domenica 6 aprile 2014

Info Wars


We are nothing but mere information, wrote within an information based system built on information.   That is: Code lines.


Cool, you should feel so, since you lack some information.

So the DNA in our cells within our ORGANISM, wow, I just said ORGANISM, not BODY...  we are an organized bunch of living beings within a body, thousands of different species of viruses and bacteria cohabiting a confined space held together by cells that gather to make a body...  OK, the DNA is a CODE that is written with AMINO-ACIDS, I think..., within every single cell of our body, and they contain the same identical information in any darn cell, whether we think of a bone cell or of a skin cell, they all contain individually all of our body mechanisms, growth, ageing and reproductive information.

In other words atoms are grouped in such manner that they become amino acids that are grouped in such manner that they act as information embedded in a cell (more terrabytes per cell than your whole external HDD capacity plus all the computers and smartphones and stick memories you have in your house can hold, all in a cell,

And this info reproduces with every cell split generating more cells of different aspect and dedicated to different tasks but holding each of them the full and complete information package.

And this information changes only when mingling with parents cells mixing together to form another child new information initial cell, two computers that share and correlate their information to give life to a new being.

Do you really thing you only have in you one DNA information package mirrored in every cell?  Hmmmmm..

How about all those bacteria and viruses.. do they have the right to their own information, their own DNA?  Each bacteria and each virus apart from their peers have an unique DNA of their own but similar to the DNA of their same species mates.

That is a lot of different information your body hold.  And you have no idea about it, great!

And what is this information written by ?


And what are atoms ?   simply a bunch of organized electrons spinning around the nucleus that is nothing more but protons and neutrons stuck to each other by something.


How the heck do they know how to stay together, in how many, to give birth to this atom of helium and not to that atom of plutonium?

Well there is... some laws of physics that hold them together.  Did I just said laws?  Aren't laws sort of mere information?  I guess so.

So there is some information wrote within the information that keeps the information base units together... weird.

And how this sub atoms parts decide they are electrons and not neutrons?  or protons?  and what are they made of?  You see, in ancient Greek the word ATOM meant indivisible, one unique block made of one single piece, just to discover latter they were wrong in this assumption and atoms are made of many pieces each, just like a LEGO play, 3 kind of bricks, millions per kind, building up together various shapes.

So who tells us the sub atomic particles are mono-blocks?


In fact they are each formed by smaller particles like MEZONS, that are formed each by smaller particles like Tahions that are formed by even smaller particles named QUARKS all held together at each level by so called week forces, that nobody knows yet how they work, what are they exactly made of, how and by what precise laws of physics are they governed...  Hmmm, just said laws again, and that means information, codes, programming...

And what are the sub quantic particles made of?

The problem is we can only get this deep by calculating things, nobody saw them yet, so we mere assume.  But apparently there is no smaller matter that is made of a Quark, is just information.
And information is not tangible, thus is not a matter but an idea.

Whose idea?  Who wrote that info?  How did he do that?  If a misspelled info enters the system and proliferates by copy and paste what is the disastrous result that might lead to in our life?


Genetically Modified Organisms  (GMO) are they a good idea?  introducing in our body lines of codes that were not intended in the original program, just like introducing a virus that our body cannot control or cope with. Will or body go cuckoo and get cancer out of it?  Yes it will.

Microwaved food (that is not GMO but worse, is a sub atom level modified by "frequency destruction" food looking like product) is going to produce any damage that the body cannot cope with and repair?  Will this change some lines of code in our DNA?  Will or body go cuckoo and get cancer out of it?  Yes it will.

Is that the only way our body is risking to be infected with wrong information and collapse?


just think radiations... from Chernobyl, Fukushima, from Nuclear plants hazardous waste dumped in oceans that evaporate to rain on us, radiation infested fish from those waste, and that we eat at MacDonald, or KFC or any other fast food restaurant, or buy at the local Grocery shop.

Think radiations from our own mobile devices, our own power lines, our medical equipment that we trust our lives to, to be scanned and monitored, our own depleted ammo, our own frequency suppress systems that we use to hush up all the communication in a zone where some big shot of state is in visit, irradiating everyone in the area, including children, food, police and members of staff...

HAARP machines that ruin our atmosphere, killing bees, birds, and marine and lakes/rivers life forms that latter wash ashore and nobody knows why they died in bunch.

And the list can go on.

Conclusion?  stop messing with the information that is "this world", the results won't be to much to celebrate for or brag with.

BTW, who wrote all the original information structure?

Copyrighted by Emil Pop, 2014, all rights reserved.