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giovedì 3 giugno 2010

Disruptive inovations, inventions and crappy times!

Inventions and inovations are and are not the same thing.

Inovation comes from listening to the customers, predict their trend, and inovate (bring forth new ways) to match their reorientation.

Invention come from listening to the problem, that the customers might not even be aware of, bring forth a viable solution and market it.

As H. Ford said "If I'd asked my customers, they would'of asked faster horses"

You can pay someone to inovate an idea or a product, but inventing cannot be payd, this are things you"get" in a blink, no logic, just the solution pops up after a dorman gestation in your brain, nobody can predict how and what!

And this cannot be achived by brainstorming or paying a buch of scientists. It's a gift of God!

This is why inventors solve in a move without previous preparation problems for which companies pay R&D gazilions a year without finding them ever.

Inovating takes logic, imagiantion and preparation, inventing takes logic, imagination, preparation, curiosity and the magic gift of God, plus a hell lot of hard work.
1% of inspiration and 99% or transpiration equals inventions.

And that's disruptive, in the dictionary sense of the word.

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