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martedì 22 novembre 2011

How to start with nothing?

No way Jose, they would say in California!

There is always something, otherwise from nothing, nothing comes out, like in agriculture.

Maybe an idea of something you know how to do and can take it at business level, than you study your market and understand whether this could mean business or not, than you contact people and propose your solution and do it yourself until you make a little buck of savings to can grow, and naturally grow a little market around you and so on.

From nothing, nothing comes out, but from something, no matter how small and insignificant it might seem in the beginning, using the brain, perseverance, falling, hurting your knees and feelings, and raising again each darn time you fall, sooner or later you will have something.

Take my word, I done it quite a few times in my life, sometimes I failed sometimes I made it, but the important thing is no matter how discouraged I was at a certain point, and deluded, and down, I always picked myself together and up again, and went further, or changed direction.

If I made it, than you can too!

giovedì 10 novembre 2011

How can the leadership team motivate when money is no longer an option?

"First bring me in that condition than ask me that question."

Most business owners presume money is the wrong motivator just because they don't like to pay what is worth.

Pay the employe what is REALLY worth, not a fraction of it, than start coming with weird motivations.

Suppose (but mathematically absurd for any normal job) an employee is paid what is worth compared with the market life costs, the next important things to look at are:

- Balanced work program to give them time to spend with family and friends

- Creativity recompensed and not stolen from them

- Working because it's fun to do it not because they feel the breath of being laid off if they don't perform and keep their mouth shut when it comes to their rights.

I always get the best performance out of my collaborators in those conditions, working happily!

While threatening them and keeping them frightened only makes things worse, they pick up most stupid solutions to fill the momentary gap and preserve their jobs, and the later damage caused by such attitude is company goes down or bankrupt, and they are loosing their job anyway, in block with all the others.

And hiring motivators to make their head square of motivational quotes and stories.... I will never put my money in such a thing, I better give that money to the dudes that makes the company go ahead and make them happy, they need the darn money to go ahead with their family lives, but motivational stories cannot put them bread on table.


giovedì 6 ottobre 2011

Do you see any way out of this monetary crisys? Nope?

There are fixes, but those fixes are unlikely to be regarded by bankers or governemnts, since they make huge profits out of the game "get you in debt to make me rich, by buying from me, than you pay the debt the way you can, if you can't you are my man and dance the way I sing"

Debt is a powerful weapon hold aganist the stupids that took credit without having the means to pay back, and controlling governments actions by debt leverage is an old and sturdy system.

It didn't worked out too well for bankers in Iceland thou.... :) I love the Iceland people for that, I raise my hat!

Staying within the system and changing the rules to lower the burden below the "Plus Value rate of production" is a good leverage, but they will never give up controll of countryes to save them, better die together with the parasyted host rather than allow the host some breathing room!

The other way is to get OUT of the DEBT system at all, and TRASH MONEY SYSTEM.

Of course this will produce a huge monetary loss to banks and some superwealthy folks that controll the world through money and decided that right now we must have a crisys so we lower a bit our standards and give up some libertyes in their favour, but who cares since money will no longer exist!

What can we trade for?
Something tangible, like ENERGY stocks, I pay you from Italy in China 5 MegaWatts of (something, like electricity or petrol or other goods/values that I hold Power Cetificates for) againts one container of widgets, and I pay the shipper half a MegaWatt to bring it to my harbour.

No currencyes involved, and this way the banks will simply DIE!

You might say this is UTOPIA and will never work, WRONG!

I do it, and it was done since ever, BARTER, only that I do not exchange sheep for apples and have to find the apples guy that want my flock, I exchange Sheep worth of MW of Power against apples worth of MW of Power Certificates, than the guy might decide to take over the sheep flock, or to trade the MW Power "CHECK" with one for the property of a car, with the car dealer, that might use the flock or sell it for electricity, without even seing the flock.

I sold a truck load of computers and installed them in an intranet for a power producing company, and I required to be paid at the agreed price, but not with money, with electricity at their invoicing price (half market price) basically doubling my money without having any cash changing hands, than I payd a car manufacturer for a few cars at Ex Work prices in electricity, quadrupeling my money in 2 weeks, without having any cash changing hands., the result was that for the worth of ONE damn good car worth in computers I installed I had 4 damn good cars in ownership, I sold 3 and kept one!

This was my first time, 20 years ago, now I got even sneackyer... lol

domenica 21 agosto 2011

Patenting is no more protecting the inventor, but the corporations against the inventors!

All you guys are lost in the woods...

Yap, patenting is supposed to be a state protection for ones intelectual property and work, but...

In reality it protects you not, is like when a thief steals your car and can go ahead driving it in the city, the police would do nothing to recuperate your car unless you sue the guy, win the trial and have a court sentence. If they would do that to car owners there would be a revolution on streets, but if they do it to inventors... who cares.

Than, in the patent wars wins who has more money for lawyers, not who is right.
Than again, those that bought patents do not necesarelly turn them into products and sales and revenue, sometimes is more rentable for them to threaten the competiton they would; black mail them to block some of their product for patent breaching, thus make big money without comercialsing the inventors idea, and while it is true any inventor dreams to make money on their ideas, they also strive to see it in use by everybody, since most of the invetors actually invent solutions for problems, and they are here to help the neighbour with their solution.

Finally, this patents war is nothing more than damagin the competition, the inventors and the state, the comunity, just to have controll over a situation and make big money by getting bribed by the competition while holding progress from evolving.

All this info comes from a patented inventor, me.

domenica 24 luglio 2011

"X" PLANE, the affordable flying car

The cheap competiton of Terrafugia Transition is now available.

Ladies and gentleman, here is to you:


The "do it yourself" 6ooo Euro (10.000 USD) multifunction vehicle (airplane plus light car)

Airplane high wing anfibious Ultralight (European norm) LSA or Experimental (in the US), Recreational or Microlight in other countries.

Manualy folding wings and removable tail in 10 minutes becomes street legal size vehicle, with penumatic motors in the rear wheels, is drivable on streets with A1 drivers license.

Variable geometry wings in flight can be configurated to ESTOL flight to land and take off slow and in short distances, and reconfigured in fast flight in flight to reach your destiantion fast and safe.

Operational limits: No aerobatics, no bad weather, no hard landings, no bumpy fields.

Operational capacityes: Grass, ice, asphalt/cement/country roads; like a normal plane: plus on water and deep snow on floaters with the gears up (floaters are very wide and work well as skies too), and once converted in a car (10 minutes of work) legally divable on pubblic roads previous registration as vehicle.

Plywood structure, composites cloth wrapping, plexiglass for the windshield, all you need is skills, some basic tools (better if you get some electric tools thou) and if you are not two lef handed in 50 hours is ready to fly. 200 hours for less skilled ones.

To ease your work you could have all the plywood precut with a CNC flatbed machine just by feeding it the plans you buy.

The wings structure is steel pipes welded, so you need a TIG welding machine and the skills to use it (or buy your friend the welder some cold beers)

The plans can be registered for the ammount of UD 200 for further imporvements communications, registration is free until Augus First 2011 in promotional period.

Have fun while having the time of your life, drive from home to the city borders, unfold anf fly away

domenica 17 luglio 2011

It's never the right time to make your dreams happen, so either you do it or you don't, despite the times.

Stop dreaming and start doing something about your dreams.

You can't afford a cozy flight machine??

Beat them at a fraction of the price buying my plans online and building slowly piece by piece your Terrafuggia competiton all terain flight vehicle, my Fanpusher, 3 vehicles in one, anfibious ESTOL plane, fast cruiser coross country and A1 legal road licensed motorcycle with the click of a button.

With less than 50K and a lot of week-ends in one year you can drive from home to the field, take off and go wherever you see fit, land on another field, than drive to downtown. Range 2500 miles.

For cheaper persons I have finished another model that can be up and fly in les than 10.000 USD, will post plans for sale same place by the end of this week, plywood, cloth, motorcycle engine (100 hp or more) tools you find at the hardware store, ESTOL, anfibious, but folding the wings is manual, in 10 minutes you convert it from plane to motorcycle and viceversa. Range 800 miles.

By Christmas I plan to post a nanoflyer convertible that coud be ready to fly within 5000 USD, still work in progress, a slow mover for fun only, or small commuting jobs within 200 miles.

Don't wait the dream to come to you, make it happen. When I first started to buid my helicopter, my wife went nuts ans she asked me if I think it is the right time to start such a project.

I told her it's never the right time, either you do it or you don't.

I did it!

Still building thou, but thigs are moving towards the first flight, and when done I will publish those plans too!

mercoledì 29 giugno 2011


Biplan with the wings in tandem, stable as a truck on a road, cannot enter in a spin on it's own nor induced, but it has limitations on diving angle, better not accentuate too much...

Take off with regular chord angle at 300 Km/h, top speed 700 Kmh;
Take off in ESTOL configuration with maximum thickenss chord on variable geometry wings 40 Km/h in 50 meters, max speed 80 Km/h.

Wings geometry variable in flight.

Once landed the wings fold pneumatically and the whole machine will be as big as a camper but legal size to drive on streets, and the total weigth empty is below 400 Kg thus can be registered as a A1 license vehicle (motorcycle, tryke or light quadricycle) drivable on streets, so you can land out of the city boundaryes, fold your wings and drive in the city to downtown.

At that size finding a parking might be a problem, but for the rest... you go out of your garage, drive to an empty field out of the city, unfold, take off, and no highways needed to go long distances, all you need is fine weather.

Operating conditions:

No bad weather, no storm, no deep mud, no acro, no aerobatics.

ESTOL strips on anything, the wells are huge and can take unprepeared fields, gravel, sand, grass, snow, ice, on deep fresh snow operate like on water with the gears up, on water can land on waves as high as 2 meters if the distance in between the waves is more than twice the lenght of the plane and if there is no stormy wind.
The fan/propeller is protected for most cases of water / sand ingestion on normal weather conditions.

Click anywhere in this text to go to the product page!

And if there is no love, nothing exists

Simplity without love loses it's value.

Words without love turn you in an introvert.

Law without love subjects you.

Politics without love makes you selfish.

Faith without love transforms you in a fanatic.

Inteligence without love makes you a pervert.

Justice without love makes implacable.

Dilpomacy without love makes you an hypocrit.

Success without love makes you be an arrogant.

Richness without love makes you stingy and miser.

Obedience without love makes you servile.

Poverty without love makes you proud.

Beauty withou love makes you ridiculos.

Authority without love makes you a tyrant.

Work without love makes you a slave.

lunedì 13 giugno 2011

Cruss cross methods to comply with funding companies:

This is from a real case, of many:
Step one, invented marvelous product.

Step 2, done prototyping "lab" ones to test, on family money, friend free work, stolen materials, junkyard, whatever you see fit.

Step 3, found some ANGELS (family members, friends) that put some little savings into the incorporation papers and became partners, since they helped anyway and beleive in the product.

Until here all is fine!

Here is where the shit hits the fan:

Step 4, hanging around like crazy to demonstrate the potential to clients and venture funds (banks don't even open you the door)

Clients pretend you have already sterted production and somebody elese already bought your product first so they can trust you, Venture capitals require that you are revenue ready, that is you didn't started production but clients already signed some orders trusting your lab prototypes.

End of the games, here is where most fresh ventures die!

Solutions :pack what you have and go hit them hard and often, how???

Step 5 Find some clients that would sign you PRO FORMA contracts conditioning the purchase on your machine performing as promised.

Find some distributors that would sign you the same.

WARNING, a pro forma contract becomes a full contract the second they placed the first order.

NOW you are SEMI revenue ready. You need to start production first, but still no money.

Step 6 Go to the investors and show them your business plan, teaser, term sheet and the rest, than show them your contracts, and tell them you don't want their money NOW, all you want from them is a commitment that they would fund you IRREVOCABLE if you start production, that is also a pro forma, it is conditioned.

But you still don't have the little money you need for the first units so you become revenue ready....

Step 7 Now you take all the proforma to another Angel - Broker - Bank, and keep nagging them untill one says YES, sell 1% of your company for the minimum necessary to "ignite the mechanism", say 100 I.O.U. (Invented money) showing them you sell later to the investors 20%, but not for 2000 I.O.U. that would be same price per %, since you have them already promised you they will buy 20% for 100.000 I.O.U., that raises the price of 1% from 100 to 500, in no time (a few months), high risk, high and fast return.

Step 8 The moment you sold 1% for 100 I.O.U, your proforma conditional venture capital loses the conditional pro forma status, you complyied, thus they MUST, by contract, fund you. Meanwhile make as manny untis as you can and sell them to anybody you can (forget your pro forma contractors for a moment)

That makes you: revenue ready and with comerical product on the market.

Step 9 Voila, now your proforma contractors must buy from you since you fulfilled their condition too, and that's bringing you some more orders, so when finally the Venture Capitals arrive (it takes time) you have market, orders and some delievered orders in your portofolio.

Step 10 Now you are in busines and must perform to buy back your shares from the investor in due time (or sell with him all the pack to another company/buyer, etc)

Warning, in between step 1 and step 10 there might pass even 10 years, it depends on how hard and often you knock at the doors, how many doors per day, how often you loose faith and give up for a while, etc.

venerdì 10 giugno 2011

Lesson: never assume things before getting well informed

One day this man was going home from job, pissed off on clients that don't pay, suppliers that don't consign, employees that don't perform, state controlls and bad banking, he took the subway to move faster accross the city.

Next stop a man came in, badly dressed, obviously he hadn't had a bath in days, he looked strange, maybe he was a bit drunk or high, and with him 5 kidds under age of 10, running all over the place, yelling, laughing and stumbling over peoples bags, but the man didn't seemed to care much

Our tired man was sitting in front of the dirty careless father of 5, so he said in anger: "Mister, be so kind and mind your kidds, they are so nasty and uneducated!"

The dirty man like woke up said:" Sorry sir, I was thinking at someting else, you know, we come from the Hospital, my wife has cancer, she died 2 hours ago, and I had no courage to tell them yet, I was there all days and nights in the past week, didin't even washed, the kidds were with my syster. Now she is with my wife's doctors to do the papers, and we go home to prepare for funerals, I'll tell them home abut this, they are so happy I don't want everybody to see them cry in the subway"

Our man went home and feelt eased, after all his little work problems were nothing compared to what that family was passing through.

Lesson: never assume things before getting well informed, and never hit back in anger anybody, maybe they didn't hit you, it was just a mistake that can be easily compreheded and dealth with if only you ask for some more info.

Just ask

giovedì 26 maggio 2011

Best way for hiring is: Kann er was???

When the Hitler's Nazi hiered somebody (I think it was Goering) they didn't gave a crap on the dude's credentials, diplomas or imbecility, the only question they asked was: Kann er was?

What can he do?

Credentials or not the output was the only important thing, that's why they took over the world at the time.

People were hired to do what they knew, credentials or not.

I saw thousands of imbeciles with diplomas ruining companies with their imbecile decisions, and not only, they also managed to be trusted and hold key positions, thus they were also fiering those that could save the company fearing for their own position, if the owner finds out they are imbeciles and the others are smart, gues what???

I blame this on the business owners, they trusted the papers of those well schooled and highly recommended imbeciles and gave them controll.

But... Kann er was???

International research paper on food rights

Recently they have made a research worldwide with the theme: Food equality rights.

The questin was only one: "Please tell us what is in your oppinion the reason why the rest of the world experimens a lack of food?"

The research was a total failure:

- In Africa they had no ideea what the word "food" means

- In western Europe they had no idea of the meaning of the word "lack"

- In Eastern Europe nobody knew what "oppinion" was

- In south America nobody knew the significat of the word "please"

- The north Amercians still wander what is the significat of the phrase "the rest of the world" and wander if it really exists

domenica 15 maggio 2011

Flowers bloom to be so beautiful, but their life doesn't last for too long. No matter what we try to do...

Flowers are not the purpose of the plants, they are the means to create the fruit and the seed, the fruit is not the purpose but the means, to protect the seed and nurture the seed when it get's in the ground, the seed is not the purpose, but the means, the means to breed a new plant.

That's the purpose, the new plant, that's why flowers are soo delicate and ephemere, they are part of a work in progress, how many flowers have you had as your work in progress?

I'd have to know what people really meant by "green energy"

BTW, it has ever passed your mind Fukushima might of being a nuke power producing facility not an electric car????

When we talk about green energyes here, it means the way we produce them, not the way we use these energyes, be them electric, biogas or else!

I got involved in a hydroenergetic turbine project to produce electricity out of water streams with no need of environmental destructions such as dams and channels, and also fish friendly, sizes from river to ocean tidal machines, with a good return rate on investment.

Never said that I am holly, and BTW, I am fixed with cars, airplanes and helicopters, I design them, prototype them, modify them, I have a rotary engine patent and already prototyped the first unit, now working on the diesel version drawings, I fight my fights and create future in as much as I can, but future is not only personal transportations, TV or savings, it is also our health, energy, our children.

What would you do of the car of your dreams if you'd knew your future is doomed because of the way you produce your energy? Or the food you choose to eat? OOPS, you already know that....

And as much as the prices for the turbines, you'd be amazed of their affordabillity for the home user, they pay themselves back in 8 to 12 years just by not paying anymore power bills, and are designed to last dozens of years with the due maintanace.

And you don't even need a river by the house, you pump the power to the grid where you have the turbine, and consume it home, the excess you sell to the grid user, that's all!

Meanwhile you "consider" the green ????

Do yourself a favour, take a step forward and make your dreams happen, as I did!

sabato 14 maggio 2011

And there is still people that sincerely and genuinely think HAARP does not exist and Fukushima was a natural disaster:

2013 and beyond

By Leta Letourvoicesecho-Tru Kristiansen


Because the patent clearly states that weather control can be achieved by utilizing an ionosphere heating ELF system, details on the earlier pre HAARP ionosphere heating ELF systems re...veal a NEW WORLD ORDER GLOBAL NETWORK OF SECRET WEATHER MODIFICATION TRANSMITTERS.

The most powerful ionosphere heating ELF facilities (until HAARP is completed) were constructed by the Soviet Union at sites in Sura, Gorkiy, Monchegorsk, and Dushanbe (Tadzhikistan). Western ionosphere heater ELF transmitters are located at Tromso, Norway; Arecibo, Puerto Rico; near Fairbanks, Alaska; and at Platteville, Colorado (which is now allegedly "closed").

These systems, together with the Russian Woodpecker Tesla Magnifying Transmitters, have created a severe alteration of global weather patterns - beginning in 1976, but intensifying throughout the 1980's and 1990's, as more ELF transmitter stations were constructed.

The new Gakona HAARP project is only the beginning stage of a much larger system. Later, the antenna array will be vastly expanded and radiate power of 1.7 GIGAWATT - billions of watts, making it THE MOST POWERFUL IONOSPHERE HEATER ELF TRANSMITTER IN THE WORLD.

The official March 2, 1992 Federal description of the HAARP transmitter (Specification No. SS-HAARP-02) states: "One of the major issues to be addressed under the program is the generation of ELF waves in the ionosphere by high frequency heating. This requires locating the heater where there are strong ionospheric currents, either at an equatorial location or a high latitude (auroral) location. ... Ground based techniques employ the use of high power, radio-frequency (RF), transmitters (so-called 'heaters') to provide the energy in the ionosphere that causes it to be altered, or enhanced."

"...The potential exists for generating such (ELF) waves by ground-based heating of the ionosphere. The heater is used to modulate the conductivity of the lower ionosphere, which in turns modulates ionospheric currents. This modulated current, in effect, produces a virtual antenna in the ionosphere for the radiation of radio waves. The technique has ALREADY been used to generate ELF / VLF signals at a number of vertical high frequency heating facilities in the West, AND IN THE SOVIET UNION."

(Note: This official 1992 spec sheet admits that the system has been successfully used at many locations East and West. The 1987 Eastlund patent, issued by the U.S. Patent Office, clearly says that a similar system can modify weather and alter the jet stream. Thus, FOR THE FIRST TIME, OPEN U.S. GOVERNMENT DOCUMENTS CONFIRM THE EXISTENCE OF A NETWORK OF RUSSIAN & U.S. ELF WEATHER ENGINEERING SYSTEMS.)

The official HAARP specification sheet shows how the system generates effects similar to those of Soviet Tesla devices: "...At peak power operation...modest amounts of energy begin to go into electron acceleration, resulting in modest levels of electron impact excited AIRGLOW. ... The airglow enhancements strongly suggest that...wave particle interactions and electron acceleration" is involved at the next stage.

"The Soviets, OPERATING AT HIGHER POWER THAN THE WEST, now have claimed significant stimulated ionization by electron impact ionization. ... Given that the Soviet high frequency facilities are several times more powerful than the Western facilities at comparable mid latitudes, and given that the latter appear to BE ON THE THRESHOLD OF A NEW 'WAVE PARTICLE' REGIME OF PHENOMENA, it is believed that the Soviets have crossed that threshold and are exploring a regime of phenomena still unavailable for study or application in the West."


"...Diagnostics for ELF Generation Experiments: These could include a chain of ELF receivers to record signal strengths at various distances from the heater; ... A magnetometer chain, to observe CHANGES IN THE EARTH'S MAGNETIC FIELD in order to determine large volume ionospheric currents and electric fields..."

The HAARP specification sheet continued: "The most important diagnostic equipment is a set of ELF receivers in the 30-200 hertz frequency range" (a far wider ELF range than is admitted in most of the HAARP documentation, which claims that the new system will only generate ELF waves in the 70-150 hertz frequency range) "located in the near and far fields of the heater generated ELF..."


(It should be noted that Dr. Eastlund has not been associated with ARCO for some time and apparently is not directly associated with HAARP, even though the system is obviously based upon his government assigned patents.)

After the August 11, 1987 patent, two additional Eastlund patents, related to his invention and the subsequent HAARP project, were released: Patent number 4,712,155; Dec. 8, 1987 (coauthored with Simon Ramo) and U.S. Patent number 5,038,664; August 13, 1991. The 1991 patent describes how HAARP will work:

"This invention provides a method for establishing an upper region of a high density (i.e., electron concentration), high energy plasma at a selected altitude, e.g., at least about 1500 km, above the surface of the earth. Plasma (i.e., charged particles) which normally exists at a lower region, e.g., altitude of at least about 250 km, is excited by first electron cyclotron resonance heating to thereby increase the charged particle energy. This is done by transmitting circularly polarized electromagnetic radiation from a point at or near the location where a naturally occurring dipole magnetic field (force) line intersects the earth's surface. The radiation is deliberately transmitted at the outset in a direction substantially parallel to and along the field line which extends upwardly through the region or regions of plasma to be altered..." (PART OF THE PROTECTIVE MAGNETIC BELT THAT SHIELDS EARTH, WILL THUS BE ZAPPED ON A LARGE SCALE.)

"...The earth's magnetic field is somewhat analogous to a dipole bar magnet. As such, the earth's magnetic field contains numerous divergent field or force lines, each line intersecting the earth's surface at two points on the opposite sides of the equator. The field lines which intersect the earth's surface near the poles have apexes which lie at the furthest points in the earth's magnetosphere, while those closest to the equator have apexes which reach only the lower portion of the magnetosphere and below. ... In both, the earth's ionosphere and the magnetosphere, plasma is present along these field lines..."

In addition to the previously mentioned network of ionosphere heating ELF weather engineering transmitters, the U.S. Government has also been running other secret ionosphere zapping generators inside America. A pre HAARP system called the Ionospheric Research Instrument (IRI) was set up at Mineral Wells, Texas. At Stanford, California, Stanford Research Institute is now running ionospheric modification programs. The official HAARP specification sheet also reports that the U.S. is running a "Brazilian Ionospheric Modification" transmitter.

Other pre HAARP work has taken place at Poker Flat, Alaksa. The ionospheric heater ELF transmitter at Arecibo, Puerto Rico, has been concealed as part of a giant radio telescope project at the same location. That ELF facility was apparently opened by the U.S. as part of the 1974 Vladivostok joint Soviet - U.S. weather engineering agreement. The Puerto Rico transmitter was turned on about three years after the start of the Soviet Woodpecker system. (thanks to East Bay Truther for info)

domenica 27 marzo 2011

It is in you moments of undecison when your destiny is wrecked forever! Let that NEVER happen!

"It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped" said Anthony Robbins.

Well.. Anthony was darn right,but...

Most of the times we fear to move a finger, we fear to stand for our rights or ideas, we fear to stand for the feeble under attack or being bullyed, all this because we fear to be mocked, diminushed, assaulted and ridiculed, apart that phisical injury we fear to death.

So we pass by, pretend we were not there, we haven't seen, heard, understood.

We watch TV and get dumbed since we don't want to have anything to do with the reality, and when the reality is in front of our eyes, we pretend we still watch TV so we dont have to take action.

And than we vote whatever is put in front of us, without considering that apart that there are many other choices, and one of them is ourselves, but we won't take any chance to expose ourselves to public oprobium, what chances do we have to win the race?

Therefore our lives are a constant indecision
, a constant denial, a constant "sweet doing nothing", thinking nothing, being polite when we feel like cursing, smiling when our tears are flooding our eyes, and turnig around not to see when our soul colapses inside us for not having that moment of wise decision to take action and stand for what is right!

And we pretend we want a better tomorow...

From whom?

sabato 19 marzo 2011

Vote is a very powerful weapon held against the voters!

Don't you believe so?

YOU ARE WRONG my friend!

When you vote you pass your power to the voted person, you give them legitimity to think and act for you.

They can than for a period of time think and act with their own brain and according to their own culture and way of perceiving things for you even if you for some reason think it differently and want it differently.

They have your rightfull power in their hands to use it, and you are at thier mercy!

You gave them the key to your handcufs, the keys to your jail cell, and the police car and gun locker keys.

They can on your own empowerment arrest you for not agreeing with them and their way of doing things, handcuff you with your own handcufs, lock you in your own cell, and condemn you based on your own right to condemn given to them in temporarily use.

Anything you say and do can and will be used against you in the court of law or even before that, in the martial law.

Nothing of what you say and do will be used to help you, because if you get help, than they lose your vote and the given right to humiliate you, slaughter you, farm you as a livestock, and reduce you in financial and social and echonomical and phisical slavery at their mercy.

Beware when you cast your vote, to whom you give absolute power upon yourself.

Don't ever vote for somebody that alienated their personality and took upon themselves the personality of a political party, choosing between right or left, liberals and conservatives, or any other ancient political establishment is insane.

It is sign of mental illenss doing again and again the same things, electing the same political lines, and still expecting things to change, are you sick minded?

Look for new proposals, out of the choires, indipendent, free minded, and vote them.

If you think it is uselles since they won't be elected anyway, for people won't vote them anyway because they are new and all folks trust is; "known lines of action" you are right, all folks prefer to vote for right and left since they don't know this things I wrote here, and if they don't know is all YOUR fault.

Don't keep your mouth shut, talk to your friends over a beer and show them there is hope, there are alternative ways, all they have to do is MAKE THEM HAPPEN.

sabato 12 marzo 2011

We are a society of brain users infested by a humonguos subsociety of brainwashed

The best way to get followers is to write things that people want to read, no to publish Ozone crap song things

[Davidbfierce Pierce]
I agree. Your blog is excellent.

Well, I write what I feel like.
I try not to paste idiot things and mantain a certain level of clenanes of expression

[Davidbfierce Pierce]
It shows. You are the real thing.

Simple rules, but effective; just do the same

[Davidbfierce Pierce]
Thanks brother. I really appreciate your help.

People follow me beacuse they like what and how I say it, and tell their friends for the same reason.
But if you post Ozone crap and others, you might yes have some followers, but take my word on this, they are of no good.

[Davidbfierce Pierce]
I understand, and I agree.

We are a society of brain users infested by a humonguos subsociety of brainwashed, I only want the brain users to folow me, as for the brainwashd I ofer them the blue pill and the red pill, like in the Matrix, when they choose to use the brain they are accepted

[Davidbfierce Pierce]
Cool. I just reject such people.

Don't reject them, educate them as I did with you, if they stick around you it means they started in a small proportion to have doubts of their brainwashed condition, don't throw them back in the shit pool, help them out with infinte patience, as you have bieng helped out by some folks, and I love to believe I was one of them, do the same
don't be picky on them, whosoever wants to come out of the brainwash condition pool of shit just give them a hand, I know you'll feel dirty for a while, get insulted in your convintions, but take my word, you can wash it when you succeeded saving them, and gained a friend or two.

Get dirty to do a clean job!

mercoledì 9 marzo 2011

Freedom is an inside job.

We have the bad habit to blame.


If we have a business to bury people and people don't die in the rithm we must pay the taxes, thus we run a bad business, the others are at fault, they should die in a sustainable rithm, no???

If we run a business of providing drugs for the pharmacies so that people can cure themselves but the folks don't get sick, thus nor us neither the pharmacies are making enough money to keep up with the increasing greed of the taxman, that is the fault of the damn healthy people, thus we invent vaccines and chemtrails and toxic water and unhealthy food, aspartame, nutrasweet, conservants, to keep them sick and buying our medicinals.

If we run a hospital where curing one patient for a week makes us gain 500, but giving the same patient a surgery of 2 hours brings in our pockets one hundred thousand of profit, than no matter what the patient has, we will do our best to justify the cure by a surgery rather than by having them eat healthy, exercise a bit and stay out of trouble, otherwise how can we afford to pay the ammount of taxes we are supposed to pay each month, not to speak of our pockets that need big cash too, so we can show up we are surgeons, not mere doctors.

Take the same logic into consumer goods, cars, insurances, asphalting, rebuilding, building, military, police... oops!

What if we are policeman or in the army and there is no enemy?

We make some, we frame people and jail them, at Guantanamo, or Auschwitz, or elsewehere, to justify our salary, we train terrorists, have them blow up something, than we kill them so they don't speak up, and arrest some poor innocent that looks as a terrorist according to standards we invented, just to reach our pension age in service!

How about the politics?????

Than some idiot realises the truth and puts it on facebook, twitter, youtube and similar, and the people start asking questions, want to know the truth, want the scammers in jail, want freedom.

What do we do when get cought?

We pass a law that anybody questioning our behaviour is a conspirational enthusiast and terrorist, and jail them on the spot.

OOPS, problem, those folks have relatives, some of them working with us, and they wikileak us to save their relatives butts.

Inside job!

Freedom is an inside job!

sabato 26 febbraio 2011

How good are you at passing the vison?

Hard times come and go, but this won't stop the world from doing business, from living, from loving and from creating.

Good times come and go, but this won't stop the world from cheating, from mocking, from mobbing, from destroing.

We live in this duality of same persons being the good and the evil in the same time, it just depends on gut feeling, mood and capacity to share the vision.

Those that drag your moral down are doing it either because your business rappresents a danger for their business, or most often because they never understood your vision, they see you making something they can't get it and that's a threat to their minds, but nothing clear, so they react by mobbing you.

I did in the past 20 years some extremely interesting psychology and sociology marketing tests on my fellows just to see how it works with this "passing the vision" thing and "prior conditioning" thing.

You'd be amazed how many people react bad to somebody's attempt to realise someting just by envy declanched by having no idea what that person is aiming for.

But if you care to pass them the vision, than they side with you by instinct, they saw the target, realsied the doability, and side with the winner.

In their mind the looser turned into a winner, if they got the vision.

The secret stays into passing the vision before is too late for your business, and many good ideas die in bad times as in good times just because the promoters were not capable to pass the vision to the markets.

Invetions and innovations get burried because the inventors and innovators can't pass the vision, and wars take place because the war promoters manage to pass the vision. Anything can be done if you can do this, anyting.

How good are you at passing the vison?

lunedì 14 febbraio 2011

All we need is a good old dictatorship, my way!

World wide riots generated by worldwide governemnts corruption, oppression of their populations, lies, robing their money, their gain, their pensions, their childrens future!

How can we stop that?

Dictators managed for a while to keep all good and doing what they wer told by fear, fear of death, fer of tomorrow, fear of torture, fear of loosing thier social status, fear of starving, fear of a war with the enemy!

Than the people got used with the fear and feared it not anymore.

So the various dictators had to agree on a new strategy of fear; Terrorism.

And they invented themselves terrorist, they trained them, armed them, gave them targets and sent them out to murder.

It worked, but not as they dreamed, so the governments decided to raise the stake a bit, make it genocyde, thus Putin told his terrorists to play the Cecens and blow the Balsoi theater in Moskow, Bush told his freind Alquaeda leader Osama Bnin Laden to blow up the twin towers.

Putin failed, his terrorists were blocked, thus he sent in the leahter heads to kill the terrorists so none of them would wickileack something. A massacre.

Bush was smarter, he sent his people months in advance at the terrorist target to place demolition explosives all over the place, so that even if the planes would of never hit those buildings, they would'off came down anyway, naturally because of terrorists. Actually one plane missed the target, building 7, and hit the twin towers for a second time, but building 7 came down anyway....

Putin did it again, this time at the Subway metropolitan station, and killed a bunch of his taxpayers, and now the russians stay still or Putin will send again some terrorists to blow them.

The british did the same strategy, and used the fooled british lads anger to convince them give up many of their civil libertyes, and just as in the case of the Patriot Act in US it worked fine, the nation got screwed big time by it's own bankers and politicians.

Spain did it too, it worked just fine, and Indonesia, and many other countries, and it seemd that nobody would ever question those bullies way of doing things.

Well... we learned from them, and now it's out turn to make our move!

We need to take over ourseves and rule our world without them. How?

Egypt, Tunisia, even Romania 20 years ago showed the path, but nobody followed, and it all ended back in their hands, because WE HAVE THE POWER, and they have all the money and all guns.

If we are happy with showing them we have power than we go to sleep, we are like a rebel horse that ends up pulling the cart again, instead of getting free and live free.

So what do we need to do?

Here is the 5 steps to make things happen:

One: Revolution.
Now waht revolution means?

revolutionem (nom. revolutio) "a revolving," from Latin revolutus, pp. of revolvere "turn, roll back"

Ok, plain words here, we have a byke front wheel, we hold it by the axe, the upper part is up, the lower part is low, by revolution we mean turning the wheel around the axe no matter wat speed, so at a certain point that what was up is now down, and what was down raised up on top. REVOLUTION. A change, ongoing change, as long as the wheel revolves things go fine, if it stops, you fall from the byke!

Back to our bomb, as long as the politicians are on top, we are out of balance, we need to take them down and put others up, Revolution!

But they don't want it, so they give laws to keep themselves on top, than we MUST REBEL AND ROVLVE THE SISTEM again, and again, and again, REVOLUTION!

Continous revolution.

Now once we dropped them in the mud and flushed the water what???

Second step:

New Constitution needed
, where there are mentioned several things that are essential:

1 No politician can be elected for more than one mandate of 4 or 5 years, no matter if in the cityhall or any level above. Politics is not a preofession but a rapresentation, nobody can hold pension rights or seniority for that.

2 There is parliamentary imunity ONLY for what they say or vote in parliament, and for nothing else, not even for how they act in the name of their position.

3 The constitution is not amendable by any means, the only changes that can be brought are by POPULAR REFERENDUM. Proposals for the modifications of the constitution are not inconstitutional, since they atempt to obtain the modifications by a popular referendum.

4 Any proposal of law that is unconstitutional cannot be forwarded, and the promotors of that law must be prosecuted for anticonstitutional behaviour, and should they be part of a political party or in political elected positions they must be releasd from their position and the penalty must be doubled.

5 No person can hold two political offices in the same time, and no person can hold a plitical position and another paid job in the same time.

6 If the private intereses of a person are in conflict with political positions they cannot candidate themselves, and if already previously elected, they lose their politically elected position on the spot.Attempt to candidate to a political or administrative position that one is incompatibel with is considered legal offence and punished with jail.

7 No person or business established in this country can open businesses abroad and pay smaller salaries to the employes abroad, all the employes of a company no matter what other country work in, or what nationality they have, they are must have the same salaries and benfits indiferent of the laws in the other country.

8 No business can have the monopol of the market. Holding more than 5% of a market is monopolising it. The only ones that can have the monopol of the market are the inventors themselves fort the period of their patent covering, but they cannot sell exclusive rights or license exclusively to nobody. They must sell their inventions rights to as manny busines as there are interested to buy it. The market is considered to be the province, thus no more than 5% of a province can be served by a single supplier

9 The state and local administration ca run no business, can hold shares in no business, can controll no business, not even the local utilityes, hospitals, schools or transportations, and they must make sure there is competiton on the market permanently. The state can only hold infrastructures such as roads and railways or similar.

10 No artificial food or genetically modifyed food is allowed on the markets, and it is forbidden to breed and cultivate artificial food and genetically modifyed food, import it, export it, process it or trade it..

11 Citysens can and must arrest the wrongdoers by the Citysens Arrest rights in the constitution. The arrested person (guilty or not) shall not oppose and must folow the arrestor to the nearest police station where the arrested must be hold for 24 hours with the arrestor until a judge hears them.
Who resists the Citysens arest will be punished double of the penalty for the reason it was arrested.
Citysens arrest applies equaly to hosoever is on theritoty of the country, citysens, non citysens, including but not limited to the police forces, military, political persons and the president and the ministers themselves, anybody that can prove their case can arrsest them and consign them to justice.
The abusors of this Citysens arrest method, that do it for fun or any otehr reason and cannot prove a case to the judge, shall be punished with double of the penalty they wanted to inflict the arestee, plus 1 year of civil rights suspension when that punisment is over.
Once the judge heard the case they can procede with sending in court the guilty party to be legally processed.

12 Any private citysen can film and registrate their telephonic conversations, their privare conversations and their any interviews or interogations by the law enforcement employees or anybody else just in case they need evidence of illegal behaviour to take their case to court.

13 There is noo need for any kind of license to start a business in any domain on it's own unlimited responsability, be it medical, legal, engineering, services, production or anyting else. Free competiton is allowed on public soil and for each on their own private proprety.
For running a business in a limited liability form there are more restrictive requirements, and the administrators have however unlimited responsability for the consequences of their actions.

14 There is no profit tax, just an income tax worht 3% of the invoice or transaction/salary. No other tax is allowed, no property tax, no Add Value Tax or anything else.
The tax money go to the cityhall of residence of the business or of the person.
The cityhall retains 50% for it's own use and delievers 50% to the immediate superior teritorial system (say: province), that retains 50% of it's share and forwards the rest to the immediate superior teritorial system (say: region or state) that retains 50% of the cash enterd and forwards the rest to the central government, that uses it for central government administration, army etc.
Should there be more intermediaries levels in between the cityhall tax colection and the central government same procedure will be applied to each level.
Money belong to who preoduced them, and must stay where they were produced.

15 The salary level in the public administration and politics can only be decided by popular referendum. Same for the expenses of each office and the number of employees authorised to serve such office.

16 The workday is of 6 hours for a regular pay, be it in public or private sector. All other hours are to be paid double. Maximum of working hours allowed is 9 in 24 hours. People must have time to create, share and stay with family and friends every day.
The working week is monday through Friday, or it's equivalent for those that are in a business that occupies their weekend; 6 days a week for 6 hours a day. Every day each person must have 18 hours of rest and parivate intereses at disposition.
And every end of a week of work a person must have 48 hours plus the 18 of the last day of work as weekly rest time.
If for the working days they can choose to work for a pay another 3 hours a day, 6 days a week, for the end of the working week the 48 hours of rest are mandatory. The time at home while at disposition "on call by the job" is not to be considered time of rest, and must be paid 30% of the perceived wedge for every hour while the person is "hold to return to work on call".

17 Only the government can issue money, no private system (bank) can issue money. Private systems can only issue proof checks that are based on existing deposits. Trade can be hold in any private form against any private exchange means including government money, but not limited too, people might choose to trade against deposits of Kw of energy they might have produced or obtained against another comercial exchange, for example.

And many other articles that alow the citysens to CONTROLL in a transparent manner the operation of their elected leaders.

Third step:

Elections, local, central, all of it, and make sure that indipendent candidates are not shaded by some dirty tricks, by banks paid party members to drop them off and have in election line only bank or other private business corrupted people.

Fouth step: Controll ANYTING they say and do once you elected them, and should you find them doing something illegal, or refusing to deliever you the informations required, arrest them with your CITYSENS ARREST rights and throw them in jail. There must be NO SECRETS in government, they are payd by you, you own their ass, and they must report to you on demand.

Fifth thing to do: Change them as you cange your socks, even twice a day if necesarily, if you see some working well, let them work and finish their mandate, and if they don't work as supposed, out with them on the spot, you pay them, they must fear you.

This is DICTATORSHIP of the business owners (the people) upon their employees (administration), you must be harsh on them, controll them constantly, and jail them as soon as they do something wrong, no mercy, they wanted the job and the money, they must know with the job comes controll and responsabilityes. This is worht for miltary and police too, includinng the secret services and customs, no exception.

Private business can have secrets as long as their activityes do not contravein the law or the constitution, comercial secrets, research and development secrets, they are a private business.

Pubblic affairs must be as transprent as thin air, you are the shareholders, they are the employees.

This is what I understand by a good dictatorship, and this is the new system that wee need
, to replace capitalism, comunism, fascism, socialism, nazism, monarchy and any other form of repression and controll, no matter under what mask they hide.

You gave up too early, that's all!

Things you don't like they might still be true! The net is full of bogus info, and full of real info, just go find it and ponder upon.

Than dig, you shall find material in sufficiency, I promise you!


LOL, I forgot how effective are they at keeping you ignorant, disinformed and uninformed, and making you believe the little you know is perfect, is all that is to be known, and that anything that doesent match with the story must be bullshit!

Let's make a deal, I dont want to push down your throat things you are not able to swallow yet.

Number one, follow the hidden path in my bolg to search with the keywords in my text for info on any serach engine you see fit.

go to:
and subscribe or follow or friend me. After all, it's free. P.S. read between the lines too!

Number two, apart thinking with your own brain, use cloud thinking.

Best way I found is to publish things online and get comments and reactions, like here.

An easy way to start is also in my blog, beneath each post there are tweeter and facebook and other buttons, my daily mantra is posting and tweeting 3 each morning, 3 each afternoon and 3 each night (sometimes more than 3), it takes me 5 minutes to do a mantra and brings me cloud thinking imput, pieces of evidence that I assemble in time, and it brings me dozens of real people to ask to connect with me each week, people that after all, being capable of chritical thinking, ask me questions, provide me answers, links, material.

When I run out of posts to publish, I just start from the last one in backwards chronological order.

You can also publish anything else you find online that makes sense and you find it to be true (or funny), it has good effects.

Last but not least, send me in a private message your e-mail addres, I will send you some 200 pages to ponder upon, you might just find it interesting.

sabato 12 febbraio 2011

Ignorat Americans, they think they "own" the world because they yearly bribe some dictators to stay in power and do their will!

Gary Arnold Fowler sayeth: "You don't suppose that all the people who are rebelling over there are all from countries that have received U.S. aid, do ya? Na .. that couldn't be it LOL."

Blessed "government guided" ignorance!

US aid to do what with? kill eachother?

Better with no aid than with this kind of aids!

Again Gary Arnold Fowler: "I dunno what they did with their aid, have no idea. The U.S. never gives away money just for nothing, though."
Net reply: To buy guns, ammo and combat crafts from US only, that's why.
Money are tied to clauses of favoritism, in other words they are not free, not really aids, just another form of brabary, we give you the aids if you buy from us and from us only!
Call it "aid".
Is murder, not aid,
like "let me help you, I'll cut your throat, ok?"

Davidbfierce Pierce was right on that: "Egypt receives ~1.5 billionUS per year, which they turn around and use to purchase US-made weapons. the entire amount is used for this purpose. The Egyptian weapon of choice is the F-16 fighter jet."

I say: Better no aid than this kind of aid.

Wanna help Egypt? Don't sel them a thing, buy from them national products MADE BY PRIVATE PEOPLE! not by state entityes.

Ship them not food and clothes, they can make them themselves, but good (even used) computers, and go there teach them photoshop, autocad, corel, hacking, cracking, programming, web creation, teach them to weld, cut, thread metal, work and glue the wood, make theri own gloe and their own goods, so they became indipendent of the american "aid"

Theach them to build ultralight airplanes, satelites, cars, boats, teach them to be indipendent from the STATE, and keedp their new goverment under tight controll!

This kind of "aid" US is giving to dictators is worse than A.I.D.S. (HIV) to the nations. IT MUST BE STOPPED.

Better without!

venerdì 11 febbraio 2011

Third World War , Einstein said he has no idea with what weapons will be fought, but the fourth wil be fought with sticks and stones!

First Afganistan on grounds of a "Holywood made" fake attact on 9/11, dealth between the Bush family group of interesses and the Bin Laden family group of interesses, where Bush made available professional trainers, explosives and techincall crews, plus 7000 people to be murdered, and Bin Ladens made available one of them as the escape goat, plus sveral idiots as actors to die in the crush, and lately seveal thousands of innocent arabs to be killed by americans just to keep us believing ti's all real.

Than Iraq on grounds of faked proves on chemical and nuke threat on the world, although everybody knew it's all lies, although even the damn Mubarak told the americans not to do it, but they had to; they want to rule on us so they must start somewhere, why not in the dessert countries, they are muslims anyway, so who cares what the US soldiers do to them?!

Now US is getting ready to invade Egypt on grounds of.... no problem, they don't need anymore grounds, like Hitler didn't needed afer invading Poland and attaching Austria, he just felt he could attac the world and did it!

We paid the price!

This might be the beginin of the THIRD WORLD WAR; humans against governments!

Einstein had no idea with what weapons would it be fought, but I have a pretty clear idea who will be the main enemies.

People against governments coalition.

Dangerous times, we have all the resources, they have all the guns.


lunedì 31 gennaio 2011

All are pyramidal schemes, and as such subject to corruption.

All we came with in history untill now is imperialism, democracy, feudalism, capitalism, fascism and comunism with it's little brother called socialism

None of them are perfect, as a mater of fact they all are pyramidal schemes, and as such subject to corruption.

They all need money to mantain control over goods possesion and property transfer, they all use money to tax; the work, trade, inheritance.

They all need you to over work so you don't have time to think, to overwork so you overproduce to mantain the dummies at the top, etc, and all of them are resources destroyers, including human resources, we are expandables for them.

It is time to look for something better, an economy based on resources regeneration, where the best ideas are rewarded and the worse ideas are discharged.

An economy not based on money and taxes, but on energy, ideas, solutions and echology.

Shifting the system it always has being a disaster, like from feudalism to capitalism, it won't be beter now, and I wander what solutions are we going to invent and how are we going to apply them, how will the old system in power resist change, how much blood shade, and how will they try to buy in the leadership of the new system.

How long will it take this change, one generation, two, more?

Time will tell, for now we started, and it won't be easy.

Chaos and greed, good or bad things?

Chaos is best if well organised!

As this sentence has an impossibilty, lt must be a joke!

That was but mere chaos, organised chaos is when Mossad and CIA and their peers step in to creat it for their proffit!

Chaos is like greed, up to a certain level it works as lubricator of the situation preventing it from getting jammed (greed is helping the economy move and grow if moderate)

Chaos over a certain degree, wehter is the organised one I mentioned or no organisation behind it, it's a disaster, and it works on the law of "the sneackiests survives" which is not a good idea.

I have seen them all, since I am born in Romania, under Ceausescu, saw and lived personally the "organised Chaos" of Iliescu +KGB +Securitate to fake a revolution to have legal grounds to inherit Ceausescu's trone, and also saw the chaos by mistake later on, and I was lucky enough to live the small organised chaos of emerging economy during Constantinescu Presidency that launched sky rocket the Romanian economy for a few years, than Iliescu came back and all went down the drain and in the maf hands again, till today.

Under Basescu there is organised maf in leadership and administration and the state is stealing from the citysens in an organised manner, no chaos, no place to live.

I am in Italy since 2000 and watch my homecountry situation from abroad, and I don't really like what I see.

Too much greed, too much controll, no chaos allowed to lubricate the economy or the politics, all is set and dictated and imposed by above, no more comunist dictatorship, but banks and fiscal dictatorship.

martedì 25 gennaio 2011

I just wander, why on earth are we paying them through taxes when we can simply live better without them!

I found this in a blog on Ecademy,
"Business : Many are Culled. Few are Chosen."

by Leon Benjamin on 23-Jan-11 1:34pm

His last section:

The support economy

A promising new approach to harnessing the value of knowledge workers is being pioneered by Ki Work inspired by the ground breaking book, The Support Economy that has predicted the shift from 'managerial capitalism to 'collaborative capitalism'.

Ki work has developed a platform that enables individuals to form virtual companies that can provide services to any business anywhere in the world that in some categories can actually be cheaper than offshore labour because it can be provided on-demand.

It can be switched on and off.

With the right so called 'deep support', advice and guidance, knowledge workers in Britain can adapt and indeed thrive but need to realise that a 'career' has ceased to be a feasible way to organise working life.

To adapt to new ways of working, knowledge workers need to prepare for, and seek out multiple sources of income.

More than this, they need to realise they'll get better support from each other than from the institutions that are supposed to serve them.

They need to learn how to create value by collaborating to bring products and services to market that compete head-on with big brands.

They need to view work as an instrument of self-development and personal autonomy and entrepreneurship not as a status symbol, but as an attitude.

An attitude everyone's going to need.

end of quote.


And this raises the question!

IF we need to shift our work model to a collaborative multitasking multi small income job, which is fine to me, doing lees of the institutional support that is unreliable, that cannot guarantee us anymore indeterminate positions, warefare, unemplyoment benefits for those in distress, pensions that we paid for many long years instead of saving those money in an interes making bank account, than;


We paid them a large fraction of our income so that they GUARANTEE TO US social protection.

We paid them for years so that they GUARANTEE TO US stability in jobs and income related therms.

WE paid THEM our pensions in advance so that we can benefit of OUR OWN MONEY in their custody when retirement age comes, and they did two thigns;

ONE they raised retirement age so they can TAKE MORE and GIVE BACK LESS, or;


Wouldn't it be more sensate to send them loose on the streets to seek for a REAL JOB?

You know, one that produces plus value, not one that eats our hard sweat produced plus value on promises that they HAVE NO INTENTION TO MANTAIN!

Why do we pay taxes than, if in exchange they don't provide what we paid for, and WHERE IS MY MONEY than?

My money is in terrorists training that blow up trains and airports so that a task force to combat terrorism can be justified to eat up my other money, that task force has only ONE REAL TASK:

To terrorise ME to stay still, hush up and PAY TAXES!

NO more TAXES dudes, let's take them the only thing that keeps the social leaches alive and killing us, the blood (tax money)

domenica 23 gennaio 2011

"FREEDOM" is just another word for "nothing left to lose"!

O Yeah!

Get me some things I can lose, and my fredom's gone.

Give me a social position that I can lose by doing what I want, than I will do what I want and hide it, and you will hold me by the balls and tell me what to do so you wont "wikileack" me out.... Corruption is power, and it works just fine!

Give me capitals, a fat bank account that I can lose if I talk to much or do the "wrong" choices, and I am all yours to do any stupid thing, so I don't lose my capitals.

Give me a constant revenue that you threaten me to lose if I don't behave as you wish (budgetary employees, state contractors and thier employees) and I shall kill anybody wo jeoperdises my position and income!

Give me the power over those "hold by the balls" that I can loose if I don't hold them tight and controll everything they say or do, and I shal pull so strong I will castrate some every day, just to make sure I dont loose control!

Get me by the balls untill there's nothing left to lose, and when I loose them too, than I am free to do whatever I want, but this is also the end of your power on me!

It is about time to put yourself in your own shoes, think of the above, let go your dry balls in their hands (new ones will grow, healthyer and better) and breack free.

Freedom is risky, obtaing it is a sacrifice, mantaining it means constant rebelling and always watching your back, but to me is worhtwhile!

venerdì 14 gennaio 2011

It takes no money to fight pollution, actually is free!

I read blogs, listen to political speaches and look into the news, and:

ANY darn time a political figure or environment protection institution governamental or not talks about fighting pollution they all say the same: "We need more money to fight polution"

Than I look around and see that the more we need money (for anything) the more we have to work.

The more we work the more we need resources and raw materials.

The more we dig for raw materials the more we damage the earth and pollute things.

The more we use resources the more we create greenhouse gasses and trash and radiations, thus we pollute!

Than I remember their speeches and they match in my mind like: The bigger the fire the more petrol we need to put on it to quinch it!

Damn, this thing makes no sense to me, why should I throw petrol on a giant fire that's threatenting my life? Only because some damn politics tell me that's the way to quinch it?

To me to quinch a fire I need to deprive it of it's combutibles, that is petrol included, and deprive it of it's oxygen, than the fire will die.

If I want to fight pollution I don't have to spend more money, but less money, i'd reckon. Don't you???

If I make les money than I am using less resources and raw materials thus save earth, and my own environemnt turns safer, thus: Less desesases, leading to less cancers and other hospital troubles, thus leading to less use of drugs for medical purposes, thus less colateral effects that ask other drugs to fix them and give other collateral effects that need other drugs to fix them, and so on.

And this is one!

Another one, if I go buy my things to eat from the farmer using repeatedly the same bottles and bags well rinsed with hot water and little detergent, there will be less trash to throw away or burn away or else dmaging away my planet.

If I buy clothes made by hand by my neighbour he will make them damn good, or I turn back on him and kill his business, so there is mutual respect and guarantee, they might cost me triple, but they might last me 10 times more, thus less resources used in time, and less polution.

And the fashion???

Hang the fashion, it's environmentally a disaster!

If I instead of buying a fancy plastic full car, I get happy with a small diesel "licence free" one that burns one gallon in 150 miles or more I save pollution problems and I save me money. I might not be as fancy as the dude with a Porsche, but while they burn 100 bucks a day in petrol, I burn them in two months.

For the earth's sake.

And in as much as I can I use my byke.

For fast long distance travel using ultralight airplanes or helicpters (that nowdays cost more or less as cars) I can cover the say 1000 miles in half the time with a quarter of the fuel a car would, no traffic lights, no speed tickets, no headache.

I can even build one myself, it's legal and practical to know the vehicle you put your life in to take you from here to there and back.

Back to square A: to fight pollution we need to make less money, pay less money, pay less taxes, produce less trash, burn less fuel, and "pass less gas" when we talk about fighting pollution.

Not my neighbour, but ME!

Say that to yourself, see if you got it right: ME oughtt'a pollute less by all means, Me, Me, Me and ME!

giovedì 13 gennaio 2011

Use the brain, it ain't forbiden!

All of us are born genius, kings of the universe, but the family system grew up in the mediocrity thinking, don't make waves thinking, fly low thinking, and starting from the family we get our wings early cut.

Mediocrity reigns because family and educational system is set so, to keep us in slavery of the society that steals our real values in exchange of money, that they tax to keep us more slaves,

This is money dependance, slavery through mediocrity.

Bottom line is that we all have the sparkle of genius, and we all have genial ideas every day, but we were educated to trash them on the spot not to be seen as out of the choir.

And since geniality means 1% of inspiration and 99% of transpiration, we comfortably trash the 99% share of geniality to can have a quiet "social nap" life.

And once we are sleeping on our feet they can manouver us like dumb machineryes to work for money they give us from their right pocket, than tax it to their left pocket untill we are pennyless, than we ought to work again to get some more money to make a living, that they obvoiusly manage to take back fast so we remain without and have to work again FOR THEM.

They are stealing the REAL VALUE we produce and give us in exchange money, which is just a social contract, absolute no worth, zero value, zip.

And they controll us through social fear imposed by mediocrity.

Raise, be the genius you are, do something with your life, stop fearing, there's nothing to fear.

Use the brain, it ain't forbiden!

lunedì 10 gennaio 2011

I am soooo bored....

The modern society is a prison where we are the prisoners of the others, of the banks, of the credit system, of the state.

And in the same time we are the guardians of the others, pushing them into debt, preventing them from emerging or escaping by any means, legal means, since it is a legal obligation to be the guardians of ourselves and the others so nobody can escape the forced labour prison they manage from the governemnt with the Banks blessing!

The question is:

How can we change this, how can we turn to be free people?

You answer that in the comments here, I need to know how can that be done!

Lost opportunities seek revenge

Going back to Clint Eastwood in his young days, here was the Ugly that while taking a bath sayet:
"When you gotta shoot, shoot, don't talk"

Doing things that ought to be done, when ought to be done, is crucial, lost opportunities seek revenge they say in Romania.

Becoming a rich ma is not essential, living a good life, that you can enjoy, having others respect you for what you did for them or the way you helped them, that is living.

Having others fear you for your merciless possibilities of wrecking their life and going around pushing people to produce you wealth, now yes that's annoing and ruining your health.

By the way, throwing away my televison was maybe one of the most wise things I did many years ago, and raised my son without, now he leads the gang anywhere he goes!

That's real life, people folow you and do as you say because they trust you and they know you know what you are doing.

And that might even make you rich one day, or maybe not, but at least you enjoyed living among your people!

Seize the moment, do the right thing at any risk, help the needy, ask nothing back!

Those are opportunityes that will never come back again, unless for revenge!

Don't pay back, pay it forward, and in advance!

sabato 8 gennaio 2011

Banks own us, own our families, own our debts, and would stop to nothing untill they have full control of our choices, lifes, dreams!

How long are you going to bear that?

Stop trading with the banks, ask no credit, give them no savings, withdraw all you have

Stop shopping at the mall, those products are made with low wedges, higly chemically altered to resist on the shelf for ever, and make profits to the banks, but not to who produced them. Besides the long lasting goods are made to breack down fast, plastic and other rubbish that is not healthy.

Go to the farmer for the food, and to the manufacturer for the goods, and pick those that can last for a life time instead of those made to be changed in a few years.

Who sacrifices his freedom for security deserves neither of them!

The american dream is a nightmare

So are all the other nations dreams.

They are strong and big (the bankers) because we are on owur knees, let's raise!

Remeber who you are, figure out who you can be, do something to cover the gap!

That's the problem, we wake up in the morning, wash, do breackfast, go to job.

Do whatever they tell us to do, most of times there's not much to do, so we stretch the little job to reach the night, or they could fire us for not doing anything.

We pretend to work, they pretend to pay us, it's all fake

Sometimes there is really something to be done, but the way they want it done is stupid, dangerous or inapropriate, however we do it their way to get our salaries.

We come back home frustrated, with little paddy cash in the pockets, and try to stretch the money to match the bills, and should there be something left for wants and savings good, if not, at least we got ourselves out of desperation for another month.

Out of desperation, but not out of our misery.

Every once in a while we have a dream, than we forget of it, we can't afford it anyway.

Every now and than somebody DARES, and puts extra work into realising a dream, and we sabotate them, if not directly at least indirectly by not offering them a hand, some parts we might have, maybe they are of noo good for their project, but let them decide that, not us!

Yes, we all sabotate each other using a very strong weapon at hand INDIFFERENCE!

And one day I want to do something to cover the gap between me and my dream, and all of you start ignoring me, since you don't have better ways to sabotage me.

And I do all in secret, for should my boss find out I wil get fired on the spot, if I can afford to have a dream than I don't need a job (well... ehmmm... really.... my boss is afraid I could pass the vison and get out of controll, thus better off with me!)

If the government finds out I have a dream than I get taxed heavily, since I can afford to dream, than this might lead to a profit in the future, so I must pay tax on it now, and if it happens to be an unprofitable dream later, well, meanwhile they got their money!

Yes I have a dream, and I am working now night and day to cover the gap, and I fight now everybody's indifference, and I hide now from my bosses and the state, and I wander now; why the heck the whole world is rather incline to ruin the dreamers???

I look back into the history, any single dreamer ( be it inventor, artist, musician, doctor, chemist or else) has being heavily sabotated by society and who gave them a hand was sabotated too, and they had a life in misery, depravation of any support, poverty and emargination.

Than some succeded and the world "discovered" them (menawhile they were no longer amongst us) and rose them a statue, sold their realisations for humonguous ammounts of money and organised symposiums to praise their work!

Waht was it benefit to them?


They made it to the history books, but died in misery before that, some examples:

Ane Marie Curie,
Henri Coanda,
Vincent Van Gog
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
and the list could go ahead for ever, in any domain.

My question is: why on earth are we humans so stupid and evil with ourselves?

And what good are we expecting to have when we repay it so evilish?

I think the answer lies in the words of the one who should be the first name on the list above, Jesus the Christ.

For all the good he made, that was the payment we gave him. Tipical example of our humanitarian love to our neighbour.

I do something to cover the gap between wehere I am and where I want to be, and I try to help out those that I find out about doing the same, in as much as I can.

And if I can't, than at least a good word of encouragement, a contact with someting or someone that could help, I try to procure it to them.

Anybody willing to copy this example of mine?

Don't worry, is a good thing to do, I copied it from Jesus, from the Profets, from the other dreamers that dared.

"Therefore dare, I have conquered the world!"