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sabato 28 marzo 2015


One co pilot decided is time to die together with his friend the captain and all of them passangers including kids.

Who are you kidding?

Not me.

Just like in the Polish president "aircraft crush by pilot error" multi homicide assassination of one (the target was the president, but to make it look like accident they had to kill all of the others in the crush), here it smells from miles of something else than just a crazy co pilot.

Now how can you program and induce a skilled co pilot with a huge amount of schooling done and bunch of exams passed, thus not an idiot, to commit collective suicide that took some 10 minutes of stubborn grabbing to the plan, 10 minutes in which he could change his mind any second, and still make sure he would not, and why?

What for?

Speculating I can see alternatives like  being preprogrammed for a long period of time without being told you are preprogrammed, than being under the influence of specific drugs that put you in a certain state of mind, and pass all the screenings without being caught, and that leads me to the conclusion somebody is faking your blood and urine tests without your knowledge so they look OK.

Who and why would go through such trouble with more than one candidate (one can never be sure which candidate will drop dead or go cuckoo before task is completed, thus alternative reserves are required, contingencies they call them) just to obtain a highly publicized suicide?

For once, those that for years are trying to obtain legal grounds so that our airplanes and cars become computer driven of flown, the big software companies, the big data companies, the big banks, the BIG BROTHER...

I do expect other similar events to happen in the air, on land and on the sea in the next few years until they succeed and we shall ride driver-less, be flown pilot-less and go on seas captain-less and crew-less.

They did it with the September 11 and other terrorist acts to take away our freedom of speech and act, they did it with ACTA and the other versions of Internet Suppressing Treaties to stop us from sharing knowledge they could not control, and as in the scene of Twin Peaks last episode when the giant stud up and spoke, I am here to speak up and say unto you:

It is happening again!