mercoledì 22 febbraio 2017

Turn the other cheek.

All preachers and most church attenders know and will point out to these verses

Matthew 5:39 and Luke 6:29

Where basically they state Jesus is teaching us not resist the persecution and the aggression of the wicked.

But the bible also tells us to preach the gospel all times, and according to Martin Luther, sometimes we should also use words.

There is one more thing the bible tells us and this is what the preachers tend to avoid mentioning:
-And He said to them, "When I sent you without money bag, knapsack, and sandals, did you lack anything?" So they said, "Nothing." Then He said to them, "But now, he who has a money bag, let him take it, and likewise a knapsack; and he who has no sword, let him sell his garment and buy one.  For I say to you that this which is written must still be accomplished in Me: 'And He was numbered with the transgressors.'  For the things concerning Me have an end."
in Luke 22:35 - 38-

The fact is those passages are on irreconcilable positions according to the preachers..., on the contrary, they state the same thing to me.  "Preach the gospel at all times" (and sometimes use the words too)

Now how is that working?

Some might argue that the sword is figurative, but I doubt so, I think is about a good Damascus steel sword we are talking about here.  The real deal.

I mean you had to sell a garment to buy it, not your socks, not the shirt, not the trousers, but the whole garment; overcoat included.
At the time that was some real money, Primark and Walmart were not selling yet single time use items for one dollar/pound/euro each, making a garment by hand from seeding, to harvesting to processing to making the fabric to tailoring and coloring... must of cost like a good car now days.  Sell your good car and buy a sword, that must of being a good sword.

Back to what we need to learn from all this:  preach the Gospel the way they shall never forget it, teach them a lesson they will remember for life.

In the first case, by turning the other cheek... in public (have you acknowledged in all cases this is preached it is not about things done in private, but in public?) to shun them for being abusive, to teach them such a harsh lesson of superiority, humbleness, might and strength that everybody around would remember that for ever; and the trespasser would not dare stick their heads out of their houses for shame unless they change in better and be re accepted by the community after a deep evidence of having learned their lesson once and for all.

O yes, the bible is meant to be read in it's literal and cultural context, anything else is out of place, which is the way they preach anyway, out of place.  Why so?  Simply so they can take advantage of you being humble and submissive to their abusive ways.

Following the juridical principle that the last law to be issued completes the previous ones, eliminates among the previous ones those that are in disagreement with the last one and takes over the legal issues as the only applicable law from that moment on, we must note that the "buy a sword" commandment arrived after the "turn the other cheek" on a chronological order.

And it is telling us that if in our appraisal of the situation, the "turn the other cheek" will have no positive effect, than pull out the sword and defend your rights, fight them to death, chain them and send them to jail, whatever, if they have a hard time behaving like they should, just kick their asses.

Of course there is another command coming latter in time, "love one another", but surprisingly that is not canceling the above two. 
What is that command doing is telling you not to be like those that you have to punish for being wicked, be it by shaming them publicly or if not efficient to do so, by fighting them with the sword or whatever you happen to have as weapon, legal documents, lawyers, courts, guns, as long as justice prevails.  Be a warrior and kick ass.

Be better.  As long as it works, and be stronger and more mean when needed, but without being wicked and evil yourself.

Bottom line, turn the other cheek it is only another weapon to publicly put to shame ad teach a hard lesson to the evil ones, use it when it works to kick their asses around, and if that would not do, remember that sword you bought and trained with?  Use it... with love.

sabato 18 febbraio 2017

The political sphere overview

I hate communism, fascism, democracy, capitalism, socialism, catholicism and Muslim, and any other religion that requires that I submit my rights to their guidance so I can be saved from ( each one comes up with something) in exchange of my taxes and absolute obedience to their (creed, political line, Imam, Pope, etc) as by them authorized.

I try to use my brain, and this labels me antipatic, inconvenient, recalcitrant, reactionary, anarchic, and so on, to make it brief, I am among those that seek the facts or the satire against "alternative facts", and throws them in the face of those that ignore and deny them by posting biased information in support of one of the line above mentioned or others not mentioned here, simply because this is how they make a living, or worse, because they got to believe such religious line is the absolute truth.

The official line is that the political spectrum is ... a line, democracy in the middle, the left, the right, the extreme left and the extreme right...  there is no room for other options, thus anarchy is  not even contemplated for instance.

In reality the politics is sphere (a... yes, they sometimes call themselves the political sphere, but you shouldn't know that) half sunk in shit, where at the top pole is the Anarchy, than below is the decayed from anarchy due to greed and stupidity, and that is democracy.

Than from the 45 degrees below we have a shady zone where half is socialism and half is capitalism, sort of democracy abortions towards decay. If you spin the sphere around an axis that passes from pole to pole, you can't really tell the difference between the two when it comes to common people's daily life.

Capitalism is decay, of democracy, as socialism is decay of democracy, fascism and communism is their extreme decay that closes the circle below equator line, thus fascism and Communism are the opposite side of the sphere from democracy and deep in violent shit.

At the equator of this sphere is where the deep shit starts.  And from there below we have Communism and Fascism.  Again if you spin the sphere around an axis that passes from pole to pole, you can't really tell the difference between the two when it comes to common people's daily life.  Same shit.

And below that, at the deep end pole, opposite to Anarchy, we have extremism, militarism, corporatism at it's best, is where people are numbers and can be scarified at will for the profit of the few, same goes for the nature, who cares if forests are vanishing and waters and poisoned, once money are made.

In the end is the same sphere, where anarchy is freedom to think, speak and act but without being an asshole, and from that point below, starting with democracy and down to extremism and violence, is but mere economics imposed upon social throughout politics and terror.

We are living cheap times when stupidity and insolence are the law and admired in awe, but wisdom is stepped upon and spat on the head, bought and sold on mere nothing or thrown away for nothing.

 It is a war stink around.

Deep thoughts are only coming to those that think, the others are just shitting in their brains in public.

I share ideas with the idealists
I share thoughts with the thoughtful
I explore profundities with the deep thinkers
I observe the Universes with the acute observers
I split the hair in 4, or 16 or 32 with the keen analysts

I dream beyond of what it can be seen

United Mediocrity sticks together united as a wall against intelligent, the usual.

Don't be normal, mediocre is normal
Don't be the best, the best is in management
Don't be extraordinary, heroes are extraordinary
Be Superlative, Thinkers are superlative
They feed the to do to heroes, management and the masses
They are unknown, they hide, think and lead.

Simply me

I am finite and infinite
I am everything you can see
In a smile, in a glimpse or in a gaze,
I am stardust, starlight and night
And all that matter, multiplied
By the square of the speed of light

Before I shall fade in time all over the space
And live room to you, that are following
In the trail of my steps, to find yourself
As I found me by understanding others.

And all you can see is just the top
Of the iceberg I am below in my deep ocean.

The moment you stop learning is the moment you start dying.

I have always learned from my mistakes, and still consider I need some more experiences, thus, will keep doing some more mistakes, they seem to be needed.

So why stop now that I have gained so many years of experience in doing mistakes.  My biggest mistake I keep on doing is seeing things as they are not as I am told to perceive them for the momentary interest or gain of somebody in charge.

For instance, there is blond hair, and there is brunettes hair, also red hair and gray hair, there also is white hair, but in the end all of it is hair.
One exception thou, the bald hair, more difficult to deal with since literally invisible, but there is none the less.

And if somebody wants you to stick to their "view" of alternative facts, well... it does not work with me.

No system is going to give you the education you need so you can overthrow them, just enough to serve them. Educate yourselves out your mental slavery.

Because me is... me, and I want to do all my mistakes myself, and learn from them, thus thanks for your benevolent help of feeding me your version of the truth, I love you, I trust you, but make no mistake, I will verify you and what you said, and make up my own mind.

The Chaos reigns, and is well organised, than there is Anachy!

The Internet is full of wrong and unreal definitions of anarchy.

This is but mere biased definitions, the truth for which the power fears anarchy is total different, this is why they portray it as violent, violence is not anarchy, is but mere organized chaos.

Anarchy is organized mutual respect and support.

An Archos, means without a hierarchic structure, no need for it under the conditions that the law is so respectful of the citizens that there is no need to enforce it, and the citizens are so respectful of the law that there is no need to police them.

And in that case there is no need for a structure of power.

And that my friends means that there is no need of Putin, or Clinton, or Bush or Thatcher or Assad or Trump or Obama or Saddam or anything similar, and that scares the shit of all the psychopaths in power, army, politics, business, for that takes the most desired toy out of their hands, absolute power, dominance, control, despotism, dogmatism, their power over their own kin.

Study a bit the history of anarchy, there were anarchic cities in Italy that lasted and prospered for hundred of years, same in antique Greece, until military organized greedy psychopaths warlords from exterior conquered them to loot them, just go ahead and study this, it is really interesting.

And that is why they call any negative event now Anarchy, that is why they send violent Black lives matter, or other smashers in the midst of any peaceful protest, to make it look like thieves are looting and destroying everything around when seen on TV, than call them anarchists, but they are not, mostly they are police or military in action under cover and under strict orders to create chaos and destruction so they can blame anarchy... and the demonstrators.

Watch them carefully any demonstration, the organized chaos agents only destroy a small area where preventively is all the press filming (by some odd chance), than the police block opens miraculously for them to pass through unharmed, smiling at each-other, than they simply vanish.... in thin air (actually they put the police gear back on and are to be found right there under shields charging against the real demonstrators).

Because they love chaos, and promote it, than label it anarchy so nobody thinks that anarchy is good.

That is not anarchy.