sabato 12 febbraio 2011

Ignorat Americans, they think they "own" the world because they yearly bribe some dictators to stay in power and do their will!

Gary Arnold Fowler sayeth: "You don't suppose that all the people who are rebelling over there are all from countries that have received U.S. aid, do ya? Na .. that couldn't be it LOL."

Blessed "government guided" ignorance!

US aid to do what with? kill eachother?

Better with no aid than with this kind of aids!

Again Gary Arnold Fowler: "I dunno what they did with their aid, have no idea. The U.S. never gives away money just for nothing, though."
Net reply: To buy guns, ammo and combat crafts from US only, that's why.
Money are tied to clauses of favoritism, in other words they are not free, not really aids, just another form of brabary, we give you the aids if you buy from us and from us only!
Call it "aid".
Is murder, not aid,
like "let me help you, I'll cut your throat, ok?"

Davidbfierce Pierce was right on that: "Egypt receives ~1.5 billionUS per year, which they turn around and use to purchase US-made weapons. the entire amount is used for this purpose. The Egyptian weapon of choice is the F-16 fighter jet."

I say: Better no aid than this kind of aid.

Wanna help Egypt? Don't sel them a thing, buy from them national products MADE BY PRIVATE PEOPLE! not by state entityes.

Ship them not food and clothes, they can make them themselves, but good (even used) computers, and go there teach them photoshop, autocad, corel, hacking, cracking, programming, web creation, teach them to weld, cut, thread metal, work and glue the wood, make theri own gloe and their own goods, so they became indipendent of the american "aid"

Theach them to build ultralight airplanes, satelites, cars, boats, teach them to be indipendent from the STATE, and keedp their new goverment under tight controll!

This kind of "aid" US is giving to dictators is worse than A.I.D.S. (HIV) to the nations. IT MUST BE STOPPED.

Better without!

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