domenica 9 febbraio 2014

Dark Matter ain't, Dark Energy ain't, doesen't matter... yap, that one it is!

Big Bang ain't.

Imagine something popping out of nothing.
Harry Potter!  Most propbably yes.

Now imagine something of the magnitude of this " known to us" universe popping out of nothing...

Not event MIGHTY MOUSE could do this, nor Harry Potter, maybe professor Dumbledore, or maybe not.

As Einstein and Tesla were convinced, it is all about frequncies and thier inter relations, thus when any analysys is reduced to the minimum amount, there is nothing left to touch, under the smallest phisically detectable matter piece, whatever the sub quantic, micro mezonic, nano tahionic piece would that be, there is no matter this matter is formed out of.

There is only information that writes the laws of this universe, and over a certain ammount we percieve it as matter.

My question is who wrote this information, who wrote the laws that govern this time and space exepriment, who wrote the binary code beyond time, space and matter?

EINSTEIN AND TESLA WERE BOTHERED WITH THIS ISSUE, and they did not come with an answer that convinced themselves, so they never communicated any result of this intuition they had, but they got far beyond our understanding following this logic, and understood things we still struggle to understand, and some of them even managed to explain to us, but most of them not.

Yap, they saw and understood far more than they left us in written, my question is what?      

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