend Freddy: I have run an Antivirus program and no virus was found. I didn't send the file.

me: it came twice from your skype address

Freddy: I keep on trying to delete my virus
I will now try another virus program.

me: mostly antivirus is of no good against .pif hiddend viruses
they don't look like a virus, but like a word document to antiviruses
really sneacky thing

Freddy: how do get rid of it then ?

me: I fought with them for years, finding them according to their date of instalation
and deleting them manually also because they create other forlders, duplicates, in many places
conclusion? yap: than I passed on linux
and I ceased to have problems

Freddy: Thanks for the advice.

me: you go to start button in windows
search for anything (*)
that was created after a certin date
in your case say, after the first of july

Freddy: what do you put in the search box ?

me: some you created, pictures, documents etc, you will remeber them
you put * sign
that means anything

Freddy: okay

me: like *.exe
the files you don't remember are either cookies of internet you can delete them, they will be reinstalled as soon as you visit the same pages again
or they are viruse
and by deleting them you risk to destroy also some good programs
(yes they do that, they install themselves in programs, to make shure you don't dare deleting them)
so be ready to have to reinstall some little programs here or there
if you have vista or 7 when running search you must specify that you want the search on all files, indicised or not
otherwise they will run the search only in indicesed ones
that is exactly where the most viruses do not install their roots

Freddy: and XP ?

me: xp searches them all if I am not wrong. if you delete a virus application, the virus root (hidden somewhere else) will create another application, with different name, somewhere else to replace it, so run search after each deleting
and if you see new *.exe or *.inf, or*.bat or so popping out of nothing, you didn't deleted the root that might be older
so go back in search an look for earlier dates
once you got rid of the root, no new puppyes will be breaded
it's a nasty job
takes whole days
so pass on linux and be free!

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