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sabato 20 novembre 2010

Somebody said the number "2" suicided in love!

Truth is number "2" does not even exist in the absolute world, and that's the only world that exists.

The rest is storyes, illusions, inventions of our own imaginations like; the economy, the money, love, patriotism, country, party, choiches, elections, religions and other electoral crap.

There is number ZERO and there is number ONE.

By convention Zero is atributed to lackof all things, THE absolutly nothing.

By convention number one is atributed to the presence; of anything, THE existence, even in the minimal form.

But we are not lowering ourselves so much to can see the truth, the reality, noooooooo, it would be too simple, to blunt, to pure, to elementary for our sophisiticated existence and refined tastes.

Therefore we invented the ideals;
- Love,
- Money,
- Love of money,
- Religion,
- Money religion,
- Politics,
- Monetary politics,
- Economy,
- Waste,
- Political economy,
- Elections,
- Bosses,
- Opera,
- Art,
- Architectonic operas,
- Industry,

And we modernised the planet:

Used to be said abut Romans: "They make a desert and call it PEACE!"

Empty words to cover the shame of our actions and thoughts.

Just like the above!

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