martedì 22 novembre 2011

How to start with nothing?

No way Jose, they would say in California!

There is always something, otherwise from nothing, nothing comes out, like in agriculture.

Maybe an idea of something you know how to do and can take it at business level, than you study your market and understand whether this could mean business or not, than you contact people and propose your solution and do it yourself until you make a little buck of savings to can grow, and naturally grow a little market around you and so on.

From nothing, nothing comes out, but from something, no matter how small and insignificant it might seem in the beginning, using the brain, perseverance, falling, hurting your knees and feelings, and raising again each darn time you fall, sooner or later you will have something.

Take my word, I done it quite a few times in my life, sometimes I failed sometimes I made it, but the important thing is no matter how discouraged I was at a certain point, and deluded, and down, I always picked myself together and up again, and went further, or changed direction.

If I made it, than you can too!

giovedì 10 novembre 2011

How can the leadership team motivate when money is no longer an option?

"First bring me in that condition than ask me that question."

Most business owners presume money is the wrong motivator just because they don't like to pay what is worth.

Pay the employe what is REALLY worth, not a fraction of it, than start coming with weird motivations.

Suppose (but mathematically absurd for any normal job) an employee is paid what is worth compared with the market life costs, the next important things to look at are:

- Balanced work program to give them time to spend with family and friends

- Creativity recompensed and not stolen from them

- Working because it's fun to do it not because they feel the breath of being laid off if they don't perform and keep their mouth shut when it comes to their rights.

I always get the best performance out of my collaborators in those conditions, working happily!

While threatening them and keeping them frightened only makes things worse, they pick up most stupid solutions to fill the momentary gap and preserve their jobs, and the later damage caused by such attitude is company goes down or bankrupt, and they are loosing their job anyway, in block with all the others.

And hiring motivators to make their head square of motivational quotes and stories.... I will never put my money in such a thing, I better give that money to the dudes that makes the company go ahead and make them happy, they need the darn money to go ahead with their family lives, but motivational stories cannot put them bread on table.