domenica 21 agosto 2011

Patenting is no more protecting the inventor, but the corporations against the inventors!

All you guys are lost in the woods...

Yap, patenting is supposed to be a state protection for ones intelectual property and work, but...

In reality it protects you not, is like when a thief steals your car and can go ahead driving it in the city, the police would do nothing to recuperate your car unless you sue the guy, win the trial and have a court sentence. If they would do that to car owners there would be a revolution on streets, but if they do it to inventors... who cares.

Than, in the patent wars wins who has more money for lawyers, not who is right.
Than again, those that bought patents do not necesarelly turn them into products and sales and revenue, sometimes is more rentable for them to threaten the competiton they would; black mail them to block some of their product for patent breaching, thus make big money without comercialsing the inventors idea, and while it is true any inventor dreams to make money on their ideas, they also strive to see it in use by everybody, since most of the invetors actually invent solutions for problems, and they are here to help the neighbour with their solution.

Finally, this patents war is nothing more than damagin the competition, the inventors and the state, the comunity, just to have controll over a situation and make big money by getting bribed by the competition while holding progress from evolving.

All this info comes from a patented inventor, me.