lunedì 31 gennaio 2011

All are pyramidal schemes, and as such subject to corruption.

All we came with in history untill now is imperialism, democracy, feudalism, capitalism, fascism and comunism with it's little brother called socialism

None of them are perfect, as a mater of fact they all are pyramidal schemes, and as such subject to corruption.

They all need money to mantain control over goods possesion and property transfer, they all use money to tax; the work, trade, inheritance.

They all need you to over work so you don't have time to think, to overwork so you overproduce to mantain the dummies at the top, etc, and all of them are resources destroyers, including human resources, we are expandables for them.

It is time to look for something better, an economy based on resources regeneration, where the best ideas are rewarded and the worse ideas are discharged.

An economy not based on money and taxes, but on energy, ideas, solutions and echology.

Shifting the system it always has being a disaster, like from feudalism to capitalism, it won't be beter now, and I wander what solutions are we going to invent and how are we going to apply them, how will the old system in power resist change, how much blood shade, and how will they try to buy in the leadership of the new system.

How long will it take this change, one generation, two, more?

Time will tell, for now we started, and it won't be easy.

Chaos and greed, good or bad things?

Chaos is best if well organised!

As this sentence has an impossibilty, lt must be a joke!

That was but mere chaos, organised chaos is when Mossad and CIA and their peers step in to creat it for their proffit!

Chaos is like greed, up to a certain level it works as lubricator of the situation preventing it from getting jammed (greed is helping the economy move and grow if moderate)

Chaos over a certain degree, wehter is the organised one I mentioned or no organisation behind it, it's a disaster, and it works on the law of "the sneackiests survives" which is not a good idea.

I have seen them all, since I am born in Romania, under Ceausescu, saw and lived personally the "organised Chaos" of Iliescu +KGB +Securitate to fake a revolution to have legal grounds to inherit Ceausescu's trone, and also saw the chaos by mistake later on, and I was lucky enough to live the small organised chaos of emerging economy during Constantinescu Presidency that launched sky rocket the Romanian economy for a few years, than Iliescu came back and all went down the drain and in the maf hands again, till today.

Under Basescu there is organised maf in leadership and administration and the state is stealing from the citysens in an organised manner, no chaos, no place to live.

I am in Italy since 2000 and watch my homecountry situation from abroad, and I don't really like what I see.

Too much greed, too much controll, no chaos allowed to lubricate the economy or the politics, all is set and dictated and imposed by above, no more comunist dictatorship, but banks and fiscal dictatorship.

martedì 25 gennaio 2011

I just wander, why on earth are we paying them through taxes when we can simply live better without them!

I found this in a blog on Ecademy,
"Business : Many are Culled. Few are Chosen."

by Leon Benjamin on 23-Jan-11 1:34pm

His last section:

The support economy

A promising new approach to harnessing the value of knowledge workers is being pioneered by Ki Work inspired by the ground breaking book, The Support Economy that has predicted the shift from 'managerial capitalism to 'collaborative capitalism'.

Ki work has developed a platform that enables individuals to form virtual companies that can provide services to any business anywhere in the world that in some categories can actually be cheaper than offshore labour because it can be provided on-demand.

It can be switched on and off.

With the right so called 'deep support', advice and guidance, knowledge workers in Britain can adapt and indeed thrive but need to realise that a 'career' has ceased to be a feasible way to organise working life.

To adapt to new ways of working, knowledge workers need to prepare for, and seek out multiple sources of income.

More than this, they need to realise they'll get better support from each other than from the institutions that are supposed to serve them.

They need to learn how to create value by collaborating to bring products and services to market that compete head-on with big brands.

They need to view work as an instrument of self-development and personal autonomy and entrepreneurship not as a status symbol, but as an attitude.

An attitude everyone's going to need.

end of quote.


And this raises the question!

IF we need to shift our work model to a collaborative multitasking multi small income job, which is fine to me, doing lees of the institutional support that is unreliable, that cannot guarantee us anymore indeterminate positions, warefare, unemplyoment benefits for those in distress, pensions that we paid for many long years instead of saving those money in an interes making bank account, than;


We paid them a large fraction of our income so that they GUARANTEE TO US social protection.

We paid them for years so that they GUARANTEE TO US stability in jobs and income related therms.

WE paid THEM our pensions in advance so that we can benefit of OUR OWN MONEY in their custody when retirement age comes, and they did two thigns;

ONE they raised retirement age so they can TAKE MORE and GIVE BACK LESS, or;


Wouldn't it be more sensate to send them loose on the streets to seek for a REAL JOB?

You know, one that produces plus value, not one that eats our hard sweat produced plus value on promises that they HAVE NO INTENTION TO MANTAIN!

Why do we pay taxes than, if in exchange they don't provide what we paid for, and WHERE IS MY MONEY than?

My money is in terrorists training that blow up trains and airports so that a task force to combat terrorism can be justified to eat up my other money, that task force has only ONE REAL TASK:

To terrorise ME to stay still, hush up and PAY TAXES!

NO more TAXES dudes, let's take them the only thing that keeps the social leaches alive and killing us, the blood (tax money)

domenica 23 gennaio 2011

"FREEDOM" is just another word for "nothing left to lose"!

O Yeah!

Get me some things I can lose, and my fredom's gone.

Give me a social position that I can lose by doing what I want, than I will do what I want and hide it, and you will hold me by the balls and tell me what to do so you wont "wikileack" me out.... Corruption is power, and it works just fine!

Give me capitals, a fat bank account that I can lose if I talk to much or do the "wrong" choices, and I am all yours to do any stupid thing, so I don't lose my capitals.

Give me a constant revenue that you threaten me to lose if I don't behave as you wish (budgetary employees, state contractors and thier employees) and I shall kill anybody wo jeoperdises my position and income!

Give me the power over those "hold by the balls" that I can loose if I don't hold them tight and controll everything they say or do, and I shal pull so strong I will castrate some every day, just to make sure I dont loose control!

Get me by the balls untill there's nothing left to lose, and when I loose them too, than I am free to do whatever I want, but this is also the end of your power on me!

It is about time to put yourself in your own shoes, think of the above, let go your dry balls in their hands (new ones will grow, healthyer and better) and breack free.

Freedom is risky, obtaing it is a sacrifice, mantaining it means constant rebelling and always watching your back, but to me is worhtwhile!

venerdì 14 gennaio 2011

It takes no money to fight pollution, actually is free!

I read blogs, listen to political speaches and look into the news, and:

ANY darn time a political figure or environment protection institution governamental or not talks about fighting pollution they all say the same: "We need more money to fight polution"

Than I look around and see that the more we need money (for anything) the more we have to work.

The more we work the more we need resources and raw materials.

The more we dig for raw materials the more we damage the earth and pollute things.

The more we use resources the more we create greenhouse gasses and trash and radiations, thus we pollute!

Than I remember their speeches and they match in my mind like: The bigger the fire the more petrol we need to put on it to quinch it!

Damn, this thing makes no sense to me, why should I throw petrol on a giant fire that's threatenting my life? Only because some damn politics tell me that's the way to quinch it?

To me to quinch a fire I need to deprive it of it's combutibles, that is petrol included, and deprive it of it's oxygen, than the fire will die.

If I want to fight pollution I don't have to spend more money, but less money, i'd reckon. Don't you???

If I make les money than I am using less resources and raw materials thus save earth, and my own environemnt turns safer, thus: Less desesases, leading to less cancers and other hospital troubles, thus leading to less use of drugs for medical purposes, thus less colateral effects that ask other drugs to fix them and give other collateral effects that need other drugs to fix them, and so on.

And this is one!

Another one, if I go buy my things to eat from the farmer using repeatedly the same bottles and bags well rinsed with hot water and little detergent, there will be less trash to throw away or burn away or else dmaging away my planet.

If I buy clothes made by hand by my neighbour he will make them damn good, or I turn back on him and kill his business, so there is mutual respect and guarantee, they might cost me triple, but they might last me 10 times more, thus less resources used in time, and less polution.

And the fashion???

Hang the fashion, it's environmentally a disaster!

If I instead of buying a fancy plastic full car, I get happy with a small diesel "licence free" one that burns one gallon in 150 miles or more I save pollution problems and I save me money. I might not be as fancy as the dude with a Porsche, but while they burn 100 bucks a day in petrol, I burn them in two months.

For the earth's sake.

And in as much as I can I use my byke.

For fast long distance travel using ultralight airplanes or helicpters (that nowdays cost more or less as cars) I can cover the say 1000 miles in half the time with a quarter of the fuel a car would, no traffic lights, no speed tickets, no headache.

I can even build one myself, it's legal and practical to know the vehicle you put your life in to take you from here to there and back.

Back to square A: to fight pollution we need to make less money, pay less money, pay less taxes, produce less trash, burn less fuel, and "pass less gas" when we talk about fighting pollution.

Not my neighbour, but ME!

Say that to yourself, see if you got it right: ME oughtt'a pollute less by all means, Me, Me, Me and ME!

giovedì 13 gennaio 2011

Use the brain, it ain't forbiden!

All of us are born genius, kings of the universe, but the family system grew up in the mediocrity thinking, don't make waves thinking, fly low thinking, and starting from the family we get our wings early cut.

Mediocrity reigns because family and educational system is set so, to keep us in slavery of the society that steals our real values in exchange of money, that they tax to keep us more slaves,

This is money dependance, slavery through mediocrity.

Bottom line is that we all have the sparkle of genius, and we all have genial ideas every day, but we were educated to trash them on the spot not to be seen as out of the choir.

And since geniality means 1% of inspiration and 99% of transpiration, we comfortably trash the 99% share of geniality to can have a quiet "social nap" life.

And once we are sleeping on our feet they can manouver us like dumb machineryes to work for money they give us from their right pocket, than tax it to their left pocket untill we are pennyless, than we ought to work again to get some more money to make a living, that they obvoiusly manage to take back fast so we remain without and have to work again FOR THEM.

They are stealing the REAL VALUE we produce and give us in exchange money, which is just a social contract, absolute no worth, zero value, zip.

And they controll us through social fear imposed by mediocrity.

Raise, be the genius you are, do something with your life, stop fearing, there's nothing to fear.

Use the brain, it ain't forbiden!

lunedì 10 gennaio 2011

I am soooo bored....

The modern society is a prison where we are the prisoners of the others, of the banks, of the credit system, of the state.

And in the same time we are the guardians of the others, pushing them into debt, preventing them from emerging or escaping by any means, legal means, since it is a legal obligation to be the guardians of ourselves and the others so nobody can escape the forced labour prison they manage from the governemnt with the Banks blessing!

The question is:

How can we change this, how can we turn to be free people?

You answer that in the comments here, I need to know how can that be done!

Lost opportunities seek revenge

Going back to Clint Eastwood in his young days, here was the Ugly that while taking a bath sayet:
"When you gotta shoot, shoot, don't talk"

Doing things that ought to be done, when ought to be done, is crucial, lost opportunities seek revenge they say in Romania.

Becoming a rich ma is not essential, living a good life, that you can enjoy, having others respect you for what you did for them or the way you helped them, that is living.

Having others fear you for your merciless possibilities of wrecking their life and going around pushing people to produce you wealth, now yes that's annoing and ruining your health.

By the way, throwing away my televison was maybe one of the most wise things I did many years ago, and raised my son without, now he leads the gang anywhere he goes!

That's real life, people folow you and do as you say because they trust you and they know you know what you are doing.

And that might even make you rich one day, or maybe not, but at least you enjoyed living among your people!

Seize the moment, do the right thing at any risk, help the needy, ask nothing back!

Those are opportunityes that will never come back again, unless for revenge!

Don't pay back, pay it forward, and in advance!

sabato 8 gennaio 2011

Banks own us, own our families, own our debts, and would stop to nothing untill they have full control of our choices, lifes, dreams!

How long are you going to bear that?

Stop trading with the banks, ask no credit, give them no savings, withdraw all you have

Stop shopping at the mall, those products are made with low wedges, higly chemically altered to resist on the shelf for ever, and make profits to the banks, but not to who produced them. Besides the long lasting goods are made to breack down fast, plastic and other rubbish that is not healthy.

Go to the farmer for the food, and to the manufacturer for the goods, and pick those that can last for a life time instead of those made to be changed in a few years.

Who sacrifices his freedom for security deserves neither of them!

The american dream is a nightmare

So are all the other nations dreams.

They are strong and big (the bankers) because we are on owur knees, let's raise!

Remeber who you are, figure out who you can be, do something to cover the gap!

That's the problem, we wake up in the morning, wash, do breackfast, go to job.

Do whatever they tell us to do, most of times there's not much to do, so we stretch the little job to reach the night, or they could fire us for not doing anything.

We pretend to work, they pretend to pay us, it's all fake

Sometimes there is really something to be done, but the way they want it done is stupid, dangerous or inapropriate, however we do it their way to get our salaries.

We come back home frustrated, with little paddy cash in the pockets, and try to stretch the money to match the bills, and should there be something left for wants and savings good, if not, at least we got ourselves out of desperation for another month.

Out of desperation, but not out of our misery.

Every once in a while we have a dream, than we forget of it, we can't afford it anyway.

Every now and than somebody DARES, and puts extra work into realising a dream, and we sabotate them, if not directly at least indirectly by not offering them a hand, some parts we might have, maybe they are of noo good for their project, but let them decide that, not us!

Yes, we all sabotate each other using a very strong weapon at hand INDIFFERENCE!

And one day I want to do something to cover the gap between me and my dream, and all of you start ignoring me, since you don't have better ways to sabotage me.

And I do all in secret, for should my boss find out I wil get fired on the spot, if I can afford to have a dream than I don't need a job (well... ehmmm... really.... my boss is afraid I could pass the vison and get out of controll, thus better off with me!)

If the government finds out I have a dream than I get taxed heavily, since I can afford to dream, than this might lead to a profit in the future, so I must pay tax on it now, and if it happens to be an unprofitable dream later, well, meanwhile they got their money!

Yes I have a dream, and I am working now night and day to cover the gap, and I fight now everybody's indifference, and I hide now from my bosses and the state, and I wander now; why the heck the whole world is rather incline to ruin the dreamers???

I look back into the history, any single dreamer ( be it inventor, artist, musician, doctor, chemist or else) has being heavily sabotated by society and who gave them a hand was sabotated too, and they had a life in misery, depravation of any support, poverty and emargination.

Than some succeded and the world "discovered" them (menawhile they were no longer amongst us) and rose them a statue, sold their realisations for humonguous ammounts of money and organised symposiums to praise their work!

Waht was it benefit to them?


They made it to the history books, but died in misery before that, some examples:

Ane Marie Curie,
Henri Coanda,
Vincent Van Gog
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
and the list could go ahead for ever, in any domain.

My question is: why on earth are we humans so stupid and evil with ourselves?

And what good are we expecting to have when we repay it so evilish?

I think the answer lies in the words of the one who should be the first name on the list above, Jesus the Christ.

For all the good he made, that was the payment we gave him. Tipical example of our humanitarian love to our neighbour.

I do something to cover the gap between wehere I am and where I want to be, and I try to help out those that I find out about doing the same, in as much as I can.

And if I can't, than at least a good word of encouragement, a contact with someting or someone that could help, I try to procure it to them.

Anybody willing to copy this example of mine?

Don't worry, is a good thing to do, I copied it from Jesus, from the Profets, from the other dreamers that dared.

"Therefore dare, I have conquered the world!"

martedì 4 gennaio 2011

If an artificial food product kills "ONLY" 200 - 300 people a year than is safe to the governemnt! Aspartame: Sweet Misery; A Poisoned World

Nutrasweet and other Aspartame producers knew it from the begining, they would poison the world, and did it with US governemnt help and backup!

Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola and other food producers, including cereals for our kids, knew it, but they put it in with support and backup of Uncle SAM, worldwide to kill us!

US is the largest and most dangerous TERRORIST organisation worldwide, they don't blow bombs (not always) they simply serve us poisoned medicines and food, while forbidding the good ones to be produced by laws.

Bio Natural product are becoming illegal to make room to their poison.
Grow your own vegetables in your front and back yards, instead of growing grass, use only natural honey to sweaten you drinks, and only drink and eat things that are not being processed with chemicals or grown up with.

Avoid at any cost the Genetically Modifyed food.

Turn your balconys into your small little greenhouse to grow your own natural fruits and vegetables.

Don't buy the shiny fruits chelically treated and nuklear poisoned that you find at supermarket. Go buy them at the poor farmer that pisons NOT his fields with chemicals.

One trip a month out of city won't hurt you much.

Unless you want to die of tumors, you'd better take this serious, I did!