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lunedì 6 dicembre 2010

Pass the vision, not the task, leading is a humble thing to do!

I don't want to lead by all means, actually I don't want to lead at all unless you want me to lead.

I do my things or jobs the best I can, delegate whenever I find somebody glad to take over, take over whenever somebody gets stucked, and if I can do something I gladly do it, if not, I gladly find the person who gladly does it as needed, not my way, not their way, but as needed.

The result is I have not many followers, but those that join me they would kill for me, and I would lie my life for them. That's something we do for eachoter, so I am not sure I am leading or is just synergy, but it works.

Another thing, never lie to them to motivate them, and always manage to pass the vision, not the task!

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