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lunedì 6 dicembre 2010

Bad habbit saying the truth!

The laws were broken

1) the state secret law was broken when the US government decided to make secret of state a matter of murder instead of prosecuting it.
(see the wikileaks video on US chopper slaying journalist in bagdad just for fun)

2) when the US government bribed other governments to obtain illegaly bids win (see the Zapaterra bribe to make win the GE a bid)

3) when the US government bribed officials to lie for them to can invade iraq

4) when the US government manufactured fake evidence to invade iraq

5) when the other UN countries knowing the truth pretended to believe the US fake evidences so they can invade iraq.

I am not saying Sadam was good, on the contrary, all I say US is worse, even than Hitler and Gestapo, not to mention here Stalin and KGB.

So when tehy say Laws were broken they are right, it is only that is not Wikileaks that broke them, but US and their allies!

Wikileaks is dangerous, they say the truth, truth is dangerous, Jesus is the truth, Jesus is dangerous, so let's crucify Jesus again!

Bad habbit saying the truth!

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