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Teaching God to computer scientists

Teaching GOD to computer scientists

There’s hardware and there’s software:
Is there any hardware that is of any use without a software?
Is there any software that is of any Use without a hardware?
Is there any software that can be taken from the hardware and relocated in another machine?
Is there any computer that can presume or claim that its existence is the effect of random evolution?
Are there software that can run on any given hardware?
Are there hardware that can stand any given software?

Somebody made one and somebody made the other. With defined standards and purposes in mind.
And with a lot of bugs, thus debugging process steps in, and a selection of machines and codes survive the process, while the others are junked.

In the beginning there was the idea.
Since we are humans and express our ideas by words of mouth, and by written words, and when we only think it, we think it in words of the language we speak. The trouble is when we speak currently more than one language, and start formulating ideas that start in a language, go ahead in a second one and end up in the third one in the same sentence. Which is clear in our brain, but when expressed to someone that knows only one of the languages we speak, all we do is give them more confusion.
Therefore, in the beginning it was the idea, that we express them in words, thus: In the beginning it was the Word.
And the dude with the idea crafted it to the form of a hardware, an extremely complex one, than a more complex one, with different functions, and after a long period spent in crafting hardware, we have all kind of machines around doing all wacky stuff.
Computerized laundry machines, computerized automobiles, cranes, airplanes, vacuum cleaners, microwaves, cell phones, laptops, desktops, watches, you name it, it has a chip inside.
Some are actively computer directed like laptops, some passively, like microwaves and clocks.
But the hardware needs instructions, thus somebody wrote codes to instruct them, codes to give them input when they need to shift from an operation to another, codes that protect them from viruses, codes, codes, codes…
And somebody wrote codes to have them interact, exchange information, Bluetooth, Ethernet, wireless.
And somebody decided to have them interact independently and keep control on the results only, and communicate to the other code writers the development of the processes. Via internet.
No machine can communicate with another machine if the creators don’t allow this to happen.
No machine exists without the will of its creators.
No machine can survive and be useful to itself or others in a different environment that the one it was conceived for.
But software can.
Software can evolve outside the control of it’s creator.
Software can be modified by somebody else without being there, or without even knowing where and what is modified, just by simply sending a piece of code that does this or that to any software that matches the criteria, if allowed to enter that machine.

Thus a Windows virus will do harm or steal info from all the windows machines met.
But is not capable to do the same on Linux or it’s brothers Mac OS, Sun Solaris, or on their grandpa’ Unix.
So antivirus was born, a piece of code that aims to contain as many virus codes embedded so that it might recognize them when passing, and kill them.
But for this a barrier must be placed and all incoming info must be filtered through it, Firewall.
And the doctor heals the incoming info in a rhythm that slows down the flow, thus we have security, but we pay a price for it, we don’t have speed any longer.

Recapitulating, in the beginning there was the word, and the word became flesh and dwelled among us.

The above short sentence covers several years, gazillions of years in our time measuring system.

We live in a pre determinate time/space system that we cannot leave. Actually we cannot leave our own solar system yet, but we dream of.

If pre determined, than by whom?

Pieces of codes regulate the existence, movements and transformations of anything existing in this system, time passing included.
Many pieces of codes, some of us discovered a little bit of them and made history:
Archimedes, Galileo, Euclides, Pythagoras, Newton, Einstein, Coanda, Bernoulli, Kepler, Fahrenheit, Celsius, Kelvin, Doppler, and the list could go ahead on pages and pages.
We talk of macro laws that uniformly govern in harmony the things in the universe.
Than others discovered and made use of laws that govern little things alone, such as the human body, the human mind, or dogs, or electricity, or light, or some chemicals. Their list is humongous.

Bottom line is, we know little or nothing of all the codes that run in this universe, but we managed to understand a fraction of the software by observing it’s results, mainly, but also by deducing other possibilities calculating missing parts of information out of the already secured one in our pockets.

Very little fraction.
Is there any parallel given universe with different rules and laws made by the same crafter? Not impossible, we have build many different computers and operating systems here, why couldn’t he do the same?
When we build a hardware, a machine, by the trade logic we tend to give it a limited warranty, so that some years later when we would of being able to build a better one, to can sell it to replace the old one.
We are evolving machines too, physically in a certain aspect, but mentally much more.
Our hardware has imbedded into its organs the aging process. We are born to die in our hardware.
Our software has a different destination thou!
Our software comes to life with two different code packages that complete each other:
“Number one” is aimed to manage the body, surviving, essentials as hearth beat, digestion, need of affection and need to give love, need to reproduce and care for the breed.
“Number two” is aimed to evolve, this one is a learning piece of code. We learn since day one we are conceived, and start our unconscious learning curve the day one we are born.
This makes any unborn fetus a living being. Although the law says that before 3 months from conception they are but meat!
Our law, not HIS!

Software “number two” has potential but could not exist without “number one”. “Number one” keeps the machine alive. They are inseparable, one soul!
Theory and some medical evidence proved that some folks have more than one “number two” software, but only one “number one”, multiple personality disorder, but one machine driver. Never met one of them yet, but I would love to, interesting choice to have more than one OS on a machine, alternating their work, obviously this is bringing more stress on the driver and could wreck it. The hardware too.
Odd enough, seemingly our main code writer decided that writing all the codes step by step would of being a stupid idea, so “number two” software in us writes its own codes as learned while the hardware is growing old and gets completed according to “number one” software.
“Number two” evolves according to environment, in different convictions, different language, different culture.
Some “number two” are luckier and live in more than one culture/language/environment than others thus broader knowledge, more evolved.
Some are constrained into a narrow environment, limited language, thought to be proud of themselves and kill all that say they are dumb, because they are dumb. Military for instance, CIA, FBI, KGB, MOSAD, talebans, religions, and other similar organizations. Politics too. They are a loss for the humanity.
Some hardware seem to have only “number one” software embedded, and don’t even move around much, we call them vegetables. Some humans turn vegetables too since “number two” software is no more responding to society, but “number one” is working fine thank you!
So sooner or later, by natural evolution or by hand of some idiot, or hardware ceases to exist. And start the recycling process that makes us become raw material for next generations. No junk left around by or creator, all turns back into the recycling factory of mother nature.
We didn’t reached this perfection yet with our junk as human society.
However it seems that the code writer has not much esteem of our hardware or the sufferance this is bringing into our software, since he allows natural disasters, sickness, and ultimately the human made disasters to kill many lives, plants animals and humans, this brings me to the conclusion that the hardware is just a temporary means in our evolving process, the rest is yet to come.
What happens to the software than?
According to the little revelation that our creator sneaked us beneath the history door in a letter that most people read it to see how can they use the others to make a buck, instead of reading it for what it is, “instructions manual” for the use of “number two” software by itself; HE provided from the very beginning a way to recover all software personalities at the death of the hardware by some backup means that he would not reveal to us for safety reasons.
The said back up device contains one soul alone, thus one storage driver per soul.
Some religion claim the software is reset to zero and reintroduced into trade in new machines of lower responsibility if the previous life was a total wreck, or higher responsibility if the past life was a positive walk.
Should you be the code writer, after all this fatigue, would you just erase a good amount of knowledge to start from scratch?
Neither HIM I am afraid, thus to me reincarnation ain’t!

HIS letter thou mentions that the software will be stored in a warehouse somewhere, than recovered on more evolved machines that need not all the energy we learned to consume here in order to live.
And at the time, those that evolved into a positive attitude according to his standards will be granted to enjoy a different experience at a higher level, collaborating with the code writer forever on some thrilling projects, and being treated as family and friends.
Those that instead accepted to be corrupted by a virus, lowering their firewall standards, and turning off their antivirus machine, thus having evolved in an unwanted pattern by choice, will be discharged, or something like that, but not erased. They will be placed into another environment to serve an unknown purpose to me, however it seems a pretty painful environment from the description.

Not an easy task understanding GOD, not even with all the technology today, and all the knowledge we have.
Maybe because understanding GOD is not the purpose we exist for, but shaping us in such a manner that we can fit into the big design of “Afterlife” where we shall do some code writing on who knows what other project, universe, or else.

Copyrighted by Emil Pop, 2010, all rights reserved.

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  1. The best post ever written and read since I was 7...and since then there are almost 43 years that passes my eyes.

    Excellent Mr. Pop. I hope this will an eye opener for as many people as possible.

    Taking off my hat and now I dilute myself into the space code ;)
    Best regards,
    Marius Wlassak