mercoledì 8 settembre 2010

Internet Explorer won't read open source created sites well!

This is one of the over 100 letters I received since I have the zencart store online working:

"Hi, I tried to open your web page, but it shows cut sentences or blocks that make it difficult to read, it also shows super impossed text, send me your email so maybe I can copy how it opens, Best of luck and regards"

Oversized letters, scripts blocked, pictures misplaced, a mess!

I have being repeteadly reported that sometimes internet explorer does that thing, but not always.

Mostly is the Explorer 8 version.

I have aslo being told than no other browser gives such problems.

I also warned on my first page about this and advised the people to install a better browser and I gave some names with links to Firefox, Chrome, Opera and others.

It seems that Bill Gates decided to convince explorer users that all non microsoft buid sites are crap, but he gets the opposite results.

Instead of getting programmers to buy microsoft tools, he gets users to get rid of microsoft explorer.... lol

Explorer was designed to read well ASP only, sometimes reads bad even pure HTML sites if not ASP encoded.

Just get a better browser!

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