domenica 18 aprile 2010

People say universityes are capable of research, but incapable of comercialisation of their results!

Partially I agree with you, but partially, say 90% I am afraid I won't.

No hard feelings, just personal experience, negative one, with universities.

I invented an engine (it's in my profile) and looked for a lab to prototype and calculate it.

Called universityes and tech labs, the ammount they wanted from me was 8 milions of euro, 8 years ago.

I said " can't we put this in one of your programs with students, I gain a prototype, you gain a research, students gain credits and CV"

No way Hose, eight millions or get outa here!

I won't make names, but they are famous ones.

Than digging, with the help of friends, I get to meet an internal combustion guru, the one that designed and engineered the Aprilia motors.

60 yars old, modest man, with a small lab in the garage and the office in the room above it.

He signed my NCND without blinking (the others didn't) took a look at my patent papers and drawings, and asked me 2 weeks to think of.

Two weeks later I was in his office again, a sunday, and he starts to talk, "we do this, we do that, the main problem is the sealing here, and the most complex machining is on this delicate part, etc"

"Wait a minute" I said, while he was laying out drawings he worked all week on, "We haven't agreed on the money part yet, how am I going to pay you on all this, I might even not have all that money"

"Forget the moeny" he said, I love your idea, can we partner? I want 25% of it, and share 25% of risks and expenses"

I wasn't stupid, his offer was like a once in a life time, so i said YES SIR!

He wasn't stupid either, he realised the market and technologicall value of this project.

Than I asked him how much would of costed me the prototype if we wouldn't partnered on it.

Fifty thousand, he said.

I told him than of what the universityes told me, and he said:

" Right kid, this is what they ask, and you know what else? They are not even capable to do the job.
Yap, they come to me or the other 2 or 3 like me in this country, we are not many capable to do this job, and offer us some 50.000 to do it for them, and the rest of the money they eat it"

My advice to the REAL inventors is to avoid universityes, but dig, dig, and dig untill you find the REAL dude behind their fame, the modest man that really works and really knows, and go straight to him and make the deal.

Trash universityes, they are but mediocres, even at stealing you, not to speack of the profession they are supposed to know.

Mind your business, and trash the Academicians, they are not worth the air they are breathing!

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