domenica 29 agosto 2010

Keep it simple, stupid!

The latins alwyas said: Sancta Simplicita, I let it at you to translate it,

But in the modern world we invented the "Office for the Complication of the Simple Affairs"

The client needs the damn product/service

The damn product/service is soo simple even the client could of have it done himself or paid an undergraduate two Big Mack's to do it, but they had no idea.

We don't want them to understand this and do it on their own, we want their money.


And the more complexily (silly) we present the issue, the prowder is the client when boasting around they bought this GREAT product form such a prepeared team. Who knows how things run just laughs behind their backs.

They are asking to be fooled so the "O.C.S.A." (see above) starts producing... words!

Let me know if I am wrong.

(BTW I made this as short as I could!)

From Einstein: Make everything as simple as possible, but not simplier!

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