martedì 25 gennaio 2011

I just wander, why on earth are we paying them through taxes when we can simply live better without them!

I found this in a blog on Ecademy,
"Business : Many are Culled. Few are Chosen."

by Leon Benjamin on 23-Jan-11 1:34pm

His last section:

The support economy

A promising new approach to harnessing the value of knowledge workers is being pioneered by Ki Work inspired by the ground breaking book, The Support Economy that has predicted the shift from 'managerial capitalism to 'collaborative capitalism'.

Ki work has developed a platform that enables individuals to form virtual companies that can provide services to any business anywhere in the world that in some categories can actually be cheaper than offshore labour because it can be provided on-demand.

It can be switched on and off.

With the right so called 'deep support', advice and guidance, knowledge workers in Britain can adapt and indeed thrive but need to realise that a 'career' has ceased to be a feasible way to organise working life.

To adapt to new ways of working, knowledge workers need to prepare for, and seek out multiple sources of income.

More than this, they need to realise they'll get better support from each other than from the institutions that are supposed to serve them.

They need to learn how to create value by collaborating to bring products and services to market that compete head-on with big brands.

They need to view work as an instrument of self-development and personal autonomy and entrepreneurship not as a status symbol, but as an attitude.

An attitude everyone's going to need.

end of quote.


And this raises the question!

IF we need to shift our work model to a collaborative multitasking multi small income job, which is fine to me, doing lees of the institutional support that is unreliable, that cannot guarantee us anymore indeterminate positions, warefare, unemplyoment benefits for those in distress, pensions that we paid for many long years instead of saving those money in an interes making bank account, than;


We paid them a large fraction of our income so that they GUARANTEE TO US social protection.

We paid them for years so that they GUARANTEE TO US stability in jobs and income related therms.

WE paid THEM our pensions in advance so that we can benefit of OUR OWN MONEY in their custody when retirement age comes, and they did two thigns;

ONE they raised retirement age so they can TAKE MORE and GIVE BACK LESS, or;


Wouldn't it be more sensate to send them loose on the streets to seek for a REAL JOB?

You know, one that produces plus value, not one that eats our hard sweat produced plus value on promises that they HAVE NO INTENTION TO MANTAIN!

Why do we pay taxes than, if in exchange they don't provide what we paid for, and WHERE IS MY MONEY than?

My money is in terrorists training that blow up trains and airports so that a task force to combat terrorism can be justified to eat up my other money, that task force has only ONE REAL TASK:

To terrorise ME to stay still, hush up and PAY TAXES!

NO more TAXES dudes, let's take them the only thing that keeps the social leaches alive and killing us, the blood (tax money)

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  1. Of course we get back what we paid in advance but after we are gone! :(