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martedì 17 maggio 2011

The dumbing down of the humans society show it's effects!

People think that if we/humanity wasn't @ 6.9billion, but perhaps a much smaller number, would there be a need for sardine can like apartments?

- or would we be faced with poverty?,

- pollution haze?,

- or the need to have nuclear reactors that utilize primitive ...steam technologies?,

- oil spills?

-Millions of vehicles?

- Etc. etc. the list goes on and on....

You know what??

Humanity would not be so polutant and consume that much if the corporate governments wouldn't push for tax money, thus for stupid consumism, if my car can resist technically 1 milion KM and this is 30 years, they force me by law to change it after 12 years ( 300.000 km) because is out of thecnology and "dangerous" so they take my plates away....

I could run my car on water or rape seed oils (Actually I did, but I stopped, it was illegal) but they'll put me in jail for not using their approved pollutant fuel.

I could build my planes with HEMP instead of composites or iron, is best, light, sturdy and reliable, but they banned HEMP because is "dangerous" to their tax income, anybody can produce it thus nobody would pay them taxes on trade etc....

Got it pal????

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  1. I think the world is finaly waking up to all this injustice and hopefully we can change these things soon. Hopefully.. it makes me sick what those in control are doing to this planet and its people. I am tired of being lied to, watching the enviroment being destroyed and treated like a slave. The worst part is I feel like all I can do is raise awareness and protest for issues like legalizing hemp, taking down the corperations etc. Thankyou for your blog I am enjoying the reading, it is nice to know there are people out there who share the same veiws