venerdì 14 gennaio 2011

It takes no money to fight pollution, actually is free!

I read blogs, listen to political speaches and look into the news, and:

ANY darn time a political figure or environment protection institution governamental or not talks about fighting pollution they all say the same: "We need more money to fight polution"

Than I look around and see that the more we need money (for anything) the more we have to work.

The more we work the more we need resources and raw materials.

The more we dig for raw materials the more we damage the earth and pollute things.

The more we use resources the more we create greenhouse gasses and trash and radiations, thus we pollute!

Than I remember their speeches and they match in my mind like: The bigger the fire the more petrol we need to put on it to quinch it!

Damn, this thing makes no sense to me, why should I throw petrol on a giant fire that's threatenting my life? Only because some damn politics tell me that's the way to quinch it?

To me to quinch a fire I need to deprive it of it's combutibles, that is petrol included, and deprive it of it's oxygen, than the fire will die.

If I want to fight pollution I don't have to spend more money, but less money, i'd reckon. Don't you???

If I make les money than I am using less resources and raw materials thus save earth, and my own environemnt turns safer, thus: Less desesases, leading to less cancers and other hospital troubles, thus leading to less use of drugs for medical purposes, thus less colateral effects that ask other drugs to fix them and give other collateral effects that need other drugs to fix them, and so on.

And this is one!

Another one, if I go buy my things to eat from the farmer using repeatedly the same bottles and bags well rinsed with hot water and little detergent, there will be less trash to throw away or burn away or else dmaging away my planet.

If I buy clothes made by hand by my neighbour he will make them damn good, or I turn back on him and kill his business, so there is mutual respect and guarantee, they might cost me triple, but they might last me 10 times more, thus less resources used in time, and less polution.

And the fashion???

Hang the fashion, it's environmentally a disaster!

If I instead of buying a fancy plastic full car, I get happy with a small diesel "licence free" one that burns one gallon in 150 miles or more I save pollution problems and I save me money. I might not be as fancy as the dude with a Porsche, but while they burn 100 bucks a day in petrol, I burn them in two months.

For the earth's sake.

And in as much as I can I use my byke.

For fast long distance travel using ultralight airplanes or helicpters (that nowdays cost more or less as cars) I can cover the say 1000 miles in half the time with a quarter of the fuel a car would, no traffic lights, no speed tickets, no headache.

I can even build one myself, it's legal and practical to know the vehicle you put your life in to take you from here to there and back.

Back to square A: to fight pollution we need to make less money, pay less money, pay less taxes, produce less trash, burn less fuel, and "pass less gas" when we talk about fighting pollution.

Not my neighbour, but ME!

Say that to yourself, see if you got it right: ME oughtt'a pollute less by all means, Me, Me, Me and ME!

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