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venerdì 23 aprile 2010

Wonderful minds and souls!

People say they have to have all those gadgets, but still use the old writing to send and receive messages, some even have 3 cell phones, and a laptop, and keep sending and receiving messages.

Becouse they wanna keep in touch and not to loose their heritage!

Maybe, but not necesarely.

Some behave like drugadicts, storing all kind of mesages just to feel they have friends, some delete almost everything and keep the essentials (I do so)

It depends on the self esteem and interior beauty.

Look around, those that have more earings, jewleries, electronic toys, and try to be perfect outside, they are the most miserable inside, ugly souls, desperate people, maybe rich, smart, but desperate.

The few that look simple, those are the be worshiped. Wonderful minds that need not to be reassured they have friends, for they know exctly who is a friend and how much, and they respect that.

People that need no barber everyday, or cosmetician, to feel accepted and alive.

People that need no drughs or thousands of messages to feel comfortable with themselves.

People that need not to show up, drink hard, dance in the middle of the dancing floor and be admired by all, to feel they are worth something.

Real people, that rely on their inner strenght.

Not many around thou, and this is the kind of friends I accept around me without blinking.

They are value to my mind!

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  1. Yeah You right Emil Pop, SIMPLER is better..

    I myself have no interest in life possessions, I'm more into providing a simpler way for My Kids & wife!

    Luv My brother keep up writing You will reach your goal!

    Norman Flecha