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sabato 27 febbraio 2010

Today is another day...

All we have is what is rest of today.
Yesterday is already gone and we cannot change it.
Tomorow is the first day of the next of your life, but there is no guarantee you will wake up in the morning to enjoy it.
Whatever you do today you will harvest the results on tomorow, and enjoy them, or maybe not.
Live today as it was the last day of your life, and prepare for tomorow as you would of never have to die!

Break Up The Banks Green Screen challenge

Break Up The Banks Green Screen challenge

Move your money the smart way, towards your pockets! Dump banks!

P.S. Watch the video, nice song, so that you know who's really in charge!

lunedì 22 febbraio 2010

To the pirates in Europe, and worldwide! Let's board this boat!

Dear pirates,

I hate comunism
I hate fascism
I love liberty!

You had a lot of wacky ideas, and provoked a lot of press ink flow, but your results are far from having an historical impact, unfortunatelly.

The danger is that when your party gets to be considered in the political world, some big shoots full of moeny will find a way to controll you and turn you into a machine for their needs, as any other party in politics.

If you don't get alligned with any money group, than all the money groups will throw shit at you, just see what they are doing to Beppe Grillo in Italy.
He is not a Pirate, but he is the closest thing to your philosophy that Italy has, and the government fears him.

If you can stand all the shit they will throw at you jsut as him does, than you will win.
I have a coordination idea, worked for one year, and consider using your platform to make some order in our common house, Europe.

Remeber the European Constitution? they failed with it becouse it was wrong in two ways:
1 proposed by the governments to the governments
2 negotiated between governments

And the people? The poor dudes that have to work to pay their government salaries? Can't they say anything?


I took the old papers of the European Constitution attempt, and modified it to be of good for the people and to have the governments and parliaments under our controll, small taxes, and no cuts to liberties of the regular dudes like you and I, that feed our familyes and mantain the politics and the police and army and justice with our sweat.

The text in black is the original articles.

The text in blue is my ideas

The text in red is the old articles that I think we need to rewrite them, but haven't had any good idea yet, need help.

Other old articles I deleted them, ireverent or even damaging the citysens liberties.

I need you in any European Country and even out of Europe to support me in this:

I need to collect one milion signatures at least (if possible one milion in each nation) to propose this constitution to be voted by an europewide referendum, one in each country, and the countries that we win, are going to join in this European Union undr this constitution.

This is going to boast your party on top for doing the right thing.


And it's going to make a safer and better tomorow for my son, and all of our kids.

Download from here my work in progress, the new European Constitution according to ME:
download link:

Need help to collect 1 milion signatures per country to put this in act!

Happy download pirates and afiliated

domenica 21 febbraio 2010

There's a gap in the market for anything that makes sense.

Why would I say that?

People that think I am I don't know what sort of a helicopters guru just becouse I design and build them, while in reality I am still learning a lot from others, asked me what is my oppinion on the elctric powered flight machines.

Also they wanted to know if I am aware of the fact that there is a gap on the market for electric powered helicopters.

The answer is in the title.

However electric powered flight machines have no future until the problem of the weight of the bateries will be solved, not to speack about the lifespan of one recharge (that now allows you to fly between one hour to only 30 minutes) and talking about recharge....the recharge time of at least 8 hours, but in most cases you can go up to 24 hours.

Not to mention the price of a new batery pack........

When batteries will cost 3% of what they cost now (a whole pack for one hour has the price of a fully ecquipped high class ultralight petrol powered flight machine, and you still have to pay for the airplane than...)

When the weight of a rechargable set to last you at least 5 hours in flight will be the weight of 10 gallons of petrol,

When recharging the batteries will take as long as refilling your tank (15 minutes)

ONLY THAN electric powered flight machines will emerge from the "Why not have a flight this sunday" category.

For now, you can only fly for no more than one hour, than... grounded for all the rest of the day to recharge.

Damn batteries!

Can you eat money?

when polution and human activities would have completed their macabre opera of destruction to make a buck, what would you eat?


Money obsession of governments is a contagious desease!

As long as people pay more than 50% taxes, they are desperate to make money no matter what, thus destroy everything for the buck.

Don't limit yourself in any way. Write down your wildest dreams in as much detail as possible and start living the possibilities (Barbara Hoffmeister)

I like that, it might not make sense to you, but to me is... ME!

I have some 40 years I am practicing this without having thought to put it into words.

Barbara is just great this time, so get connected with her on twitter or plaxo or else, it's my tribute!

Imagine I got so good at this some people start thinking I have multiple personality.

Truth is I don't, I just do my very best to try each possibility and get the best out of it for me or my friends.

So one of the things I do is learn anything I can about anything that bugs me at that moment, including words in new (to me ) languages.

I also learn new computer skills, Linux, Sun Solaris, Apple, IBM, etc.

Than I learn how to get the best out of the networking platforms (having a big number of followers that in reality are not following you, but keeping you for the number as you do with them to me is not getting the max!)

Another thing I do is getting REAL friends, people with needs that I can help, who knows, one day I might a favor and when asking around it will be one of them to say:
Remeber you did that for me?
NO! I'd say (who can remember all what they've done in a life?)
Never mind, they will say, I do, and here is your solution, have fun!

Exploring your possibilities and living all of your dreams opened doors is the best thing one can do in life. Besides is funny and captivating.

So why not? Live your dreams, as impossible as they might look!

sabato 20 febbraio 2010

Money makes the world go round!

What is money to you?

Folowing a debate on facebook I got myself into this issue.

To me money is just another merchandise, that is a value that in itself has no value, but is convertible in other values by the value they rappresent.

Coming to the point, the question I raised is:

When there will be no more fish in the watres, when all beasts will be extinct, when no more trees will exist, and no more vegetables will grow, when polution and human activities would have completed their macabre opera of destruction to make a buck, what would you eat?


this was in Plaxo so I got replies here:

Hi take it a step further.... What was there before time and things were set in motion?
The human race is and will destroy our planet and unless there is a new order and global focus with direction will self destruct... again... with maybe a few survivors. No i do not have the answers but am making sure that my family and generations to come will be self sufficient and off the grid.Maybe if all Countriess took 1 Years Military budget and actually diverted that money to the well being and education of Greedy CEO's our planet and the people we would all start to be better off with a future.

Or maybe would just do lowering the taxes to maximum 10% and VAT at no more than 3% to make things work fine, and with an eye to the environment again.

As long as people pay more than 50% taxes on their work, they are desperate to make money no matter what, thus destroy everything for the buck.

Stupid politics!
Oct 7

Or the question to ask - what is knowledge to you, we have many statements where "Knowledge is power", and what does money provide? Money provides you with power to purchase the necessary (and fun) items of life, how do you generate money - with knowledge.
PS: I do not believe mankind can destroy the Earth, even with a total Nuke release, the Earth will continue, we may not, but the Earth will. She took an Asteroid hit, which altered life on Earth million of years ago, Earth shook it off and moved on.
PSS: For every Greedy CEO story I hear, I can show you a CEO being very very well paid, but also giving back to charity, to the workers of their organzation, etc....You dont bust your tail starting a company, or climbing the Corp ladder not to be very well paid..........

we eat each other

u can note some thing in the life change our sensation, tradetional , beheaviour, and every hand help u can not return with out take , so the life and human equal nothig with out many now even smile can buy with money this the new logicin our life
hana ali

i hope the world will be change and become better to our kids with or with out money

Yeah, if you not self sufficient...

one of my Favorite charities

Pop I agree with you, the taxation issue has gotten out of hand, here in the USA we are having Tea Parties, Angry Tea Parties from all walks of life and ages....(Tea Parties as symbolic protest mirrored from those at the start of our country) people are feed up with giving after Federal, State, County, and some cases Local tax a Tax burden that takes us in many cases the first 7-8 months of the year of work to pay.....I just love how our elected officials are calling new taxes "fees"

let me explain you the taxes a bit;

"O Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz!" as said by Jennis Joplin

Where the Lord is me, you, and any other idiot that pays taxes instead of shooting the administration.

And the singer is the state administration, who pretends to "work" something, and in exchange of their (non) product, want us to work harder than necesarely to maintain ourselves, and themselves.

Absurd, they should find a job, a real one, that produces plus value, not minus value.
Oct 7

Information is power and value, knowledge is power and value, food is power and value, human resources is power and value, technology is power and value...

Money is fake power and rapresent a non intrinsec value.

Try eating a US Dollars banknotes salad....
Try asking a bunch of cash a technologicall, or philosophal question...
Or at leat an address...
Try patching you flat tire with a dollar banknote...

Money is nothing if there is not another human being willing to accept them in exchange of his real!

The fact that the states have created an economy based on NOTHING valuable, as the concept of money, brought results; you live with this results.

People are educated to think money have a REAL value, wrong, the state wants you to produce for them more Money becouse they need it to give it back to you so you can work harder to produce more money that they will give back to you, and so on, and so forth.

They are cheating on you, they make you produce REAL value, and move your money from their right pocket to their left pochet through your hand telling you; you won a fortune.

False, you lost a fortune, they stole it from you, cheating you with MONEY!

Pop / Eduard, agreed, money - makes a bad salad, and I am not interested in paying more taxes to allow more people not to get up and work....same problem across the world.

venerdì 19 febbraio 2010

martedì 16 febbraio 2010

escorted offshore staff hire services, software development for small businesses

Off shore won't really work for a bunch of objective reasons:

Most of the italian software business people have here just a small sales force, and the rest of the code writters are in india, China, Pakistan, etc.

Same for the germans, french, and other nations, so all the work is already off shored, but to their own business.

Companies prefer to have at least one inhouse person that knows what happens, and most of the times is the son of the owner, or some nephew, so it will be never fired.

I am working on the new European Constitution right now to establish the working day at maximum 6 hours, so hiring outsourcers that work 12 hours a day will be regarded as a shame, and companies could loose face, thus loose market and income.

The world is evolving.
Europe used to work 15 hours a day untill some 100 years ago or so, with little or no progress, than England, followed by other countries, established the 8 hours a day program.
And we had echonomic boom, for people are more cerative and more productive if well rested and have time to spend with family, too many working hours a day render humans unproductive yet tehy put in the hours and the effort, but with scarce results.

Human need time to rest, time to spend with family, walk around, just like animals, otherwise it turns in to a dumb idiot machinery, inefficient and non creative.

And this leads to profound deppression of individuals, families, society, economy, global.

Voila, we have it! Do you like it? Nope?

wanna ruin your life online? send cards!

Guys, hanging in all those facebook, Plaxo or other platforms afiliated programs to send hearts, valentines, cards or any other crap to make you look like you'd care about the persons you aim for, it only has 2 effects, both negative:
1 you don't put in your message nothing out of YOUR PERSONAL HEART

2 It is very easy you end up by having and sending a facebook virus script around embeded in those gadgets

final effects:
1 people see you are merely forwarding them a mechanical reproduced convenience, and stop responding, so you lost them.

2 people get virused, start to hate you, and you have to bow down and beg forgiveness, while asking yourself what the heck really happened.


1 write tem something out of your heart!

I love what I wrote, I'll post it on my blog


Valentine's day is a useles holyday to make you spend money?

Hollydays, no matter what, should be celebrated for one reason, to have fun!
I celebrate Easter:
With the catholics
2 weeks later with the greek orthodox church
2 weeks later with the russian orthodox church,
one week later with the orthodox hebrews
And I am conviced God is happy for me each time.

I also celebrate New year with Christians
And New year with Russians (2 or 3 weeks later)
and new year with Buddists and chinese in February

I love it

Valentines day makes no exception, get the family, go out, chase the dog, trip to Germany, or Romania, or Austria, or else.
Or simply sitting in front of a fire and chat with my wife or my son or both.

Any payd holyday is welcome to us, be it 365 days a year, as long as it's payd and we can go having fun, may God bless it! LOL

lunedì 15 febbraio 2010

John Linehan "A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have."

Pop Emil
and even to take away things that you only think you have!

John Linehan
Pop, Under US Constitution as it stands still today rights cannot be taken "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." So rights cannot be taken by politicians without a constitution amendment.

However, big Government will take your money because of one constitutional amendment on 97 years ago in our 234 year history... originally from 1776 to 1913 in USA income taxes were not allowed under the US Constitution. In 1913 they were introduced by Constitutional Amendment with top rate of 7% on the wealthiest and "never to exceed 10%".

To give a contemporary perspective taxes recently reached a peak in 1961 of 91% before John F Kennedy. Kennedy put in legislation to cut them to 70% which increased growth -- and tax revenues also. It was not until Regan's cuts to 28% MAXIMUM RATE in 1982 of that we approached the return to sensibility -- which fueled 25% of unprecedented growth that doubled the US economy from 1982 to 2007....

The point is that asking for a big government is a formula to clean out your wallet and whether it is a JFK Democrat or a Reagan Republical anyone in government can fix this so we don't head back to 90% tax which would be taking everything we have and killing our economy.

Pop Emil
What about what your government took to non US citisens like iraqi civillians lives, afgani and pakistanmi innnocnets lives, just to test their military technology on somebody?

They lied to international comunity, invented terrorists where they were not (Bin Laden is a CIA emploee, amongst othes) killed americans using foreign hand so they can have a war reason, etc, and all this on your money.

But that is just fine tou you, ain't that?

Steve Kunzweiler
Pop if thats what you really believe then you too must support us here who want smaller govt. and less taxation.

Pop Emil
I am doing it Steve, here in Europe, working on the new Constitution to limit tax to 10% on profit and salaries, and other limitations for the big dudes in power.
All you have to do in the US is to eliminate the amendament that alowed government to raise taxes over the 10% originally and constitutionally agreed.

You think you can do that?

Than you can, go kick some ass!

Steve Kunzweiler
Yes I do. We have started voting the socialists out of office. Most of the country is scared to death of big government. Tide is turning.

Nils Morgan
"Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance and the gospel of envy. The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings. The inherent vice of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries. Some regard private enterprise as if it were a predatory tiger to be shot. Others look upon it as a cow to be milked. Few realize it for what it is - the horse that pulls the whole cart." Winston Churchill

John Linehan
I think it is interesting and ironic that the countries that were part of and nearest to the former Soviet Union have be the leading adopters of an non-redistributive taxation system, namely Flat tax. Pop is from Romania where the Flat tax rate is 16%... (note Albania, Bulgaria and several other countries have 10%)... under this type of systems ... recession pass a lot faster because there is more incentive to invest. The rich still pay more taxes... but not at an increasing rate that discourages them to invest out of recession.

Pop Emil
We lived tha bad experience for 50 years and learned a lesson; Comunism is dangerous, so it is capitalism where the state overtaxes the people (comunists were taxing up to 90% too) and so it is the fascism.

What we really need and don't have is Liberalism, taxes less than 10% on profit, no hidden taxes such as VAT or sales tax or gas tax, or tax on owning a car/airplane/TV/computer, or other idiot taxes.
There is a new international party aiming towards that, I didn't joined them yet, but I am giving a thought:

The Pirates party!

Yap, the pirates were the first form of real democracy after the middle eve (and even during )
Therefore they copied the good part of the pirates philosophy.
Google for them, it might be your chance to get back to be a nation, not a mere country!

All taken from a Facebook debate we had! I hope you liked it.

venerdì 12 febbraio 2010

are you making any money through your social network?

How are you making money through your social networking?

You don't, that's the answer.

As you don't make money out of PR or publicity, unless you sell them to others.

What you do is build a network of people that can trust you (up to a certain level) and that you can trust (same)

Rarely one of them would do some business with you, place an order, or it is you that place an order. This is becouse most people that have common afinities don't have complementary needs or businesses.
But what this people have is FRIENDS.
So if they think you deserve a hand or that their friend might need you, they will pass the word, and give you some leads.
Most lead nowhere, and the max profit you might have is the get some more good networking friends to chat with.
Not for the evilness of your network, but hey, they cannot know exactly what their friend want. They help the way they can.

However sometime those leads lead! To business!
And if both you and your customer are happy with, you will reward your common friend with a slice of the cake, he deserves it. Without his nice thought you wouldn't of made that buk together.

Now how do you build trus to that level, is another thing!

I write in formus on issue that people ask about, for free, take part in debates and always tell the truth, as I see it!

Answer your questions, read your threads and posts, give you hints and leads, hoping that at least once in a while it could be usefull to you.

And sometimes you do the same for me.

Social networks is like a large village, here everybody knows somebody, nobody knows all of them, but with a little collaboration and common sense, the right persons got matched!

Any other question?

giovedì 11 febbraio 2010

Get fascinated

Fascination is only one step beyond interest; interested people want to know if it works; Fascinated people want to know how it works

I didn't made this title up, but I certainly love it, sounds like ME!!!

I am FASCINATED of anything that means BETTER, IMPROVED, SIMPLIER!

I am also fascinated of having fun, raising my son, and inventing stuff, but that fits in the above category anywhay.

The thing I am fascinated about that does not fit in any of theese categories, is the same that fascinated so much Einstein, and thanks to that fascination he had a glimpse of ethernity when he understood the RELATIVITY of anything, time included!

And that would be; GOD!

Yes, I might sound anachronic, retrograde, dumb, you name it, but I tell you that the things GOD made are unlikely we can copy even closer!

Look at the birds, we understood the Coanda effect, the Venturi laws, the Bernouli formulas and the way Raynolds was pucking numbers, so we build flight machines of infinite complexity, wings of mathematically supershaped computing, with "fly by wire" computerised super systems, and with all of this we aren't even getting closer to the miraculous complexity of a birds wing, with trillions of sensors and command compensating sistems that react without a central computerised "fly by wire" unit, just work fine and that's all!

For this is all we do with our superscience and progress, we merely copy God's creation in a functionall manner when we finally understand a little something of his equations.

And the quality of what we copy is less than poor, although the industries boast perfection.

This is what made Einstein a great human being, this is what made any scientist and invetor what they really are:

AWE of GOD and Fascination that pushes them over the limits to understand HOW things GOD created WORK, and translate them in plain language for the rest of us!

The rest of you are merely interested people, or not even interested, "it works, that's it, thank you, bye!"

Wanna feel the thrill?

Get fascinated!

domenica 7 febbraio 2010

A country is a mere agreement!

Countries is not nations nor cultures nor folklore, but artificialy boundaries to hold people from being what they are born to be, free....

Nations, cultures, folklore, are not countries, as a matter of fact, a nation (Austria) can be found in 4 countries, in Austria, in Italy (Bolzano) in Germany and Hungaria, but this still makes them a nation.

Germans are a nation, you can find them in Romania since 1600, but still germans.

Kurds are a nation, have a language, have a culture, have a folklore, but they DON'T HAVE A COUNTRY. As a mater of fact they are one third in Turkey, one third in Iran and one third in Iraq, and all the 3 of this countries tries to kill them all, to estinguish their cultures so they can take their land.

Europeans now are a country, but not a nation, same for the USA!

Got it? countries are a bad thing.

Nations are another thing, not necesarely bad.

Culture is yet another thing, a very bad thing when people lack it!

And Folklore is Culture, remember that, not merchandise, Culture!

Waht makes US a country? asked by Carl Watts today on plaxo, here's what!

Nothing, what makes the Europe a country? Nothing.

That's te odd thing, those in power want a country so they have something to controll, and tax slaves to milk out!

Countries are artificilay maintained borders by the politiciens, so they can controll the population.

Europe was full of "countries" with "national identites" and all the crap (local prisons based on languages, and when triyng to go abroad they would ask you "why?"

Now they canceled the borders and Euroope is a single country, you think anybody cares about the place the old border was? You think anybody gives a crap on the old country national identity and language and stays home?

Nope, they all travel, learn new languages, find jobs aborad the old borders, and all the culture of noatinal concept vanished in a few years. You think they took school for that? Noo need!


Becouse it is not in our nature to be confined in countries! That's why.

So loose the borders, and terorism will dissapear, Loose the borders and put the politics in prison, and all of us will live a nice quiet life with no worries, wandering on earth as God decided it is best for us in the day of our creation! (for the Darvisinsts the day when the first humanoid issued the initial philosofic thought that made us different from the animals, somethng like "fish is friends, not food!")

Countries and borders, nationalities and political parties and appartenences are but mere obstacles for the free develpement of a civilised human society, unpollutant and nature friendly!

Since wars and military industry are responsible of 80% of earth pollution and destruction. And they are the punismnet arm of the politics, bound by thir own regulations to maintin borders and kill whosoever happens to cross them unothorised by themselves!

Therefore countries and borders shouldn't exist.


lunedì 1 febbraio 2010

Facebook debate over stress and depression, my way!

Malcolm Ian Geoffrey Lawrence "Studies show that 80% of the population suffers from depression, and the other 20 percent of you cause it." -- Dana Eagle

Timothy Gunter
The other 20% are those who are the most depressed causing trouble for the 80% of us. "If mama ain't happy, nobody's happy."

Pop Emil
I am not the kind to get ulcers from stres or depression, but the kind that gives it to the others... LOL

Wierdly I am not depressed! In What Category puts me this?

Gabrielle Di Sant'angelo
Try to stay away from those who cause the stress. Meet new people, try new interests, visit new countries e.g. Have you been to Romania? People are genuine and wonderful!

Kristen Fife
Depression can be debilitating. One of my closest friends suffers severe depression and it's hard to stand by and just watch many days. (Damn, Kristen is right, I wish she wouldn't be)

Colin Wheeler
Pop, that puts you in the happy group, outside of the population in general. :-)
Depression is a terrible thing but we must remember it is a detachment from emotions, suppression of our feelings. We need to work harder to get in touch with ourselves.

Satyen Kumar
In my view, depresssion is just a biochemical change in body which is triggered by inability to respond to the cause. Nothing but dance of molecules triggering the most easiest solution which is avoiding the path to any action. Then, once anyone goes in that loop, in-action itself becomes the cause of the dance.

Colin Wheeler
Hi Satyen, I think it is very dangerous to think of depression as only a physical/biological thing. It has many different causes of which some are biological and some are mental and/or emotional. Treating people with mental or emotional depression with drugs often has little long term benefit as it is not looking at the long term problem. 60% of people who commit suicide have depression and it is vital that we focus on the fixes and not blame a single cause route.

Gabrielle Di Sant'angelo
I know the cure for it. You need to travel, get out of there, go to Romania deep into the Carpathian Alps see the Bran Castle, Dracula's legend, in summer time , meet the people, sing with them and dance the HORA you will love it! Refresh yourself and you will feel brand new. This is my recipe. Good luck

Colin Wheeler
All of Eastern Europe all the way from Estonia to Montenegro is pretty damn wonderful and I fully agree, a great cure for depression!

Pop Emil
wierdly many Romanians are depressed too, maybe becouse they live in the large cityes, on a salary,

And work in the politics or administration.

Simplify your life, get rid of the credit cards, stop buying things you don't need, keep your car for 20 years, not for 2, change your cell phone every 5 to 10 years, not every year, and so on, and your life will be less stressed....

Satyen Kumar
Kool recipe to go back in few thousand years age ;) Seriously,Pop, I liked your view to do things by simplicity. and probably is the key to be happy ( as it does not burden the mind to be manupulative).
However, I think simplicity should be practiced on a balanced level ( or what will happen to credit card companies, and the economies?? they will start to be depressed ;)

Pop Emil

Satyen, I live a balanced simplicity, have 2 TV that stay off for months, 4 computers 3 on linux one on windows, that I enjoy using all day, Is not that I got back in the Jurassic era, it is only that I refuse to take part in the madness today, that's all!

Satyen Kumar
Madness today, is the evolution of the science for last thousand years. Having these means a necessaity to keep ourselves up. It does not mean that these are cause of the depression or negative feelings anyway.

Materialistically, I do enojy these abundantly.

Why dont you just associate yourself in any of the ways where you can take the breath easily.. Keyword: meditation & relaxation. And yes, no need to go to jungle to practice it. can do in front of the TV, PCs, iPad's .. & enojy everything!!... Mostra tutto

Pop Emil
Satyen, the evolution and the science is not the cause of madness today, but the marketing, overdebt, credit to buy anything you can't afford, and the stress to pay back, that yes it's blasting peples mental santy!

Meditation... hmmm, I tried it once in my youth, I found it far below my standards, begginers things, yoga, rubbish.
It was like asking to somebody that is eating logarithms at breackfast to have fun doing some know, one plus two; how much is that?

I might be too picky, or maybe I found a way to balance my life without all the ascetism, meditation and mantras, however, I feel so equilibrated I could sell some...