lunedì 28 giugno 2010

And this is how we enrich with antoher poverty. Or a friend!

Many friends is the man's poverty, sayeth once a smart dude. Pitty he died.

And here is wherefrom gets born "The Argument between The Wise and the World"

The problem lays in: Who defines the wisdom, and which would be the most adequated definition for who the World is?

Answer me!

venerdì 4 giugno 2010

Inventions versus innovations!

Inventions and innovations seem to be same thing, or much similar with eachother.

As a matter of fact they have the same aim, making future happen, improvments, novelty, thigns like that.

What they don't have in common is the process that leads to them.

Innovating requires logic, knowledge, multidiscipline, teamwork, stubonness.

You start from the old thing/concept, and apply all the formulas you can find ort immagine, ask anybody questions to see what is that they want, or think they need.

And like a cone, you narrow down a solution starting from the large base till you reach the tip, close enough to the need, that ultimately would do just fine in lack of a better one.

Inventing is the reverse process of innovating.

Most of the time who invents something does it "by mistake" so to speack.

The classic exampe is the dude that is looking to create what he is paid for, and by mistake he sees an unexpected effect/reaction that pops up to be magic.

Like microwaves oven, the dude was a radio expert, working on some new radar beam thing, and had his sandwich forgotten in front of the antenna. He turned on the machine, than off, and ups... Lunch time! He grabbed the sandwich and got his fingers burned off!

But the major inventions come while our brain is sleeping.

Is than the the inspiration is working hard, analyzing gazillions of possibilityes, "testing" virtually all that can be processed by the brain.

And one day you simply wake up with an invention. That is a solution so simple and unbelivebely perfect, to a problem thyat bothered you times ago and you simply gave up searching for.

Sometimes you didnt even looked for a solution, you heard the problem exist by mistake and ignored it.

You ignored it, but not your brain.

And the brain dug, in silence, untill one day... Bingo, you have a solution that you don't know what to do with!

And starting from the solution you calculate all the possibilityes to the base of the cone, formulas, implications, than you can prototype (or experiment) and look to comercialise it.

It is called inspiration and is worth 1% of the inventing process.

Most of the people invent something at least once a month. And they trash it in their brain, instantly.

They are not willing to do the rest of the 99%. The transpiration. Accepting to be mocked by folks because you dare testing a new idea takes guts.

This is why I respect the inventors, they have the guts to take it, the stubbordness to go ahead no matter what, knowing their idea has a signification, their work makes sense, if not for the folks around, at least for the generations to come.

Having a patent doesen't makes you an inventor, many can get a patent on bullshit.

Putting the 99% of transpiration to complete the 1% of inspiration makes you an inventor, patent or no patent.

I can tell, I am one of them.