giovedì 13 gennaio 2011

Use the brain, it ain't forbiden!

All of us are born genius, kings of the universe, but the family system grew up in the mediocrity thinking, don't make waves thinking, fly low thinking, and starting from the family we get our wings early cut.

Mediocrity reigns because family and educational system is set so, to keep us in slavery of the society that steals our real values in exchange of money, that they tax to keep us more slaves,

This is money dependance, slavery through mediocrity.

Bottom line is that we all have the sparkle of genius, and we all have genial ideas every day, but we were educated to trash them on the spot not to be seen as out of the choir.

And since geniality means 1% of inspiration and 99% of transpiration, we comfortably trash the 99% share of geniality to can have a quiet "social nap" life.

And once we are sleeping on our feet they can manouver us like dumb machineryes to work for money they give us from their right pocket, than tax it to their left pocket untill we are pennyless, than we ought to work again to get some more money to make a living, that they obvoiusly manage to take back fast so we remain without and have to work again FOR THEM.

They are stealing the REAL VALUE we produce and give us in exchange money, which is just a social contract, absolute no worth, zero value, zip.

And they controll us through social fear imposed by mediocrity.

Raise, be the genius you are, do something with your life, stop fearing, there's nothing to fear.

Use the brain, it ain't forbiden!

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  1. yep agreed with that theory quite a while ago.. too bad for those who got completely brain washed