lunedì 13 settembre 2010

The most powerful thing you can do on earth!

Is whatever you do out of your heart!

It doesen't matter if that's for your daily bread, or for your kids, or because you are in love.

It doesent matter if that's for a hobby or just because that day or month you feel like doing it.

It is irellevant if it's going to bring you income, or is just to help your friend recover from a damage it happened to him (or that he did it to himself)

It is irelevant if that's a prayer or preaching a sermon.

Wether you teach someone something or learn something from somebody else.

As long as you do it out of your heart, even if you do it in between other things that need to be done to keep you afloat, that thing you're doing is the MOST POWERFUL THING ON EARTH.

And makes you feel great about it even if you are the only one to know of, and at the end you crush down for the effort you've put in, but it doesen't matter anylonger, as long as you did it out of your heart!

5 commenti:

  1. I couldn't agree with you more. Those who work for personal benefit (financial or otherwise) are restricted in the return they get, while those who do it for personal satisfaction reach heights that can be recognized much later. Thomas Edison did not know what his discovery would be worth, and probably wouldn't care. Graham Bell too. But see what they have accomplished for their own personal satisfaction. Industries worth trillions are dependent on what they invented.

  2. The most powerful thing you can do is to help someone else, so they can then help others, using the "Pay it On" principle.

    Second most powerful thing you can do, is to share your dreams and ambitions with everyone you know. They in turn know others that have problems that you can solve, or have already provided the solution for.

  3. What is spiritual understanding? What is Faith?
    Who understands and knows God?

    Jer 17:9 The heart is deceptive above all else and desperately wicked who can know.

    We all think we are ok and seek God, but no one truly seeks. To understand Him and Know Him is true wisdom and leads to eternal life. This life can only be found in His Son.

  4. That is why we have and been given a heart. To share what we learn to all the others and to open theirs to do the same.
    That is why we will then be all sitting on a victory boat...with all our friends :)

  5. The things you want may seem ‘far out’.

    But that’s merely a matter of perspective (and usually a limited perspective of what’s possible for you). You are a unique expression and inseparable part of all that exists.

    Opening your mind and ‘put it out there’, brings up the BIG surprise about what’s possible. People and opportunities will turn up that make getting to where you want to be seem a whole lot more attainable.

    As long as you get things shaking…:) with Your wings.

    You can keep yourself stuck in ‘wishful thinking’ and wait until everything suddenly falls on your lap one day. But chances are it won’t happen.

    But you can also ‘put it out there’, get things shaking, disrupt and rearrange the universe, and get things cracking to give yourself the opportunities to make things happen. That’s right, it may not be blatantly obvious to you yet, but you’re the one creating all this stuff.

    You may not be able to control the ‘how’ and the exact ways in which things will happen and turn up in your life. But you can certainly put the wheels in motion!

    So don’t be afraid, ashamed, or reluctant! You are all that exists.

    Let’s get crackin’! Speak the word...and TAKE OFF!