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sabato 15 gennaio 2011

How do you turn a good country into a manipulating dictatorship?

Turning a state into a police state such as Russia, China, Cuba or United States ot Italy all you have to do is 5 things:

1: take over the power by promising anything that puts you in charge, knowing yu won't be capable to fulfill it.

2 Create an external enemy so that the nation get's united against the danger under your leadeship

3 Create an internal enemy to be spied by all citysens and reported by all citysens to vcontrol all that moves, raise taxes to absurd, lower jobs to only state controled ones.

4 take over the media, censor anything that is not in line with your politics, show a lot of nude ladyes and stupid games on TV to keep them busy with something else but the reality, take over internet and newspapers and radios.

5 Turn everybody into your soldiers, military, police private citysens, beggers (as secret services) churches and religions as your propaganda machine.

Done, that's what United States and Itlay and UK and China are today!

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